Will tie the knot when I find the right girl: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Mar 16: Rahul Gandhi’s marriage plans have been a perennial topic of speculation but he says he would tie the knot only when he finds the “right girl”.

“This is a question that comes all the time, all the time. Right now I am engaged in fighting the elections. Unfortunately I have not been focused on private life,” he replied when asked during an interview with PTI as to when he intended to get married.

“Is it two years from now, one year from now?” he was asked. ”When I find the right girl,” said the 43-year-old Gandhi scion.

Question: That means you have not found the right girl?

Rahul: When I find the right girl, I will get married.

The Congress Vice President, a pet lover, was asked about his other hobbies.

He replied to say that he read quite a bit, “too much non-fiction” and “too much about things related to my work” –history, geography, political affairs…a lot about the middle east, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

Gandhi said he did not watch as many Hindi movies as his sister Priyanka does. But he came away disappointed often with the mainstream movies of Hollywood.
He has no favourite actors or actresses. “I appreciate a good performance.”

  • Guest

    He can’t find a ‘girl’ in this age rather he will get a ‘woman’ to merry.

  • vijay

    He can’t find a ‘girl’ at this age rather he can find a suitable ‘woman’ to marry.

  • Priyank Shah

    PART 1 – Arrogant Modi cornered
    by Rajdeep Sardesai on Godhra
    Watch frustrated MODI! He still does not have
    answers on Godhra, his seniors who were sidelined by him etc… The pause at
    23.06 is hilarious!!

    Modi baffled by the question on Godhra and Bihar in the program ‘On the Road’
    with Rajdeep Sardesai on IBN Live. Sardesai caught Narendra Modi on his tour
    across Gujarat. When asked about Godhra, his alleged visit to Bihar as well as
    comment by Nitish Kumar and Nitin Gadkari, frustrated Modi gets angry and talks
    in a rough manner. His comment on Sardesai’s MP status and nominations for
    Padma awards will not go down smoothly with media.


  • Priyank Shah

    Very good documentary on Rajiv
    Gandhi by Zee news
    As a media
    student watching documentaries is my interest. I came across this film on Rajiv
    Gandhi’s birth anniversary. Whatever is here, is worth watching. Great


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