Lok Sabha Elections 2014: The bubble of Arvind Kejriwal’s claims has burst


Aam Aadmi Party leader and former Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal received praise when his government delivered two of the biggest promises made by their party before Delhi assembly elections. But many found loopholes in his policies while providing free water and giving 50% subsidy on power rates. But these decisions were made to provide benefit till 30th of March and before that Arvind Kejriwal resigned.

On Arvind Kejriwal’s third day as Delhi Chief Minister, he announced 700 litres water a day free for Delhi households. Then over electricity rate he announced 50% subsidy on power consumption up to 400 units on the existing Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission rates in Delhi. His both decisions were welcome by common man but they were unaware of the fact that these facilities were given for short period.

On 30th March free water supply and power subsidy came to an end. Congress and BJP accused AAP and Arvind Kejriwal of “betraying” people by not making any provision to continue the relief. Delhi Congress president Arvinder Singh Lovely asked, “When Arvind Kejriwal was intent on resigning, why he did not seek permission for providing subsidy from the Delhi assembly up to December?” “He deliberately sought approval for free water and power subsidy only up to March 30.”He said. BJP also put the blame on AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

Over the issue of Jan Lokpal bill Arvind Kejriwal resigned from the post of CM putting all the blames over Congress and BJP. There have been huge discussion over his resignation but now it seems quite confirm that it was pre-planned. First he pretended to deliver some of the promises like free water supply, subsidy on power rates and anti-corruption helpline number etc. He did not show the people that his policies will be providing benefit only till 30th March. Before he has to revive the policy or to make new policy he resigned.

Arvind Kejriwal knew that he can’t provide these facilities for long time and that is why he quit. While Arvind Kejriwal claims that he showed others how to govern but his in-experience can be seen in his 49 days of government where he could not make policies that can help people for long span of time. Arvind Kejriwal’s bubble of tall claims has burst now.

Now he is campaigning for his party in Lok Sabha elections, but his 49 day as CM of Delhi have shown us that people should think twice before voting for AAP. India cannot afford such kind of weak policies at this crucial stage.

  • Murli Murli

    I think I am the first to comment.
    Anyway –
    India.com ke journalist jisne ye entire column likha hai (iss ne toh naam bhee nahi likha hai yaha)– sunn lo — Abb India ko tum na ullu banaing… no ullu banaying…..

    We all know why Arvind quit or AAP fell govt. Don’t write lame, filthy, stale stuff. We know who is what. We also know now what India.com wants to write. When Arvind becomes PM, you will have to take a jibe at your own columns and writings. Pyaar se bol rahe hai, koi gaali galoch nahi. Sudharr jaao. BJP aur Congress ki tarah matt karo. Idharr aa jaao. Yaha neela aasmaa hai aur pyaare panchi. Tumhaare bacchon ke liye karr raha hai. Chalo abb sahi news chaapna. Okay ?

    Deshbhakt aur Arvind Kejriwal ka dost,
    Murli Shiv Prasad

    • Gagandeep Prasher

      tera dimag hil gya hai

      • Murli Murli

        Na, na Gagandeep bhai.

        Mere reply mae jo aaye hai, aur jo bhee aapke sawaal hai who kabhi mere thae. Mai ne soncha, vichaara fir thora Arvind ko suna. Aakhir ye bhee toh kuch kehta hai. Iss ko yaha suno, bass thore samay mae sab sawaalon ke jawaab mill jaayenge.


      • saku bai

        he has not taken the money of india to swiss bank like ur modi, amit saha & yedurappa. the person who has kept all the currupted & criminals in his gang. will he give good governance to india. ia ther gujurat is poor free state?

    • Vikram

      ha ha ha bhai saab.. Arvind ji will become PM in your dreams or may be in 2050.. if he is alive.. get a life.. People of Delhi has realized their mistake for voting AAP..

      • Gagandeep Prasher


        • SAKU BAI


  • Nishant

    Content is plain but the writer is clearly biased against AAP. Ever bothered to put other parties to similar kind of scrutiny ?
    Leave the conclusion to the people, don’t conclude for us.

  • mohdinam

    BJP and Congress are fooling indians for so long … Funniest statement in this article is the last sentence India cannot afford such kind of weak policies at this crucial stage. … Till now we are being fooled at every crucial stage

    • NP

      dont take him seriously…it is appraisal time… he might not have completed his target of licking his bosses’ a s s e s… so trying hard now!!!

  • vig

    WOW.. well this is what I call Paid news… Hats off to you.. Mukesh (ambani) will be very pleased.. your bosses will be rewarded…

  • Gaurav

    Saale paid writer. what abt congress and bjp?? kabhi unke baare main bhi to likh. such a biased judgement. who believes you. Talk abt just just yourselves and dont talk on our behalf. Samajh gaya saale.

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