UN brokers 24-hour ceasefire between Israel, Hamas

London, July 27 : Israel has reportedly agreed to observe ceasefire for 24 hours in Gaza but has warned that it will react if the agreement is breached by Hamas militants. A crisis cabinet extended Saturday’s ceasefire till Sunday midnight (21:00 GMT), reported the BBC. The decision comes despite Hamas launching air strikes at Israel earlier in order to prevent the truce from being prolonged.

While Israel has maintained that it would continue its operations against the tunnels built by Hamas during the truce period, Hamas has said that it will not accept any truce unless Israeli troops withdraw from Gaza and the displaced are allowed to return home. Hamas has claimed that Israel had violated ceasefire agreement during the Saturday truce. It also accused Israel of using the truce period to prepare for launching more attack son Gaza.

Meanwhile, the health ministry in Gaza has said that 1,033 civilians in Gaza have been killed and about 5,900 have been injured ever since Israel launched an offensive against Gaza 19 days ago.

  • Ramkrishnan

    I am a Hindu. I do not like to provoke Muslims and do not want Muslims to provoke Hindus. Muslims can pray Alla and we can pray Krishna and mind our own business. WE HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO, RATHER THAN ATTACKING EACH OTHER. IT IS WORTHLESS. ONLY FOOLS, WHO DO NOT HAVE ANY WORK, ENGAGE IN THIS . IDLE BRAIN IS DEVIL’S WORKSHOP.

  • Patonback

    Look at the pictures of dead, dying and mutilated children coming out of the prison camp called Gaza. Question why 4 Palestinian children were targeted and killed on a beach. Question why there have now been two attacks on U.N run schools with devastating consequences. Question how so much killing can bring peace. Spend a night and day in Gaza right now, then ask yourself, “just who are the real terrorists here.”

    • Sudeep

      When terrorists hide in schools/mosques and hospitals you get dead civilians. Israel has no intention to harm civilians… Hamas on the other hand does!

      • Patonback

        Israeli forces are “out of control”.. The world knows it. It is Israeli fingers on the trigger that decides to take out civilians including children. Tell your story to those who lost their kids who were playing on a beach. Your nation is stoking up hatred for it around the entire globe now. The Israeli regime is now in ownership of extremists who control its every move. They are a bunch of murderers who will eventually face war crimes trials.

  • Wais

    Stop the #IOF from killing innocent people in Gaza. Stop the blockade. Stop this concentration camp. A voice not raised is injustice.

    • Sudeep

      Stop the rockets into Israel! If there is peace in Israel then there is peace in Gaza.
      Stop the anti Israel propaganda….. When over 100,000 Syrians died in the last year nobody cared…. but when Palestinians die well……

  • Heera

    Power to the Palestinian People! The occupiers, supported by the US weapons industry, must leave.

    • rgw46

      I have an answer to the whole problem…get China/Russia and EU and US..just one question ..Which 1/4 do you want..and how you control it your BIZ…..BANG..Pull all Bases/US back to US..close boarder.NO AID to anyone..NOW..you want protection/Aid..you now become a US territory..FOR EVER—DONE.

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