Meerut Gangrape horror: Girl kidnapped, gangraped and forced to convert in Uttar Pradesh

Sexual violence against women took a regional turn on Monday, August 4, when a girl was gang-raped in a Madarsa in Meerut city in Uttar Pradesh. Yes, you read it right – same Uttar Pradesh which saw the maximum number of deaths in communal clashes in the past year. Also, the sisters’ rape and murder in Badaun stirred a controversy, which saw state-wide protests. And now, a girl was gangraped in a Madarasa and forced to convert.

The victim, a teacher, was reportedly returning from her school when she was kidnapped. If the rape-blow was not enough, the rapists after gangraping forced the girl to convert her religion. While such incidents very seldom come to the fore, the Akhilesh Yadav government has turned a blind eye to the rising graph of violence against women in Uttar Pradesh.

A couple of weeks back, when a Muslim caterer was force-fed by a Shiv Sena MP during the Ramadan, there was a huge furore in the Parliament and by politicians across party lines. And now when there are reports of a girl’s plight, everyone seems to be turning a ignoring the situation. News anchors across TV channels criticised Shiv Sena- BJP as a whole but are tight-lipped on this sensitive gangrape case. Why?

Also, according to news channel ETV, there are scars on the stomach of the victim, which gives suspicion of organ transplant.

Read the tweet here!

Watch the victim’s account here:

Do the people of Uttar Pradesh deserve this? Did they vote for Mulayam Singh led Samajwadi Party to let the Jungle Raaj return? Is the youngest chief minister Akhilesh Yadav so incapable that such incidents cannot be reined? The entire law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is in disarray. Reports of policemen and politicians being involved in such incidents are nothing new. Mulayam Singh Yadav himself in one of his Moradabad rallies blabbered nonsense on the sensitive issue of rape.

Watch the video below:

If only there are tighter laws and implementation of the same is righteous and speedy, such incidents can be tamed. It is unfortunate that reports of violence against women are on the rise, but involving religion in the same is a serious matter. Add to it, the sad matter of alleged organ transplant!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his return from Nepal visit should take corrective measures and strict action should be taken against the persons guilty. It is for sure that people didn’t vote for such ‘Achche Din’. Right, Mr Modi?

  • John Knower-of-Nothing

    Soap is supposed to smell good though…..

    • Chopra Touchpad

      Yeah you have a point. Their adipose will be useless as well. P&G started as a soap company making soap from pig fat. But these people are worst then that.

  • mina roy

    These motherfuckers need a strong treatment as they were given in Gujraat . It’s mandatory if we want want our new generation to survive happily . Islam will ruin civilization and we must fight against it .

    • a guest

      I totally agree with you.

  • Devout Hindu

    Mulayam Yadav will not say anything against Muslims ,even if dimple yadav is gang r@ped.

    If he is so much interested in rapes,i request him to send his grand daughter to Azam Khan.

  • Raj

    Islam is a religion founded by a terrorist and taught how to spread hatred, evil, abduction, terrorism and all other satanic actions in the world.

    • Rabin

      I agree with you Raj. If you read life history of Mohammed, you’ll come to know about the base of Islam.

  • a guest

    Uneducated muslims are bloody cockroaches. Eventually they will islamicise the whole world. A filthy race they are. They only know how to reproduce. Rest of the world are helpless. Time to declare hindus as minority in UP.

  • a guest

    Islam is a uncivilised cult. There is no point in getting them educated. No wonder stupid african nations are converting to islam as this religion suits them best.

  • P.S.Radhakrishnan

    We cannot allow Talbanisation of the nation. Forced conversions are taking place in Pakistan , similarly they are trying it here too. Islam has become desperate . All over the world they are getting beaten up . The faith has become so intolerant that not only they fight each other for superiority of factions, but also fight against other religions . Unfortunately, some times they loose sight of wisdom and harm people belonging to other religions where the former is in minority . It may lead to a backlash in an unprecedented manner totally disliked by the majority community that believes in coexistence and loves to live in peace, however forced on to it. It happened at the time of partition , in Godhra in Gujarat and very recently in Mussafarnagar in UP itself.

    It is unfortunate that people living in India are up to the game. Indians are by and large peace loving and tolerant. However, a section of the Islam religion turn to fanaticism may be due to a heavy load of religious sentiments or , perhaps, due to the influence from across the border ( for tarnishing India’s image), and start exhibiting intolerance towards others. Such fragile minded people (IMs) get misguided very easily and start involving in all types of anti national activities.

    No one believes that Mullah Mulayam and company will give justice to the victim. Some Ghan in that state , also a minister, may try to hush up the entire matter for getting the support of the fanatics in the forth coming elections.

  • Manav

    Uttar-Pradesh is going to make first Islamic state of India led by Samajwadi party |

  • Eternal

    If this was done by a hindu community the whole muslim world would have declared a war against hindus. These rotten minded muslims should be fucked out of this world.

  • Makeit Possible

    Where is barking dogs from Khangress? Where is
    Christian missionaries run English media who were shouting against Shiv Sena MP
    few days back?

  • neeraj singh

    Jago Hinuds Jago .Otherwise Muslims will rape you and convert you like time of Babar

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