Barack Obama calls John Kerry, discusses Gaza ceasefire efforts

Washington, Jul 24: US President Barack Obama called his Secretary of State John Kerry, who flew into Tel Aviv from Cairo despite warnings over airline safety, to take stock of the efforts to halt the bitter fighting between Israel and Palestinian militant group Hamas.
Obama, during his call aboard Air Force One yesterday, asked about the developments to achieve an immediate cessation of hostilities which has led to the deaths of nearly 700 Palestinians and 32 Israeli soldiers, the White House said.

Over the last few days, Kerry has been engaged with the Israelis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Europeans, the UN, the Arab League, and others to achieve an end to the violence and build a process that can create a sustainable path forward, White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said.

Obama sent Kerry to the region to broker a truce between Israel and Hamas. ”Our bottom line is, as Secretary Kerry has articulated both in public and in private, that no country can live with rockets raining down on it by terrorists or having terrorist tunnels underground to facilitate the killing or kidnapping of its citizens,” Schultz told reporters travelling with Obama.

“So Israel is doing what it must to end that threat. But right now, given the civilian toll, there’s an urgency to bring this entire episode to a close,” he said. Meanwhile, State Department deputy spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters that the US opposed the UNHRC resolution on Gaza, saying that it was “the latest in a series of biased, anti-Israel actions at the Human Rights Council.”

“We strongly oppose the creation of this kind of mechanism that you spoke about because it is one-sided. No one’s looking here at Hamas rockets, no one proposed looking at anything else other than Israel in this case, and again, we oppose it as one-sided.”
Three US Senators — Lindsey Graham, Charles E Schumer and Ben Cardin — have wrote to Obama demanding that any ceasefire agreement should create a situation in which Israeli citizens no longer face the threat of brazen terrorist attacks.

“Israeli citizens have faced over 1800 rocket launches from Hamas since June. While Iron Dome has saved countless lives, over five million Israelis live in fear of incoming rockets fired indiscriminately from Gaza. ”Twenty-eight tunnels have been discovered by the IDF since the ground operation in Gaza began. Israel has an absolute right to defend its citizens and ensure the survival of the State of Israel,” the letter said.

“Any effort to broker a ceasefire agreement that does not eliminate those threats cannot be sustained in the long run and will leave Israel vulnerable to future attacks,” the Senators wrote. PTI

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  • artexeres

    Baal kerry you are the sectary of state,

    but to Israel you are hostile and demonstrate hate,

    you accuse us of being an apartheid state

    as you dare try to determine our G-D given fate

    now let us determine as we examine the facts

    who uses children as shields these cowardly acts

    who launched rockets from built up areas and flats

    who build tunnels to attack like cowardly rats

    you want to broker peace at our misery

    as you act like Balaam using wizardry

    but our G-D assures us through prophecy

    that we have been redeemed from slavery

    now amidst all your main stream media buzz

    where you peddle lies and cause chaos and fuss

    where with intent you sow discord without trust

    G-D does not want human sacrifice your peace process does.

    Korbanot Shalom sacrafices of peace said prime minister Rabin

    As We shook hands with Arafat in the rose garden

    What did we gain what did we win

    And you want us to do this again and again

    With these sacrifices of peace our children die

    Our leaders are useless as they shrug and sigh

    Families are bereaved as mothers cry

    And we are to believe your evil lie

    The world call out for an immediate truce

    but by that we just tighten our noose

    an Israeli can at any time become a cooked goose

    now is the time to let our army loose

    Netanyahu replaced Olmert
    who was put on trial

    He replaced Sharon for little whileSharon fell into a coma, to be replaced by Barak,

    who fell out of favor, can you believe this kak

    who was replaced by
    Netanyahu once again

    man this whole peace
    process is totally insane

    i think we are heading for the end game

  • fandango

    This guy is really skerry ….

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