Three Indian-origin people charged with selling drug in US


Two Indian-origin employees and the owner of a convenience store have been charged by US authorities for secretly selling a psychoactive drug commonly known by the street name “spice”.

Manisha Yogeshkumar Patel, the owner of the Capital Food Mart at 2929 Capital Boulevard in Raleigh city in North Carolina, was also charged with possessing pirated music CDs and illegal liquor, the News & Observer reported.

Her employees Karanjit Singh Sahota and Ami Natvarlal Patel were each charged with selling and possessing synthetic cannabinoids.

The charges were framed after two undercover state alcohol law enforcement agents purchased the substance.

Synthetic cannabinoids are manufactured rather than grown. They mimic the effects of marijuana or other natural drugs.

US agents said they received complaints about synthetic drugs being sold at the store, and asked a magistrate for a search warrant.

Undercover agents bought 10 grams of a synthetic drug with the brand name “GodFather” Oct 14 and another 10 grams of “Blaster” within two days of the warrant being granted.

In addition to synthetic drugs, cash and CDs, they said they seized several open bottles of liquor.

All three people were freed on bond after their arrests.

Agents said they would forward a report to the state Alcoholic Beverage Commission. IANS

  • KS Subramanian

    We are at it wherever we are. Quick money may land all in triuble. This is a lesson. But I wonder how dare they do in US knowing fully well of the punishment if caught.

    • Naren

      Pl do not judge and dish out advice. These people were selling what all other stores sell all across America. Here the county officials acted without passing any laws on how certain OTC products can be sold, in this case SPICE a synthetic drug.

  • Billy Bob

    I didn’t bother reading the story, but the photo reminded me of my pre buprenorphine days. It caused me to relapse. Thank you.

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