Arvind Kejriwal interview: Aam Aadmi Party chief hits a new low in the leaked video


The more the things change the more they stay the same, goes an age-old adage. This could well be true for Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its chief Arvind Kejriwal. The video where he is telling senior journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai how to use his comments to get maximum impact not only puts a question mark over Kejriwal’s stand on issues he once opposed but also exposes the cunning, shrewd, power hungry politician that we always knew he was. (Watch video: Exposed: Arvind Kejriwal-Punya Prasun Bajpai’s dirty ‘revolutionary’ nexus)

Kejriwal rode to power claiming to be the messiah of the middle class and very soon people realised their mistake when he as a chief minister failed to deliver. But his drama continued. All his protests, dharnas etc etc were actually part of a well orchestrated campaign, as was revealed by his former party member Vinod Kumar Binny. His show would have continued but for the video which shows the real Kejriwal.

Kejriwal is the same person who ran a campaign asking people whether they should form the government or not, but announced that he was quitting without even consulting the same set of people who voted him to power. But like a good politician he rewarded his supporters with a waiver in their power bills. That it was rejected by the court is another story. (Read: Arvind Kejriwal – Another day, another drama)

The AAP chief, it seems, also realised that talking about reforms was different from actually implementing it. For a person who promised to bring a change what did he do while his government was in office for 49 days? Do we remember him as a chief minister who dealt with people’s problems or someone who was more interested in just creating big noise but not delivering?

We have not seen the last act of the drama. Stay tuned as the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal show continues.

  • WriteTruth

    Drama Party and biggest Dramebazz Kejriwal !! Very Ambitious person who will do anything to stay in the news !! Slowly but surely people will realize that Kejriwal is not what he seems to be, and their is a darker side to his so called “honest” image !!

  • Sounder Rajan

    How else this f***er able to corner so much media attention. His way of bribing media is by dangling tickets of his party. He is a petty-minded narcisist. I hope the people wake up in time and kick him up his a**e In the coming elections.

  • acsh

    1. The Interview was played live on channel and websites

    2. This clip was taken after the interview

    3. Clip is in two parts

    4. Part1 between and part 2 after interview

    5. Arvind just clarifies his views, it’s pretty normal off the record talk bt interviewer and interviewee

    6. At end arvind requests anchor to emphasize a particular portion, everyone knows there is nothing wrong in it

    7. Prasoon praises AK’s comments abt bhagat singh.. and says it will get more trp.. isn’t it normal for any tv guy to talk in terms of trp


    • Mr U Turn

      I would have asked you how normal it is had it been any BJP leader ..

      You guys are downright .. filthy Hypocrites …

  • Mayant

    और इंडियन एक्सप्रेस के शौरी जी और गुरुमूर्ति जी संघ के जुड़े होने और
    प्रभावित रहने पर भी कभी उनके पत्रकारिता के ईमानदारी पर संदेह नहीं किया
    गया। जबकि यह सर्वविदित था। राम नाथ गोयनका वाडिया और अम्बानी के बीच कई
    बार मद्यस्थ बने। पर पत्रकारिता का सौदा
    नहीं किया। मजे की बात ये है की यही बीजेपी वाले आज अपना अतीत भूल चुके
    हैं। मुझे अभी भी याद है जब अटल जी पटना आते थे तो ठाकुर प्रसाद जी के यहाँ
    कईबार रुकते थे। वहां पर कई पत्रकारों को मिलने हेतु बुलाया जाता था और
    बाकायदा कई बार यहाँ तक पूछा जाता था की चुनावो में किन मुद्दों पर ज्यादा
    चर्चा हो। मुझे श्री अश्विनी कुमार जो बिहार बीजेपी के प्रभारी थे वो अक्सर
    ये बाते पत्रकारों से पूछते थे और पत्रकार उन्हें विस्तार से उन्हें न
    सिर्फ समझाते थे बल्कि उम्मीदवारों की पृष्ठभूमि के बारे में बताते थे और
    सलाह देते थे। ये 1989 से 1992 के बीच के वाकये हैं जिसे मैंने खुद देखा और
    सुना था। ठाकुर जी के पुत्र श्री रविशंकर प्रसाद (बीजेपी सांसद)के सामने
    की घटनाये है ये। तो हम मान ले की बीजेपी को सलाह देने वाले पत्रकार भी
    भ्रष्ट थे। अरुण जेटली जी को आम आदमी पार्टी से गिला हो सकता है क्योंकि वो
    उनके ड्राइंग रूम राजनीती से परे है और उनकी भविष्य वाणी हर वक्त गलत
    साबित हुई आप के बारे में।

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