Malaysia Airlines MH370: Russian intelligence claims plane hijacked and taken to Afghanistan


London, Apr 10:  Russian intelligence sources have claimed the passengers on missing Malaysian Airlines jet MH370 are alive after the flight landed in Afghanistan.

A source in Russian’s FSB secret service said the plane was hijacked and flown close to the Pakistan border.

According to the Daily Star, the source said al the passengers were, they have been divided into seven groups and are living in mud huts with almost no food.

The report added that 20 passengers who were Asian ‘specialists’ have been smuggled into a bunker in Pakistan, the report added.

Meanwhile, an Australian sea patrol aircraft has detected a possible black box signal in the same area where Ocean Shield detected four pingers in search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

Air Chief Marshal (ret) Angus Houston, the head of the search’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre, confirmed that RAAF AP-3C Orion detected ‘a possible signal in the vicinity of Australian Defence Vessel Ocean Shield’.

According to, Houston added that the acoustic data would require further analysis, but shows potential of being from a man-made source.

He said the absence of any object confirmation has been ‘frustrating’ for search crews who have been working round the clock to locate debris, the report said.

He added that the crews detect something in the water, it’s then checked by a ship and nothing thus far has been connected to MH370.

He said it could be up to 20 days before the search moves to the ocean floor.

According to the report, the US black box pinger locator detected a signal consistent with black box frequencies twice on Saturday.

It again twice detected signals in the same search area, an area consistent with experts’ analysis of the last known ‘handshake’ of MH370, on Tuesday.

Acoustic experts at the Australian Joint Acoustic Analysis Centre, based at HMAS Albatross in NSW have since concluded the signals detected on Saturday were likely those of an aircraft flight data recorder; which may have been one of the two black boxes aboard the MH370, the report added.

  • Brian Quinn

    This theory sounds feasible to me.

  • barry martin

    This article is indeed an eye opener. Let’s see what pans out. One humble request:
    please don’t make spelling & grammar mistakes when composing. It’s always a good idea to proofread prior to posting.
    “…in Russian’s FSB secret service…” , should be: “…in Russia’s FSB…”
    “…source said al the passengers were, they have been divided into seven groups”
    should be: “…all passengers were divided into seven groups”
    “…Air Chief Marshal…” shld be: “Chief Air Marshal”
    “US black box pinger locator…” shld be: “…US black box ping locator”.
    Dhanyavaad , barry

    • Real Deal

      Pots & Kettles … (Corrections to your corrections)
      1. It is not possible to make “grammar mistakes”. You can make errors of grammar, or, grammatical errors. Whether they are mistakes or intentional has no effect on the grammar or lack thereof. It’s always a good idea to avoid “online dictionaries”.
      2. Whilst there are typographical errors in the sentence, “have been” is correct, whereas your suggestion of “were” has a less current implication. Additionally, the article “quoted” in this one used the words “have been” so it is correctly quoted. It’s always a good idea to “read every word” and “check the source”.
      3. “Air Chief Marshal (ret)” is correct, your correction to “Chief Air Marshal” is not. It’s always a good idea to know the ranks “in the country to which you refer”.
      4. Your phrases “shld be:” should be “should be”, which you have used correctly twice before resorting to text message abbreviation twice. Your advice that it’s always a good idea to proof read before posting comes to mind.
      5. Please let me know if you are studying for an English exam and I will identify your other errors for you. It’s always a good idea to pass English exams.
      Now, would you like to discuss grammar, or, the missing MH370 ????

      • Stainz

        You just got owned there Baz!

  • Adam Hans

    This is not feasible… the alien abduction is more feasible…

  • kavita

    What would the hijackers achieve by keeping numb so long???? Isn’t it a little funny; you hijack & have so many captives & make no demand or not let the world know of the daring act of hijackers….
    We could have accepted it, if there was not such a long time lag…

    • Real Deal

      There’s money in selling a Boeing 777 that you didn’t have to pay for. Keeping ‘numb’ (your words) would mean that you could hijack another one the same way, and sell that one as well, but only if you were smart enough to ‘keep numb’. Btw, how do we know that demands weren’t made to the Malaysian government and the Malaysian government just hasn’t made it public? Eg; one of their statements, ‘there are things I can tell you, and things that I can’t’. There could be dozens of other reasons. ‘Not every criminal is a religiously motivated suicide bomber, but there may be a couple who might be if they had a Boeing 777 at their disposal.’

    • rose sigut

      because there was stolen cargo on the plane belonging to the usa. that’s why it was hijacked.

  • Sam Yovan

    Another unproven claim. not very reassuring especially in this modern era with state of the art tracking and electronic gadgets!! Worrying…

    • mclarenfan1968

      Not really, if some countries want to be silent on their lapse in protecting their own borders and airspace then they would be the last to admit this very aircraft might have flown over their airspace.

      Every major power in the region is looking at the other. So divulging any sign of weakness is something they cant afford. They will ignore the plight of those on board MH370 in the name of national security.

      Being an engineer though I understand the soundness of the theory behind the use of Doppler shift to get a better fix on the real direction of the craft. The INMARSAT engineers have good reason to base their approximations on it to claim the aircraft must have headed down to the southern Indian ocean.

      if it indeed go down in the Indian ocean, then a terrorist plot is looking increasingly unlikely. No agendas no motives no statement nothing was gained by doing this. It would have to be an almighty flop of an attempt because the craft flew for several hours. If they wanted to just crash it they could have done it right in KL in to the Petronas towers for the whole world to see. Little point to run away and hide in depths of the Indian ocean, pretty poor way to make a statement.

      Helios flight tragedy comes to mind as possible explanation to the craft’s change of route. All it takes is a delirious pilot under slow decompression desperately attempting to do something to change flight path before slowly losing total consciousness. Malaysians have disclosed the movements of the craft in terms of altitude and speed have been very erratic before settling down on a possible southerly direction towards the Indian ocean.

  • Stainz

    I must admit i am a fan of a good old conspiracy theory but i personally believe that this plane has landed, what happens to that plane and passengers from there i’m not sure but i believe that there are several authorities and companies that know exactly what’s happening and the public are being diverted by the media. Look how many times they have amended their stories even down to the last thing that the pilot said has changed several times, the media have focused on suspected hijackers on board with stolen passports (how do you manage to do that in today’s world for a start) to a suicidal pilot wanting to bring the plane down in the middle of nowhere. They aren’t going to find this black box that they have got ‘signals’ on, it’s all a decoy whilst something else bigger goes on behind the scenes – I actually hope something like that has happened and that way there may be a chance these 239 passengers might come home alive – Time will tell

  • james a

    didn’t they say the jet engines send out a signal every four hours….do you think those guys know how to disable that….don’t think so…..really bogus article or government cover up

  • john doe

    this is an absolutely stupid story. Afghanistan area is full of miltary radar from India, Pakistan, China and especially US where even a drone can’t sneak thru. If it is true, US & her allies would not spend so much money to track the wreckage. US may lie but wouldn’t blow money away.

    • Bob413

      That’s because what your seeing on TV and the media isn’t happening. That search going on in the Indian ocean isn’t happening. the families you see crying on TV are actors. The whole thing is a sham while something else goes on behind the scenes.

    • rose sigut

      just a few days ago a man was stopped boarding a plane in afghanistan because he was found to have bullets in his carry on. it was explained by usa that this man was an f bi agent. was he looking for the missing plane. there was talk that the cargo belonged to usa.

  • where are u MH370

    so russia is ready to back up it theory or is russia all shyte

  • Bob413

    Sadly this is probably what happened. If this report came from the U.S, you know it wouldn’t be true. Coming from Russian’s intelligence sector.. what purpose would they have to lie about this? They have absolutely nothing to gain.

    It’s also very possible that any terrorist organization has more trusting ties with Russia than it does with the Western world meaning they are more likely to have people gathering proper information.

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