Arvind Kejriwal: Why you should keep your f*#king mouth shut


Barely a day goes by when the Aam Aadmi Party chief is not in news and most of the days it is for wrong reasons. Not that he cannot be in news for right reasons – he was when as 49-day Delhi chief minister his controversial decisions were reported by all sections of the media. But there again he occupied it more for wrong reasons.

Since the self proclaimed anarchist former chief minister already believes that media is sold out and we are getting paid by political parties, lets put the record straight.

There are people who get it right everytime. But then even Mr Perfectionist took his own sweet time to arrive where he is. As far as Arvind Kejriwal is concerned, the only thing that he can do or thinks he can do is make noise. It could be anything. But make noise. The media will grab it, he will get his audience and that’s how it has been working so far. And yet, he accuses the media of being biased.

Kejriwal knows how to use the media but the media does not know that it is being used to his advantage. He would stage dharna – media will cover it. He will travel by metro – media will cover it. He will travel by autorickshaw – media will cover it. He will say media is sold out – media will cover that too. See? Media will report anything that he does and yet he is claiming that media is biased.

We reported everything – when he was sick immediately after taking over as Delhi chief minister to his diarrhoea to his house hunting to his Aam Aadmi rides in his boxy car or metro. We even reported when he slept on the road or when he called Republic Day parade as waste of time or whatever. And yet he accuses us of being biased.

We reported every single question he asked either the Congress or the BJP and yet you call us biased. But are we really biased? If you were to analyse, the media gave you more time when you were in power and even now when you are staging your drama in different parts of the country. Gujarat and Mumbai visits being the latest example.

If the media was really sold out to any single party your Gujarat drama would not have been reported so extensively and on a daily basis. If we go by what you alleged, the visit should not have been covered at all. Right? But we did. And yet you call us biased. We reported what you said – in as many words. Are we at fault when we reported what you said or did? But we did the same when it came to Rahul Gandhi or Narendra Modi too.

We covered all your 49-days in office with a passion and devotion like a newly wed couple in their early days of marriage. But like in all marriages sooner or later, the wife eventually starts complaining… Aap to aise na the.

  • Vishal Goyal

    What is that u really want to convey… Using foul words in headlines.. And exhorting somebody to gag himself… Is this journalism .. Strange!!!!!!

  • RTI

    change your website name from else remove the abuse from the headline if you know the seriousness of what you are doing.

    • Vinod

      I hope you did ask Arvind Kejriwal the same question when he said the media is sold out.

  • zysxperhar

    to the “journalist” who wrote this….this is the kind of holier than thou journalism which i problem with. If you stopped the hyper commercialism rampant in the media then trp’s would matter less and actual news more..’AK gets diarrhoea’? ‘AK should keep his f*#*ing mouth shut’? really? is this you standing and flying the standard of independent and unbiased journalism? shame on you you little c*#t. read the hindu, make an honest, unbiased living on journalism why dont you

  • Mallu in Bangalore

    What kind of a trash article is this?

    “Barely a day goes when the Aam Aadmi Party chief is in news”?
    A day goes WHERE? I think you meant to write “Barely a day goes BY when the Aam Aadmi Party chief is NOT in THE news”

    “There are people who get IT everything right.”
    IT? really? What kind of English is this? You murdered the language right there.

    “media does not know that its being used to his advantage”.
    No apostrophe? The contracted form of “it is” is “it’s”.
    Use “its” only when representing possession (eg. The dog wagged its tail).

    There are many more but I have no time. And I’m getting bored already. It’s like correcting a 2nd standard kid’s essay writing.

    The author (god save me for honouring him with that title) has no knowledge of grammar, has no idea of how to organize and present his thoughts and, worst of all, is foul-mouthed (just look at the title).

    Is this the kind of people you hire? Shame on you. Even I can write a far better article.

  • Vikresh V

    Reading the article its quite clear who would have paid for this….lol….endorses Arvinds View

  • kumaran

    Faltu article by a faltu. ignore

  • Navneet

    I wonder how much was was paid to write this article….NaMo might give us the right answer…

  • s s g

    i was thinking that the heading was utterance of kejriwal, but after going through the contents it was realized that it was the utterance of the media itself and obviously it is this is simply not in standard with the media . better will be modifying the heading .the contents of the article surely is agreeable but the heading has acted against the media itself

  • sujitjp

    This is a third rate article

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