2 States trailer: Alia Bhatt and Arjun Kapoor fail to impress


With a title like 2 States you know what its going to be about (assuming you did not read the Chetan Bhagat book). The film stars current teen idol Alia Bhatt who plays Tamilian girl Ananya Swaminathan and her off-screen strong feelings actor Arjun Kapoor plays Punjabi munda Krish Malhotra. This formula has been used in Bollywood films umpteen times so whats new? Locations? Girl asking for beer or the intimate scenes? Well the film has lots of all three.

Riding high on the success of Hasee Toh Phasee, this Karan Johar-UTV co-production will mark the debut of director Abhishek Varman.

The first look of Arjun and Alia as Krish and Ananya looked impressive. But that was poster and this is promo and that’s where the problem is: both just fail fall flat and appear dead rubber while mouthing dialogues straight from the book. We understand this is an adaptation of a book, but you still need to form your dialogues.

Their respective families Revathi and Shiv Kumar Subramaniam as Ananya’s parents and Amrita Singh and Ronit Roy as Krish parents also do not appear that effective. Gotcha! We understand intercaste marriage is not new topic in India or Bollywood, so expecting something new from this done to death issue was too much. But watch the trailer and you feel something is missing. Honestly the trailer looks like damp squib and hope the coming days it changes to something better when the movie releases.

Watch the trailer and do let us in the comments section if you agree?

  • Rafiq Farook

    Film mein DUM nahi lagraha….

  • Sam

    Trailer is good promising talent on the show

  • sayari

    no I don’t agree with this article. I liked the trailer and all the actors.

  • Krystel

    For an adaptation, I personally prefer if the screenplay is as close to the novel as possible. I loved it, simply cause I thought it does good justice to the novel. Alia and Arjun look good together, and their parents are casted well! I liked it.

  • nira

    i loved the trailer and the usp is the youthness that the trailer shows.

  • noothigattu satya nagarjuna

    Director definitely failed in doing homework to showcase tamil parents and alia as tamil girl.even when alia is introduced as tamil girl her body language lacks in it.she have to improve in this part.

  • Ratnakar NB

    I too do not agree with the article ……it looks good…n ……looks artistic…n picture frame looks great…with Amrita Singh from North…..n….Revathi…typical Madrasi……Young generation….will like this movie a lot….as a debut young director……definately…..Abhishek Verman might have given some thing ….NEW…..

  • Rahul

    yea even i dont agree with this article. I am a fan of 2 states novel too and I have read it 4 times so I feel that the film adaptation should have those main dialogues from the book which a ’2 states’ reader still remembers.

  • Misty Haowa

    I hope this will bring something to indian couples…i wish if they keep it as raw as novel..somewhere may they did..this novel is too close to chetan and his wife..just keeping fingur crossed and hope for the best__misty

  • rima

    what a crap article..

  • sm

    Crap promo , especially alia doesn’t fit the bill at all. Dialogue delivery seems hopeless. What are we going to see here that we haven’t read in the novel ? NOTHING.

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