Indian men ready to sleep with girlfriend but still want a virgin wife!

India is known to be growing by leaps and bounds and we, Indians, are becoming broad minded and open to newer ideas. However, in certain aspects, Indians, especially men are still hypocritical in their thought process. Indian men will go around with multiple girlfriends and also opt for live-in relationships.

But for them virginity of their brides is still a touchy issue as it was 10 years back. Isn’t that the biggest irony that Indian men still drool over a blushing virgin wife, while they are open to premarital sex? This is also one of the major reasons, why Indian men don’t prefer to marry their girl friends or ex’s. They might have happily bedded their lady love several times, but still find them unfit for marriage some how.

According to the HT-MaRS Youth Survey, the modern day women easily embraces sexuality, which men find it difficult to do so. This could be due to numerous reasons, one of which is the male ego. No Indian men likes their women to be touhced by somebody else, be it their girl friends or wives.

Secondly, men don’t like to be compared. The fear of their wife comparing their love making skills with their ex’s, can also be a reason for marrying a virgin girl.

Indian men also don’t mind having extra-marital affairs, but cannot tolerate the same thought for their spouses. Nevertheless, the biggest question that remains unanswered is how would a man know his wife is a virgin or not? Findings state that there is no way to determine the virginity of a women, expect is she admits losing it? Moreover, modern day science has advanced enough to reconstruct a broken hymen through a surgery called Hymenoplasty.

Well, the key to happy marriage is not virginity of your wife, but the trust that you have in her? Honesty, trust and understanding are the quality partners need to have. If they trust you then they will be honest to you, and they are honest to you, admire and understand him/her. These simple things will surely lead you to a “Happy Married Life”.

  • ronit

    If Indian girls can ask well earned, educated and handsome boy from good cast or family then why should we boys being virgin should not wish to have virgin girl to get married?

    • sheela

      Indian guys also ask for qualified and good looking girls… And if he’s asking for a virgin.. He should be one, too otherwise it’s hypocrisy. And you should not judge a girl just cause she had sex with her boyfriend… As if u don’t watch porn n mind fuck those actresses!

      • ronit

        It’s girl’s wish to sleep with whatever..I am just saying that all boys do not fornicate..Many virgin boys want virgin girl to marry.And before marriage all things should be explained and don’t cheat innocent boys if you girls have slept elsewhere already.

        • Jeremiah

          That goes both ways my friend… thats what Kanika just stated.

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