Arvind Kejriwal is right. Narendra Modi’s Gujarat growth story is the biggest public relations con-job of our time


Mahatma Gandhi once said, “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.” Looking at the recent turn of events, Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party seem to have graduated from the second phase and are now on the threshold of the third.

Whether he goes all the way or not is the moot question but for a while now, Kejriwal has been challenging the traditional rules of the game and he took it to another level when he decided to land up at Narendra’s Modi’s doorstep with a list of 16 haunting questions. It scrutinised the tall claims made by Modi’s public relation agents, his private jets, the soft corner towards Ambani and Adani, the decline in Agriculture growth and much more. Quite a few political pundits rubbished it as a publicity stunt. However, one should not turn a blind eye towards the fundamental point of Modi’s reluctance to answer questions. In that sense, the idea to enter Modi’s den and question Gujarat’s growth model was a masterstroke. (Read: Exposed: Arvind Kejriwal-Punya Prasun Bajpai’s dirty ‘revolutionary’ nexus).

P Sainath has described the growth model of Gujarat as, ‘the biggest Public Relations con-job of our time’. Sainath’s words can be backed up by the IAMR Planning Commission report, which shows that Gujarat is 11th in the Human Development Index. The Planning Commission study done in 2013 also manifests that it is one of the slowest as far as poverty reduction rate is concerned. Between 2004 and 2010, Gujarat witnessed 8.6 per cent reduction in poverty but between 2010 and 2012, the percentage of poverty reduction has declined to 6.4 per cent, which is below the national average of 7.9 per cent as well. On top of that, states like Chhattisgarh (8.8 per cent), Bihar (19.8 per cent), Haryana (8.9 per cent), Maharashtra (7.2 per cent), Punjab (7.6 per cent), Rajasthan (10.1 per cent), Uttar Pradesh (8.3 per cent), Uttarakhand (6.7 per cent), and West Bengal (6.7 per cent) have seen better reduction in poverty. This is not it.

A story done by DNA in 2013 indicated that 135 farmers have committed suicide in the last five years in Gujarat due to lack of help from the state government. Magan Patel, president of Gujarat unit of Bharatiya Kisan Sangh (BKS), had insinuated that the figure was just the tip of the iceberg. “The real picture is different and the number of farmers who killed themselves in the state is actually much higher,” Patel had said.

In 2005, the height of Sardar Sarovar dam was increased but only industries have benefited from it. Furthermore, many of the victims of the pogrom of 2002 are still living in relief camps, which are in despicable conditions. The infant mortality rate in Gujarat is above the national average and when Modi was asked about the rise in malnourishment of girl child, he replied that girls in Gujarat are conscious of their figure. That was a shocking defence because the girls in question were less than three years of age.

Now we know why Modi ran away from Karan Thapar’s interview, stayed silent when Rajdeep Sardesai asked him about 2002 riots, cancelled the recent Newslaundary interview citing a lame excuse and has seldom taken a press conference. In this context, the decision taken by Arvind Kejriwal should not raise eyebrows. After Modi refused to meet him, he showed the audacity to conduct a rally, and questioned the growth model of a state, which has the weakest form of Lokpal Bill. Something that Rahul Gandhi should have done years ago.

However, Kejriwal was welcomed with stones pelted at his car. The instance was not just unbecoming but deplorable. Whether one agrees with Kejriwal or not is not the issue. One cannot deny him the constitutional right to conduct a rally in a state and criticize its Chief Minister. Voltaire once said, “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it”.

But this is not the first time someone has been terrorized in Gujarat for trying to chastise Modi. Medha Patkar was attacked twice during the Narmada Bachao Andolan. And never has Modi cared to denounce these undemocratic attacks. Anybody who has read ‘The Rise and Fall of Third Reich’ would not be surprised if this sort of fascism escalates along with the rise of Narendra Modi. These fascist retorts are merely a dangerous augury. If Modi aspires to become the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy, the least he should do is imbibe a few democratic values.

At the moment, this seems to be wishful thinking. Manish Sisodia’s car too, was attacked not long after Kejriwal criticized Modi. Yogendra Yadav’s face was blackened the next day. Some might argue that Modi did not incite these steps but when a player passes a below-the-belt remark about an opponent, the buck stops with his captain.

Nonetheless, It will be interesting to see how long does this madness continue. A party, still in its formative years, has made an established party a bit fidgety. No matter what one believes, a fly has entered the elephant’s ear and the elephant is going berserk.

Parth MN, 22, is an aspiring journalist. He tweets @parthpunter

  • Gujarati

    Parh, you will be forever aspiring journalist. lol

  • RMCTpune

    Great article. Modi-BJP is the indian version of hitler-NAZI regime. The huge propoganda of lies and lies of Gujarat development is busted by AK and BJP should be irked by it. well done AK

  • Devendra Singh

    Why is Narendra Modi not answering the questions asked ? The people of this country have all the right to know what has he been doing all these 15 years, what is his stand on some very important question issues faced by the common man.
    or Does he believe in only one way communication like dictators ?

    • Janak Khambhaita

      Who asked questions? A runaway CM, who has not answered many questions raised.

      • prshnt

        achcha…..when he had debate with journalist…Now dont talk about bloody ChaiPeCharcha…its all pre-planned and only certain Q’s are allowed

        • Janak Khambhaita

          This not answer to my points. Be honest to find the truth, and do not divert the point.

          • Satya

            You mean to say Kejriwal never answered any questions asked by media in several interviews and Modi although never gave an interview answered all questions?

          • Janak Khambhaita

            Will you get answer of just one question?

            “Why action were not initiated against Mrs. Sheila Dixit to file FIR, and Arvind Kejriwal ordered FIRs against Veerappa Moily and Mukesh Ambani over gas pricing?

          • prshnt

            Same counter Q’s to BJP…What BJP was doing from 15 years when they were in opposition in Delhi? Also Why they were not able to put strong candidate against Sheila during election? Why Modi is silent over the Q’s for his Funds in BJP and Jet using for election campaigning?

          • Janak Khambhaita

            Be honest as you claim to be.
            Answer to a question should not be counter question.
            When one does not have answer to a question, leave the answer space blank.

          • prshnt

            OK let me answer ur previous Q’s-
            Yes, FIR has been filed and Sheila went to high court for cancellation of it, but the hearing is postponed
            FIR against moily and ambani was to be registered but they claimed it as unconstitutional and delayed it..
            Atleast AAP has tried something against them but, what was BJP doing from last 15 years when they were a strong Opposition…
            Now please answer my previous Q’s regarding funds and other…

          • Janak Khambhaita

            I appreciate your sincerity to reply.
            We are Indians, our duty is to make efforts to elect right candidates.
            It is important to analyse ability of the candidate we support and fight for them.
            Before raising and promising any issue through study must be done for fulfilling the promise.
            Your reply above made clear that Mr. Arvind Kejriwal either didn’t had knowledge about proceeding or conveniently overlooked for the reasons best known to him self.
            It is better to support competent person with proven performance.
            In democracy, it is the number game.
            Without sufficient strength nothing can be changed.
            As long as good people are not coming forward, Bad are winning election.
            Wish you study election pattern since 1969 to know how the politics has been deteriorated for personal agenda.

          • prshnt

            Yes, It is our duty to elect RIGHT Candidate.
            So, by this it means we should only vote to those who don’t have any criminal, murderer and corruption cases
            Then talking about criminal…..Yes BJP has criminal candidate, murderer…..some BJP candidate has half murder case and of corruption…BJP is supporting all of them WHYYYYYY?
            Can’t they find any clean candidate from a most populated country like India?????….
            Why BJP is hiding about funds… if they are clean then they should reply strongly and make us silent…..
            Why BJP is using private jet of Adani????
            Why he is hiding from press conference and public debates (not talking about his ChaipeCharcha nautanki)???

          • Janak Khambhaita

            At least we are agreeing on one point – clean government.
            Now it is essential to clear our goal.
            Whether we are arguing to prove BJP/Narendra Modi the culprit or all political parties. Than the questions should be raised to all parties and not one.
            Do we have candidate with proven performance to lead and achieve desired goal?
            By not Voting one will neither make to win nor defeat, but to perform futile duty.
            Choice is yours, blessing for wisdom to prevail.

          • prshnt

            Yes, BJP could have selected Manohar Parrikar or others, instead of Modi b’coz of 2002 case even he says to be clean many of gujrati’s know truth…..
            Modi’s developmental model are in mostly favour of Adani, if u r talking about development then our Maharashtra is also ahead in race but also with corruption…..

          • Janak Khambhaita

            Considering your sincerity and agony for favor to Adani / Ambani by Shri Narendra Modi I attache herewith link: “”

            Kindly visit it. You may change your paradigm about growth of Adani/Ambani with the help of Narendra Modi & Gujarat Government. There are others too who have contributed to the growth of Gujarat by synergy with Shri Narendra Modi who had created system to encourage them for development.
            The growth of Gujarat has contributed to the Growth of Nation.
            Let us be Indian First, and act without any biased that may create hurdle in the race to progress.

          • prshnt

            Reading about given pdf has not influenced me much…but still there are many points which has to be cleared. Even tata has many turnovers and they tried to prove many things in development of India.

          • Anand Singh

            Proven performance? LOL this modi diverts all his corruption money to Adani, like Virbahadur singh did with Subarto Ray and mulayam is still doing. modi is a medicore CM. no development at all if i compare Gujrat with Kerala, Punjab, Goa, even Delhi is much more developed by Sheila than the people think.

          • prshnt

            Instead of voting for Namo, I will go with more clean candidate and even there is not single clean candidate, I would prefer to go with NOTA.
            How can we expect rapist MP to support for Woman Security Bill?..
            how can we expect corrupt MP to support for anti-corruption bill?…
            how can we expect least educated MP to support for Education Bill ?….
            Think about it Sir…Do we need such things to happen in India again?

          • Mohammad Amir

            this is what you see when people from BJP also come to debate on TV. they don’t give answers to questions.
            they only ask questions on questions.
            and its is only question debate with no answers.
            Same questions:-
            Resignation from Delhi?
            Kashmir issue?
            Anna ke bhi na ho sake?
            Kejriwal dont listen to others?
            ISI Agent.

            Even a class 5 student can learn these questions and become eligible to become spokesperson of BJP.

      • El Calvin

        Runaway what ? As far as i know AK want re elections but BJP n congress are not allowing .

        And who is asking questions ?
        We are . Plz check #willmodianswer tag in facebook or twitter .
        ANd yea i am not a Runaway CM , i am a common man who is asking PM candidate a valid question but HE is not answering .
        Seems like he is thinking himself as some kinda king who have no obligation to answer.

        • i Am confused

          AAP is not serious in their efforts!!!
          They always make false aligation!!
          what happend to Sheila dikshit?
          How can you trust AK, what is his capabillity? what happens if he say , He will quit PM post (He quited the CM post for some silly reason) if People won;t pay Tax, so that he can give free bees to AAP followers?
          AAP does not have wand to make changes all in no time. Instead we need the mechanism which will help in making things right!!!
          As per now, BJP looks good (Still BJP has lot of corrupt leaders), we can put some faith on them.

          • El Calvin

            what this have to do with my comment ?
            wait a sec ~.~” i forgot u bjp scums don’t know how to talk point to point . u ppl just change topic when u don’t have anything to say :

          • gujarat

            indian judiciary is not so qucik ,the case is in the court have patience my bro….!

      • GUJARAT


      • Mohammad Amir

        what about your PM in waiting who ran away from Karan Thapar interview.
        Kejriwal govt was a minority government and he went to VanWaas..

    • Arjun

      This bloody impotent Kejriwal is upto nothing. It makes me laugh that such eunuchs like Kejriwal are only fit to get people write such defaming articles against modi. Go to hell.


    Pls do not take things direct from media… Just visit the place, Guj, compare with other states… decide…. You will be astonished to see the growth of Guj.. Forget about the soft corners with Ambani or other Master shots of India…In every parts of the world, there are such Master Shots…who have relations with the rulers. Sure they cannot go against the country..They are with the country and within the county and judiciary.

  • hanif shabuddhin

    It is wondering why these media peoples are not exposing the exaggerted growth bosting of Modi peoples and the contrary misleading the youth of this country the he will bring development and prosperity to our nation which is already marching towards that goal

  • Suman

    AAP will make miracle in the coming election as they have been touching the core issues which both BJP and Congress ignore.

    • Ashok Mani

      Congress (chor) ka haat, AAM AADMI kay saath. It is strange how ignorant people are in India. Over 50 years of Congress rule and they are still voting for congress and it’s proxies. AAM AADMI party is a Congress front. Any of you AAP supporters who want to put their money where their mouth is, I will bet 5 Lakhs that they will team up with Congress post election, just as they did in Delhi. Now, do you have guts, bet with me losers!

      • prshnt

        Yes I bet and I can assure that congress will not get even 8 seats

  • Agni

    My pro-BJP friends in Gujarat had said the same thing about 2 years ago. What you read in newspapers is not there, they said. There are islands of development, but the whole state has to catch up with the rest of India. All the same, why did the media not report about this ‘lie’ till Kejriwal highlighted the actual position is a mystery. The answer is very simple. 90% of our journalists are not knowledgeable enough to assess the goings on in a state.

  • rahul

    gujarat is competing with singapore………….ppl in my village in gujarat r earning more than mumbai ppl……………most of kutchhis hv become crorepatis………..they hv water, vegetation etc which was not der 10 years back……… in guj to see dev der

  • rahul

    kejriwal cud see guj in 4 days speaks of its infrastructure……………its imp for a CM to create opportunities which modi has done by being friendly to the industry rather than idiotic policy of subsidising stuff atleast not for the rich which kejruddin did

  • rahul

    diamond industry revived by modi, textile industry which is screwed in maharashtra is booming in guj, co-operative sector doing well in gujarat, a automobile hub, no more gujarati migrating to mumbai infact it is now vice versa…………….

  • Suhas Joseph

    I wish we had the same system where candidates debate each other like in the US

  • San

    Aspiring journalist :-)

  • Mera Desh

    I am shocked to see that how Modi is just hyping the Gujarat development where as farmers in Gujarat are doing suicide and many people doesn’t have proper water and electricity. Hospitals are in terrible conditions. Modi is just selling the land to big corporates and exploiting the poor farmers of Gujarat. It was clearly visible from the fact that many Gujarati welcomed AK with hearts and who is sincere in solving the problem of common man in India.

    • Janak Khambhaita

      Have you visited Gujarat? Get photographs of some places prior to 2000 and compare that with of the same location now.

      • GUJARAT


        • Janak Khambhaita

          Conveyance and communication are basic need for development. Without these neither education nor financial growth can be possible. Infrastructure developed even by private parties too have flourished after 2002.
          There must be enough trust and synergy with governing body to encourage investors to implement their plans.
          Do appreciate progress and keep on raising points as and when needed to appropriate authority. It is our duty as Indian citizen.

      • Manish

        take photographs of any part in gujarat and compare it after 10 years with photos of gujarat whoever may be the chief minister, there will be change and it is bound to be.

        • Janak Khambhaita

          Gujarat has been always been progressive. But rate of growth after 2002 has received appreciation from various department of Central Government of India, and institutions globally.
          You are at liberty to ignore it.

          • Manish

            We were 6th on GDP list when Modi came to power. after 12 years we are 5th, we hv surpassed only WB, and GDP has grown by only 3.01 times whereas debt has grown by 4 times. (from rs. 45000 crores to 185000 crores. I am not an economic expert but it is a common sense that gdp to debt ratio should be decreasing and not increasing.We are still 9th as per per capita income statewise. we don’t stand even in top ten in the growth rate of per capita income. On an average 9 % (18000) ssi units get closed every year. Our job increment growth is less than even 1 %. So this is only for development claims, so many other factors are not even being discussed here.

    • Vijay

      I am from Kutch, we kutch have worked very hard after the earthquake to develop Kutch. Whether you give modi any credit or not is not the issue here. But when AK comes here and say there no development at all is paramount to saying we are lazy and useless. Many Kutchi’s who are not modi supporters felt insulted by AK and have lost a lot of respect for him. Even congress neta who come to Kutch agree that there is development, but don’t attribute to modi.

    • Aditya

      Hahahaha…most of the people around were the inquisitive who wanted to see a new clown coming in politics…they do it for every politician and I actually didnt see much crowd there…

      Go and see the crown at Modi’s rallies and then talk …

  • pleas save India from sanghis

    It is horrible. ?….the video released clearly stated the role of NARENDRA Modi in the riot. ?.. I think, nowadays communalism is the biggesrtissue than corruption. ?.. It slowly engulfed the innocuous-minded people of India… NARENDRA Modi cannot wash the blood stain on his hands, really shocking video. ?..

  • Aditya

    First it was 2002 to target modi and now it’s industrial land issues…like seriously. pathetic is the level of ignorance of people who have never been to Gujarat. ..

    Simply put it…Building Roads at International class levels are for whom…?? Ambani or Adani…?? Are the general public not using it…??

    24 X 7 power to every city , town n 90 % villages is for whom…?? Ambani or the general public. ..??

    Investor friendly climate with incentives have attracted so many industries which has created tremendous employment opportunities for the youth…which state doesn’t offer subsidies to attract industries. ..?? Infact most countries do…

    Why have the public given thumping majority to modi three times…??

    Excellent infrastructure is provided by the state government and they are doing a great job…

    This author is so damn biased…Medha patkar was opposing the building of the n armada dam for so many years. …now the same is providing water to the parched lands of Western Gujarat. ..

    From 2005 – 2011 Gujarat was among the fastest growing states in the country and a lot of international organisations have lauded the state government including the UN for its roads…

    And what credentials do people like Kejriwal and Congress have to point fingers…?? AAP is just good for dharnas and dramas…nothing else…

    • Jobin

      Looks like you’ve never been to gujrat!
      —–>Theres noting called 24X7 power in gujrat (Source- Gujrati friends)
      —–>Modi won 3 times doesnt mean anything, people have been electing the corrupt congress for decades not just 2 years.
      —–> UN GAVE AWARD FOR GUJRAT ROADS??? Does that mean gujrat roads are far better than thr roads in USA or europe coz we havnt got any prizes for roads.(Source–AM in USA and ive travelled to european nations too)
      —-> Gujrat fastest growing state??? only modi said that

    • Manish

      I am staying in saurashtra which is a neglected part of gujarat( though it consists of 7 districts amounting to 25 % area of gujarat), come to saurashtra and i will take you to a number of villages where even today they get only 6 to 8 hrs of electricity and for your knowledge, all National highways falling within gujarat are built by N.H.A.I. and not by your feku. If u compare state highways with international standards then it seems u hv never been abroad

      • Aditya

        Hey Congi slave…My roots are in Morbi which I visit every two months so dont Bull Crap here about villages getting 8 hrs of electricity…The roads from Rajkot to Morbi are like the Ahmedabad – Baroda Expressway…

        Secondly NHAI has roads across the country so why have they focused only in Gujarat…?? Why do they have such pathetic roads in most other states…??

        Thirdly the state highways of Gujarat are better than any state of India…get out of your AAP TARD or Congi slave attitude …

        Why do you think the UN has asked other states of India to follow the road development of Gujarat model…dont bull shit here…

        And lastly I have been to more countries than you even know you damn AAP tard…

        • Manish

          Why bjpites are so agressive , I don’t understand. By the way you mention about Morbi and morbi is not village. I went to sasan two months back and made a night halt in a village near to sasan. There they and a number of villages around get power for only 6 to 8 hours for their farms. very often they hv to go to farms even in nights when power comes in night though there is fear of lions and leopards. So it is certainly a matter of debate whether all the villages of saurashtra are getting power or not and if we are certainly power surplus why more than one lac farmers are not getting electric connections since 4 to 5 years. As far as comparing roads to international standards let’s not debate on this issue as if u really beleive that roads are of international standars, then u are not being honest to yourfelf. But let me tell you that modi is paying crores of rupees to apco worldwide for making his propaganda world wide. About UN praising gujarat roads, it,’s just like wikileaks . You seem to be so strong supporter of Modi , so do u know we have surpassed only WB in gdp list in all these 12 years ? Do u know our gdp has grown only 3 times and debt has grown by 4 times ? We don’t stand even in top 10 in the list of gdp growth rate state wise. Our job creation growth rate is less than 1 %.We hv slipped to 18th place from 9th in education. Our school drop out rate is much higher than national average (58%). Modi boasts of narmada , and says it has reached each and every part of state ! It has not reached even rajkot (I live in rajkot). Every year in the last 2 -3 months (after Mid april) after all dams get dried up , entire saurashtra faces accute shortage of water. Last year Rajkot used to get 20 mnts of water every alternate day due to inadequate supply of narmada water and interior parts like gondal, jetpur ,surendranagar used to get water once in two to seven days (and these are towns , not even villages).
          as far as rajkot morbi road is concerned, u must be a liar if u compare it with even national standards.We go to morbi atleast 7 to 8 times a month and go via bamanbore boundary (national highway) and avoid this so called international standard rajkot morbi road due to its quality !

          • Aditya

            I really have no idea which village you went to near sasan which gets 8 hr power daily…Sasan and the nearby villages I know of always get 24 x 7 power…Dont fool me here…Infact a lone solitary place called Indhaniya near sasan gets 24 x 7 power…

            And regarding you point of 4 lakh farmers not getting electric connections…If you even bother to look beyond Modi bashing you would understand the reason why they have been denied power at agricultural rates…Most of them is owing to dark zones which have been declared by the Central Govt…I have a lot of agricultural land in Baroda as well as Morbi…I was denied the subsidized electric connection as my land fell in a dark zone BUT that does not mean that you cant get electric connection…you will get power in these areas at the regular rates…!!

            Regarding roads , just compare them with other states of India…Of course as a typical Congi you will always doubt Modi’s credentials…The UN praising the road development of Gujarat is not some wikileak shit…Kindly take the time to read news for a change rather than AAP and Congress manifestos and ADs…Why do you think the WB has allocated more funds for road development to Gujarat…?? They were impressed with the road infrastructure here…!!

            Regarding Modi paying AAPCO…can you tell me why has rahul payed 500 crore plus for his image and propaganda…??

            I as a resident of Gujarat dont need APCO or any agency to tell me what the truth is as I can see for myself…!!

            Why dont you look at the growth of Gujarat in GDP per Capita…?? That way the GDP of Gujarat is less than UP so are you going to tell me UP is better…??

            Since when has our Job creation rate at 1 %…?? I dont want Congress Ads here please…Gujarat has been the top ranking states where employment generation is concerned…Dont BS me here…!!

            The only points I agree with you is on the HDI factors which gujarat has always lagged

            On the Narmada dam issue if you bother to stop blaming Modi for all ills of Gujarat it would be better…The dam height is the major reason why water has not reached many parts of saurashtra…thanks to AAP’S Medha Patkar who has been opposing the height raising of the dam…The Gujarat Govt has always wanted the height to be raised to 123 meters but the Central Govt has NOT allowed it…

            Now Lets talk about Congress ruled states…How about that…??

            Why do you think scores of Pharma , chemical , plastic etc industries are shifting to Gujarat from Pune and other parts of Maharashtra…?? DAILY INDUSTRIAL POWER CUTS….

            TN has 16 hour daily industrial power cuts , AP has 18 hrs , Pune has 6 hours , WB , UP , Bihar = Less said the better , Kerala = No industries , Jaipur has daily 3 hour industrial power cuts …

            If I start opening the power , road and other issues of most other states of India you will have serious problems to defend your Congress…

  • Aditya

    And can these AAP tards tell me why suddenly their demi god has suddenly stopped targeting the congress…??

    Why has he not bothered to check the development of backward and corrupt states and do dharnas and nautanki there.??

    Finding loop holes in a top performing state is fine but then conveniently ignoring the pathetic state of affairs in other states speaks of dirty political games by AAP and Congress…

    If AAP was serious about its commitment to the nation it would have targeted Congress and parties like SP , JDU, BSP, DMK etc…running after modi is a typical congress game which has joined AAP so they can try their best to halt Modi…

    • VB

      congress is dead. Time to0 stop NAMOrons from eating india.

      • Aditya

        Really…so that means all their corruption cases should be forgotten and ignored you bloody AAP TARD…??

        Tomorrow if Kejriwal tells these AAP tards that their fathers are corrupt they will believe him….so dumb and sick these AAP FARTS are…!!

        These morons just blindly believe whatever their demi god says…What can you do if you still have supporters of Asaram Bapu…same with these AAP tards

        • El Calvin

          if They proved me my father is corrupt , i will not stop them to take him to jail .
          My father taught me that never to steal .
          But we surely gave bribe where it was impossible to avoide but now thanx to AK and youtube’s revolution we are able to avoide that too .

        • Manish

          asharam could survive till now only because of your modi, It seems asharam has not hypnotised only his supporters but also feku supporters.

        • rationaldesi

          Are you aware of Yedurappa corruption with BJP. why do you guys speak of congress corruption but stay silent on BJP corrruption..

    • Varun

      Wasnt Rahul Gandhi targetted in KG Basin Gas deal ? When you go on a tour to Gujarat, you are bound to target the govt and BJP PM candidate, Modi there instead of Congress. Basic Commonsense I would say

    • Manish

      Kumar Vishwas is so strong in Amethi that Rahul is on the verge of loosing and bjp fools ask why he is only targetting bjp. very funny

  • sahil_mehta

    Is this the paid media Kejriwal often talks about?

  • parth ka baap

    parth MN is not a aspiring journalist…he is just another aaptard…


    The writer is totally biased. On the contrary, the media until 2008-2009 was only potraying a negative image of Modi. The fact that gujarath was fast developing was not published by the media , but by the people of Gujarth themselves. Not by Modi or the media , but by the common man of Gujarth. I for one first came to know of Gujarth, from a lower middle class gentleman from gujarth who told me about development and this is prcisely why modi won the fourth time in a row. He did not play the religios card but won on the development plank and to win on that plank , there has to be some truth.. Also If Modi’s development was a fake, the Congress would not have left any stone unturned ,Instead, they have been harping on communalism and playing on the fears of the minorities, instead of challenging Modi’s development.True , the human development index is still low in Gujarth despite industrialisation and agricultaral growth. This is more to do with the culture , more than anything else, becuase of a typical Gujarathi mindset of giving scant importance to education, which will definetly improve in future for each one of us with Modi as the PM.

  • MJohn

    Today media was so biased about AAP in Mumbai .Times TV repeatedly mentioned hat AAP had damaged pubic property.What they were showing were just perfectly unbalanced vertical metal detectors placed in the path of a large exiting crowd from the Churchgate station which had fallen down . It would have fallen if two people tried to cross simultaneously. The metal detected lay intact just disconnected at the end of the telecast but Times picked a big story out of nothing showing how biased Media is especially Times TV. Don’t Modis rallly and Rahuls rally cause inconvenience to public?

  • Janak Khambhaita

    Where were when Mrs. Mayvati was spending Money on Elephant statues in UP?

    • Adam

      so? one wrong does not legitimize another.

    • Mohammad Amir

      That was Dalit Prerna Sthal which houses icons of Baba Saheb, Manyawar ji and Phuleji …
      Those were made bcoz no one will make those and we don’t expect Sawarn and Apartheid promoters Khangress and Sanghees to make for us..

  • HyperNV

    Modi stands for everything that Gandhi abhored.
    It would be a blemish on India’s secularism and diversity if Modi gets elected.

    • Shailesh

      Who cared for Gandhi anyway.. All he did was put his principles above the welfare of the country and tried to screw the country.. It is a myth if you really believe that Gandhi gave us freedom.

      • HyperNV

        The positive image India has through out the world can be credited to Gandhi.
        Who cared for Gandhi? The whole world – except for some Hindu fundamentalists IMO (which BJP seems to pander) who felt threatened by his secular and non-violent civil disobedience movement.

  • Babloo
  • neo_R

    Why are people now against Ambani? Is a businessman who made lot of money himself as well as for others(by offering jobs) should be considered a bigger criminal than a corrupt minister who stacks thousands of crores in swiss account?Kejriwal is blindly accusing Ambani as means to downplay modi. After all it’s politics. As for Gujrat development i don’t know about villages but i personally felt that in cities.

  • ANU

    we all know how credible is mr sainath when the hindu had to publicly declare that they have no connection with the congress party.such type of biased journalism is expected from a shameless CREATURE like SAINATH..I WOULD HAPPILY THROW SHOES AT THIS SAINATH GUY IF I EVER MEET HIM OR SEE HIM PUBLICLY

  • Pradeep

    क्रन्तिकारी बहुत क्रन्तिकारी

  • shiva

    R for Retards

  • Vinz

    awesomely paid article……..anarchist kejriwal and his followers at best

  • HyperNV

    Whether or not Modi had any positive hand in economy of Gujarat is less important than fact that he has serious human rights violations.

  • prshnt

    Yes supporting for industrialist is one part and giving him constituency to loot common people is other part. So, what about looting, should we ignore it?????

    • Janak Khambhaita

      “and giving him constituency to loot common people is other part. So, what about looting, should we ignore it?????”

      Will please be specific with supporting credentials?

      • prshnt
        • Janak Khambhaita

          I wish you had gone through the link I had sent you not by just seen as pdf, but studied the content. Mr. Gautam Adani had started business in 1988-93 and reached turnover of Rs.2000 crore. This was as trading house in Mumbai. During this period Mr. Narendra Modi was not holding any position in Government. He is doing investment of Rs.:22000 crore in Maharashtra for 3000 MW power plant.

          • prshnt

            and what about forbes link which I had sent ?

          • Janak Khambhaita

            The first thing I have noted that “Most, however, just stopped by the night before to bless the happy couple and skipped the actual wedding. But one prominent friend stayed through all the ceremonies over a couple of days, genial and relaxed like a favorite uncle. It was Narendra Modi, chief minister of Adani’s home state of Gujarat.” I wish to know from the author, what is the purpose to make this statement.
            Did Mr. Narendra Modi helped him to :
            Grow prior to 2002?
            Initiated proposal for Port at Mundra?
            Who is giving approval to Power Projects after considering all concerned factor?
            This is the story similar to efforts made by Ms. Medha Patker, with only desire to create hurdle in the progress in Gujarat and India.
            Any misdeed by anybody can be questioned and must be questioned.
            All the praised by national, Global Institutions can not be purchased as being misunderstood.

          • nitinS

            guys this is the common dilemma, among the people who are thinking good for country but stuck in choosing between the two (Namo & AK), now those folks who are more about anything better than UPA and stable govt and atleast gujrat is not UP or bihar and BJP has good top leadership etc., kinda mode are preferring BJP or NDA, but people who believe in bottom up approach than top down and who cares first for seed purity and who are hardworker and has passion for a better country (not only tea time patriots like BJP fans), who wants to bring the change by their own efforts (BJP supporter thinks that’s is something impossible :P ), are supporting AAP. U two guys stuck at individual levels but folks what is important do u want NAMO to govern even if u have to choose a criminal for him (that’s what BJP thinking ppl will do) or u want a change in system ??? there is a Huge gap in what NAMO will provide in next 5 years and what AAP main goal is.. AAP is way way ahead than what NAMO can possibly provide, he is a BI product of same politics…. APP’s ideology is much much bigger it is to change the system upside down…!! But it will take lots of time and hardwork…and AK is just a small fighter or worker here… well the choice is tough but very much in black and white there very rare ppl supporting both…. I am one of them :P who believes BJP should come out of orthodox politics where u have to bark upon other parties but they should endorse AAP for there good thoughts atleast… people who wants to do good for the country should join hands and work together… to initiate this NAMO should answer those questions of AMbani, privet jets, criminal candidates and all… ball is in BJP’s court for a better INDIA,
            DO they really want it ??

          • Janak Khambhaita

            Atleast be honest to answer this simple question?

            How Mr. Arvind Kejriwal will change system without majority in elected body to change / implement his point of view?

            Why Mr. Arvind Kejriwal is not raising question to leaders of Congress?

            Communication is for arriving on conclusion that can lead us to achieve desired goal.
            Just Arguing for sake of argument is not worth to spend time.

            Our goal is not to elect / defeat Mr. Narendra Modi but elect someone who :
            1. Can free us from ruling of Congress and prepared to SERVE citizen of India and not to RULE.
            2. Has proven track record for performance.
            3. Can do so in shortest time period.

      • prshnt
  • alok

    It’s totally biased post. I just fail to understand why everyone is just behind modi. Now a days we stopped talking abt corruption done by congress. Aap supporter only focusing modi. Arvind always talks about Modi. Arvind was not able to deliver, ran away from his responsibility. They are only talking abt modi no talking abt congress corruption. Arvind is over ambitious person. I have talkedbwho voted for aap but now they are in favor if mr modi. Vote for modi, vote for nation.

  • ThruthPrevailsAboveLies

    Agricultural Growth in Gujarat

    Read this article that quotes ASSOCHAM report. I hope this is AAP approved body (i.e. not owned BJP or Ambani).

    With a proactive Government intervention, higher budgetary allocation and State-level initiatives, horticulture has boomed in Gujarat.

    Also, the Gujarat government was presented the Krishi Karman Commendation Award for higher production of food grains in 2013 BY THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT.

  • Janak Khambhaita

    I appreciate concern of all for better leader.

    Please consider the following facts that introduced criminals and corruption in politics.

    In the process of democracy to make change in system one has to gather number of supporters to be elected in the respective elected wings.

    Congress had started this by inclusion of criminals and corrupt candidate.

    Life is lived by principles but war is fraught by strategy to win.

    Do study Chanakya Neeti.

    Shri Narendra Modi has said
    that BJP is in politics to serve the nation.

    Congress has taken charge of British to rule the Nation,
    and has been ruling through politics of divide and rule.

    ( Courtsey- -The
    Indian National Congress (Organization) or Congress (O) was a political party
    in India formed when Indira Gandhi (then the Congress president) broke away
    from the leadership of the Congress Party (which became known as Congress (I)).
    As Indira
    had control over the state machinery, her faction was recognized as the
    “real” INC by the Election Commission of India, so the rump INC became known as the INC
    (O), or informally the “Old Congress”. Kingmaker
    Kamaraj and later Morarji Desai became the leader of the INC (O). The Indian
    National Congress (Organization) was also occasionally referred to as the
    Syndicate (by its opponents).

    [1]On 12 November 1969 Indira Gandhi was expelled
    from the Congress party for violating the party discipline. The party
    finally split with Indira Gandhi setting up a rival organization, which came to
    be known as Congress (R) – R for Requisition. In the All India Congress
    Committee, 446 of its 705
    members walked over to Indira’s side.

    [2]The split can in some
    ways be seen as a left-wing/right-wing division. Indira wanted to use a populist agenda in order to mobilize popular
    support for the party. The regional party elites, who
    formed the INC (O), stood for a more right-wing agenda, and distrusted Soviet

    Powerful individual
    were allowed & supported to be corrupt, until they support and remain
    subordinate of Nehru-Gandhi Family Member.

    Senior Congress
    leader were ignored after death of Jawaharlal Nehru and Shri Lal-Bahdur died of
    un-natural death.

    There after efforts
    were made to re-instate Nehru-Gandhi family Member as head to rule the
    Nation. Dirty politics through Money-muscle Power has managed to sustain
    supremacy of Nehru-Gandhi Family Member.

    Now the situation has developed to throw the
    supremacy of Nehru-Gandhi Family Member and all the pebble must be turned to
    achieve the goal.

    Indian National
    Congress is not the Congress established and propagated by leader such as:

    Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak,

    Gopal Krishna Gokhale,

    Dadabhoy Navaroji,

    Lala Lajpat Rai ,

    Chakravarti Rajagopalachari,

    and many more from
    all the states and religion of India.

    INC has become Indira Natives Congress
    after 1969.

    Members of INC who
    is patriots must think and make decision

    To honor their conscious


    Serve the Nation


    Nehru-Gandhi family Member as head to rule the

    Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has not proved his credential as good administrator, Visualizer, and strong character.
    His statements are not consistent. His strength is yet to be established.
    Do we take risk of walking on bridge of one tiny cotton thread?

  • Jobin

    Oh so now its most villages… before it used to be all villages..
    Gujrat is not the only state to have 24*7 power so theres noting special about it.
    UN has never asked to follow gujrats road development lol…From all the countries UN likes gujrat roads the most ….Thats foolish man.
    If you can do Ahmdbad -broada 100 kms in 45 mins in the 2 lane road… you can easily reach mumbai pune around 120-130 km in 45 mins by express highway 6 lanes…
    Do us a favour and stop bluffing about gujrat when gujrat is clearly not as developed as many other states

    • Aditya

      When did anyone say all villages ?? You have daily 16 hour industrial power cuts in TN , 18 Hr in AP , 6 Hrs in Pune …lets Not even talk about WB , UP , Bihar , Raj

      24 x 7 power to every city and towns is not a joke and majority of the villages included too…

      Your knowledge about Gujarat Govt’s achievements are as shallow as your biased attitude…UN has asked other states of India to follow Gujarat’s Road development policies…google it up

      Ahmedabad – Baroda has a 4 lane express way and an upcoming 6 lane highway from the current four Lane highway…

      Gujarat has been clocking the highest growth rates since 2007…Beat that

      So I guess you do everyone else a favor by reading more on Gujarat’s success stories and stop misleading people here just cause you wanna support AAP / Congress…I am sure your source of information is from them itself…

    • nick
  • Manish

    you only want to compare express highway and not state highways all across gujarat !

  • HC

    At the tender age of 22 this author thinks he has an ocean of knowledge to pass judgement on Gujarat :) . Kiddos, get a life.

  • Mayank Shakya

    parth beta u just showed u r learner,,,so please my advise to you if u take becoz its freee,,,,be neutral while reporting nahi to tum bhi bhadve kah lao ge,,,aur journo ki tarah :)

  • rationaldesi

    May be you are guilty of the same thing you accuse others of. Has that ever occured to you NaMoron

  • K.Sanabam

    Agreed , me too stopped following TV news since the last six months

  • Ashish Chauhan

    This moron doesnt even know why stones was gifted to kejriwal when he was on gujarat visit…coz in delhi apptards injured too many bjp karyakartas .. its the reaction of it… dont be so silly to be biased.. and height of that dam is increased to benefit industrialist??? Are u a foool?? Bro gujarat has least unemployment rate in whole india …just open ur biased eyes… or be in dark .

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