Never used word ‘chaiwala’ for Narendra Modi: Mani Shankar Aiyar

Nagpur, May 29 : Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar on Thursday said he never used the word ‘ chaiwala’ for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Aiyar said it was Modi who himself told the world about his background.

Aiyar also defended a comment made by Congress president Sonia Gandhi‘s daughter, Priyanka Gandhi, during the election campaigning “Priyanka made ‘neech’ comment about Modi’s politics and his fans, like Hitler’s Goebbels, interpreted it differently,” Aiyar said.

In January, Aiyar had said that Modi could never become the prime minister, and added, “If he wants to sell tea here, we can arrange for it.” “Give my word, Modi will never become the prime minister in the 21st century. If he wants to sell tea at the AICC meet, we can arrange for it,” he said.

  • Menon and you

    I will not call this man a slime I think it will be a great disgrace to it

  • Ramamoorthy

    Such an arrogant self opined fellow is a blot on the community in which he is born; he has no grace even now to own up his mistake in pronouncing that Modi can never become PM of India in 21st century. Mr. M.S.Lier needs to realize that he has indeed become our PM and going to stay there for next 15 years.

  • anon

    It is now time to bite and eat your words which won’t be digestive any more. Very likely he too realizes it but only can’t admit it openly. His thoughts and words never touch the ground reality. Flaunting elitism will never buy votes but for overall progressive leadership and efforts.

  • RMV

    I was just wondering on the status of the three termites within the Congress; Lover boy Diggy, Joker Sibal and Court Jester Mani Shankar Aiyer, and their silence after the party’s historic defeat. The first to oblige is the court jester once again fooling the people of our great country, by trying to retract from what he said about Mr. Modi.
    Believe, both Sonia and Rahul are so distraught at not being entertained by these three stooges, that the two were planning to advertise their mugs on national television, asking help from people to let them know about their whereabouts. I think the advertisement that was planned for the Marathi channel was the program “Aapan Yana Pahilas Ka”?

  • San

    Mr Aiyar – that era is over – where you talk lie and think you can get away with it.. This guy should be arrested and the public should be allowed to punish him the way they want… Even after loosing all – these jokers pretend that they have everything by their side…

    Modi should not just focus on India.. Modi needs to bring these _____ (I dont wanna insult pigs) to task ASAP>..

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