Lalu Prasad Yadav says he’s the real tea seller, not Modi

Patna, Feb 12: Former Bihar chief minister Lalu Prasad claimed Wednesday that he was the “real tea seller” and that BJP veteran Narendra Modi was junior to him in this business.

“I used to sell tea at a shop in the veterinary college campus in Patna during my childhood,” the Rashtriya Janata Dal leader told the media.

He was responding to Modi’s countrywide address to tea shop sellers Wednesday.

Lalu Prasad said he had never revealed until now that he used to sell tea to earn money for school fees. ”I am senior to Modi in selling tea. I sold tea as a child along with my two brothers who are no more. The tea shop is still there for anyone to check my claim.”

Lalu Prasad also wanted to know where Modi, the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, sold tea. He added that Modi “sold blood” during the 2002 communal riots in Gujarat. IANS

  • megha

    if there past makes the similarity of being a chaiwalla then let be. nation needs a leader who can lead people towards the growth, i don think so people are getting positive response after having a meet at chai stalls…. The past does not seems to be bright so as goes to future ……. modi can never be a leader to lead India…….

    • swapnil

      whether it be modi or lalu they both don deserve Politics… i think modi would be selling tea by making fool of people and lalu deserve the same…..

      • megha

        the vital clause “chaiwalla” is getting popular i think leader who do not have anything to present infront of the public are now bringing up there name as chai walla…. either they are happy being chai walla or is calculating the growth of thm from the chai walla to the CM of state…..

  • swapnil

    recently we got to know about modi now its lalu too are there any more leader who want to wide spread there names as chaiwala.. let me tell modi, lalu and other who are also willing to be the one. right now country is off the leader and to get the substantial one they need to concentrate on the development we do not need chai vendors we need there children to get education…….

    • megha

      the pure incense of the tea is right now coming from lalu…. a comment about modi by saying him “khoon ka saudagar and kabhi kuch bolta hai or kabhi kuch” is brilliantly matching the term people are deriving for modi….

  • Hanif shabuddhin

    Both Modi and Lalu who enjoyed a lot as chief minister of their state,just for their political gain boasting themselves as they were tea sellers in their young age. We are not bothering what they were what we are bothering is good governance with impartial visionary , corrupt free government a Government for Aam persons
    Hanif shabuddhin

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