BJP’s Priti Gandhi alleged as poster source

Priti Gandhi and Narendra ModiWikiLeaks in a series of tweets last night revealed the BJP’s Priti Gandhi as the source behind the posters that purportedly claimed of Modi being “incorruptible”.

Priti Gandhi who is the co-convener of the BJP’s IT cell is alleged by WikiLeaks to have created these posters with an intent to use it for fund raising purposes. By showcasing Modi as someone even the US was afraid of and that Mr Modi had Julian Assange’s endorsement, the BJP had hoped to cash in on the no-nonsense attitude of Mr Assange.


While Mrs Gandhi has claimed only to have retweeted the poster image and then obfuscated by stating the key takeaway here was Modi being “incorruptible” (sic), the BJP has avoided making any comments on this issue.

While details on who exactly may have created the poster is yet to be ascertained, such allegations are only further pushing the belief that the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate is riding on a wave of half truths and hype that is not based in fact or reality. Will the Modi bubble burst even before Modi is sworn in as our next Prime Minister?

  • v ramakrishna

    this is what happens when you get people who dont work at the ground level, who have no knowledge of politics and who are pamphleteers to become your official face…
    maybe the BJP will try and get some of its own ground level karyakartas who know the difference between lies and truth, and who know where to draw the line to speak for them, rather than self publicizing social media wannabes with a famous name

  • SKM

    Oh! This Priti Gandhi is the replacement for Maya Kodnani I guess…. Real shocking to see woman go to this low dirty extent… wouldn’t even spit on her face… cheee

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