Shashi Tharoor calls Harshvardhan’s sex education ideas outdated

New Delhi, June 27 : Congress leader Shashi Tharoor on Friday said that Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan seems to be behind the times on the issue of sex education. “I have respect for Dr. Harshvardhan, but he seems to be behind the times. The old-fashioned attitudes are simply not going to work. His stand on morality may not be practiced by the young of today,” said Tharoor.

“From the public health point of view, it’s really important that the authorities understand what the youth of our country are. There is insufficient understanding regarding why sex knowledge is unfit. The health minister needs to hone up before taking policy decisions,” he added. Earlier, Dr. Harsh Vardhan had created a stir by stating in his website that sex education in schools should be banned.

Harshvardhan had also made an equally controversial statement on prevention of AIDS saying, “Condoms promise safe sex, but the safest sex is through faithfulness to one’s partner. Prevention is always better than cure.”

  • Monawill

    Shashi Tharoor – whats outdated and failed is the western idea of seX education at school, as it contributes to maximum teenage pregnancies, rapes and sex diseases.

  • Dr deepa

    The government felt a need for doing this because liberalization of foreign ideas and media has already been introduced into the urban culture long ago, is even reaching the most remote places with the advent of media.since we have already introduced something which is distorted, it becomes a moral responsibility to teach students the difference between right and wrong. first of all the teachers themselves are ill informed about sex, its responsibilities and reproduction. without the accurate knowledge, imparting half knowledge itself is a dangerous thing and when taught, even the wrong part of it has to be taught and what is right.

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