Felt blessed on offering prayers at Pashupatinath temple: Narendra Modi


Kathmandu, Aug 4 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Monday that he felt blessed to be given an opportunity to pray at the Pashupatinath temple here. Wearing a saffron coloured kurta-pyjama with a shawl draped on his shoulder and forearm, Modi paid obeisance at Pashupatinath temple before leaving to meet President Ram Baran Yadav.

“Felt extremely blessed on offering prayers at the Pashupatinath temple this morning,” Modi said in a tweet. Regarded as the most sacred temple of Hindu Lord Shiva in the world, Pashupatinath temple’s existence dates back to 400 AD. The richly-ornamented pagoda houses the sacred linga or phallic symbol of Lord Shiva. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come here, the temple’s web site said.

Brahmins welcomed Modi by chanting the Veda at the main gate of the temple. The Pashupatinath temple management committee gifted Modi a picture of Pashupatinath. Modi announced Rs.25 crore for the temple and the money will be spent to build a 400-bed Dharmashala in Pashupatinath area.

Modi also gifted 2,500 kg of sandalwood. Chief priest Ganesh Bhatta who performed the puja, offered a rare chandan paste prepared from four lingas of Pashupatinath. This is rare and only gifted to very important dignitaries, said Tondon. Modi is on a two-day visit to Nepal, a first by an Indian Prime Minister in 17 years.

  • Sunil Joshi

    Modi ji needs the everlasting Goodwill Blessings & Support of the Indian people and all the people of the World as well. It is the Indians the Hindus & the Sikhs and even others who really have brouth Modi ji into POWER for the simple reason that Modiji is a Man with a Vision and sees the Bigger Picture of the Mother India – Mera Bharat Mahan Hai ! This is possible by putting a BAN on the Muslim ISI supported Madrassas first ! Akhilesh has yet to compensate the Sikhs & the Hindus for the deaths of their kith & kin and the crores worth of properties looted and destroyed and burned in fire by the Muslims of Saharanpur instigated by the ISI agents of Pakistan , Ahkhilesh has also yet to punish attackers of religious minorities especially the Sikhs and the i nnocent Hindus . If Akhilesh is really a GAY in Hindi we call ” HIJRA ” or LONDEBAZZ then let him openly declare so because he has recruited young handsome Pakistani boys to Fuck his ASS in 5- Star Hotels – The CBI has evidence . : The CBI has already reported to the Govt of India how all the minorities are subdued and repressed and intimidated and instilled with fear and are raped sodomised and harrassed and treated like slaves . Even most Indian Laws continue to restrict religious freedom, and remain the most visible symbols of religious intolerance,where as the Hooda Govt in Haryana is now openly provinding Mauser Colt and Wembly & Scott and AK-47 pistols and machinegun licences at a fee ranging from 10 lacs to 50 lacs ” Under the Table to his Son ” for getting the Licences . The list of those who have applied for these Arms Licenses will be declared to all , because these will be the first to be put down by the Dalits of Haryan who are only waiting for an opportunity .

    Saharanpur riots are premeditated by Mulayanm Singh Yadav only when they were finalized they were detiled to Akhilesh Yadav who was left with no choice but to put them into action . These Father & Son are real BASTARDS and full of SHIT they are not even worth their salt.

    Govt of India’s National Justice system has given the verdict clearly in favour of the The situation in violence-hit areas of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, where innocent Hindus and Sikh people were killed in communal violence by radical Muslims and perperators of the Wakaf Board remain to be tense . The Bupreme Court of India had decided in favour of the Sikh Gurdwara Committe that the adjoining land to the Gurdwara was rightfully theirs and they could go ahead and construct the New Langar Hall where the Gurudwara serves Free Langar to all the people whether they are Hindus Sikhs Christians Bhuddist or even Muslims . more than 1500 Muslims in Saharanpur at times come to thank the ir Sikh community members and partake of the GURU KA LANGAR , but since politics has inflitrated every religion in the world with sinste3r motives no one is spared from it – be it the Muslims Sikhs Hindus Christians or Bhuddists.and even others…Why because selfishnes and the greed for power and misrule and corruption has taken over . The New Order and the New Religion of the New World Order is ” CORRUPTION ” Unfortunately India being a inherent land of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna has survived thousands of years of struggle . The real Sikh Religious was born to protect the Hindu and Kashmiri Brahmins from being forcefully converted to ISLAM today Akhilesh and MUlayams Govt in UP have shook hands and secretly made it a law to convert these Dalits and Hindus into Muslims by cruelty murder rape and death and fear and intimidation through MADRASSAS. So Modi’s Govt has to STOP and totally BAN these Muslim Madrassas all over India. Only then India can remain ONE.

    The riots against the Siksh and the Hindus were preplanned by the Muslim leaders of India in convinnance with the SP Govt of Akhilesh in UP and got the go ahed from Mulayam Singh Yadav the Godfather of UP.

    The Hindus & Sikhs are a peaceful loving communitiy in UP untill and unless their religious sentiments and identity is at stake . The Hindus who also go to the Gurdwara and the have confirmed along with the Lawyers of Saharanpur that the Sikhs are within their rights to exercise the protection of their Religious Gurdwara Properties whether in Saranpur or Haryana of Punjab or even in Pakistan – were the Pakistan Govt has already upsurped more than 13,000 acres of SIKH PROPERTY in Pakistan . In Saharanpur the Supremen Court already issued a verdict that the Sikhs have 100% Legal Rights for the adjoining Gurdwara Land which is legally entitled to the them.So why has the other ISI Muslims agents like Pappu Ali tried to take the law into their own hands and intimidate through violence and hooliganism.Such behaviour can be seen from this jihadist muslim extremist community all over the world.It is about time patriotic Hindus , Sikhs and other Indians stood as one and showed such anti indian and anti national destructive elements the door out of the country.No Indian should be allowed to be intimidated like this when the law of the land has pronounced a clear verdict.The criminals who wrought the violence, the leaders and the hooligans should be arrested and brought to face the full brunt of the law.These criminals are responsible for lost of property and three lives, two of whom are muslims themselves.What a shame in the so called holy month ramazan such vile acts are being commited by these imbeciles.India needs to go on guard against these people.

    Modi’s GOI should give strict instructions to Rajnath Singh and the Home Ministry to Stop all Free Visas for Pakistanis , Stop Subsidies for Haj Free Trips , Stop and Madrassa in India – Madrassas are Not Allowed . Restrict all illegal Muslims being put on Indian Soil by UN or any other Muslim Extremist or Political Group – from Bangladesh – Nepal – Myanmar – Thailand or Pakistan . INDIA is unaware that it is stting on a HUMAN TIME BOMB . This is a Wake up call against these Muslims in India . We need to give them a taste of their own medicine . Hindus Sikhs Christians Bhuddists all have self – sarificial people – if they all join hands and as human time boms entre these 100,000 people at Jama Masjid when they give their Namas to Alla we can put them down brick by brick and then they will understand and their Mosques will become & remain VACANT – Available for Rent Sign !

    Sikhs claim that the violence are pre-planned as Muslims from Moradabad and Muzzaparpur were called in numbers.” The city named muzaffarpur is wrong which is used here. Infact it should be muzaffarnagar, which is is Uttar Pradesh while Muzaffarpur is in Bihar. Likes of IMARN MASOOD AND SP leader AZAM KHAN are real perperators of the Saharanpur riot

    UP government always favours the muslims for its vote bank,even to the extent of refusing to arrest the muslim rioters WHY ? We need to parade these Father and Son Akhilesh & Mulayan Naked without clothes blackend faces with garland of shoes of the killed people in the Saharanpur riots in their necks and made to sit on Donkeys only then they will learn and the wives whose children and husbands have been killed and their properties burnt in the riots will PISS & ” PEE” on their faces .

    The Congress party has joined hands with SP in Saharanpur riots in India with the help of Muslim extremists Saeed sects of Pakistan .They also intigated riots against their own Muslims in Muzzafurpur , which people are not aware . Indians especially Hindus and Sikh Community has the support of the BJP and aims to take to task these Congress Goondas and Muslim rioters Modi has already taken Akhilesh’s Govt to task, Other state and local governments, as well as other Sikh & Hindu organisations and institutions have joined forces to take a stand against these communal Muslims in UP and to stop them. The Hindu and Sikhs will join hands Council will act to assist and promote the activities of harmony and expose the Goondas of the Congress. The BJP is a just and secular governence under Mr.Modi and it will not allow such riots by the Muslim rioters and the Congress Goondas to create disharmony in UP or elsewhere . Indians LOVE Modiji and he knows how to deal with the SP Govt of UP and the rioting Congress Dogs as well ! Jai Hind . – Sunil Joshi (Director) Epoch Distribution Pvt Ltd, Epoch Towers, Noida, UP Tel 91-9560027575

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