Subramanian Swamy calls Sonia Gandhi ‘fifth class pass’

New Delhi, July 11 : Taking a jibe at Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Friday said she had just studied till the fifth grade, and hence, was making senseless statements in connection with the National Herald case.

“Sonia Gandhi is a fifth class pass,and therefore, she does not know anything. This case has nothing to do with the government, so there is no question of a political conspiracy. This case had been filed by me, and it was a private complaint for which the government had sent a notice,” said Swamy.

“If today, there is a liquidation of the company, even if it is a non-profit company, the whole money will go to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. This company had been established for publishing journals and papers, but they killed the whole idea behind it. They have nothing to defend themselves, and hence, they are saying such things,” he added.

Last month, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi were issued summons by a Delhi court in connection with the National Herald newspaper case. They have been asked to appear personally in court on August 7. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy had filed a complaint on the charge that the Gandhis have swindling the newspaper’s funds.

  • gopal yadav

    Whatever the merit of his charges against the Gandhis, Dr. Swamy should remain curteous. We respect Dr. Swami and he should not sqander it.

    • Prasad Kumar

      why do you respect Swamy, the conspiracy-theorist-in-chief?

  • Sam

    Imagine the situation! A fifth-class pass politician didn’t receive boos from her constituency but ruled it with dignity and respect when the so called ‘educated’ Subramniam Swami had to face sustained ignominy from his students and his colleagues while enjoying a stint at Harvard! Life is so troublesome at times.

  • mydisqus

    One Mr X mistake to marry a wrong person may spoil his life and immediate family, but there is a man who’s marriage spoiled a whole country, getting the country under a widow with no eligibility

    • a loyal congress hindu voter

      Sonia is not just a simple widow but a Phirang traitor who has taken oath to see the ruins of India, She has done more harm to India than British raj did in 150 years !!! Like mother like son Rahul, he sent an email to Hillary Clinton on her visit to India that in India Hindus are the real terrorists not Muslims!!! WIKILEAKS published that letter. What a shame

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