L K Advani disapproves of alleged action of Sena MPs

New Delhi, Jul 23:  Senior BJP leader L K Advani today disapproved of the alleged action of Shiv Sena MPs in forcing a fasting Muslim to eat at Maharashtra Sadan here. ”This is wrong,” he told reporters when asked to comment on the incident which allegedly took place last week.

It was reported that a group of Shiv Sena MPs, apparently angry over not being served Maharashtrian food, allegedly forced a Muslim catering superviser who was fasting during Ramzan to eat a chapati. The alleged incident rocked both Houses of Parliament today.

  • Raja

    God help other than Maharashtrians in MAHA_HA_HA RASHTRA under these goons if they ever come to power! No wonder they are called rooster marathas since they are always itching for a fight!

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