Arvind Kejriwal furnishes bail bond, released from Tihar jail


New Delhi, May 27: Aam Aadmi Party leader Arvind Kejriwal tonight walked out of Tihar jail as he finally agreed to furnish a bail bond before a local court after spending six days in the prison in a criminal defamation case filed by BJP MP Nitin Gadkari.

Kejriwal, who had been lodged in the jail since May 21, came out of Gate no 1 of the prison and was greeted by his supporters. He later returned to his Tilak Road residence.
After refusing to pay the bail bond, the AAP leader backtracked today and agreed to furnish one following a suggestion by the Delhi High Court to him to do so.

Kejriwal had earlier refused to furnish the bail bond on the ground that it was against the principles of AAP to furnish bail bond in a case of political nature. However other AAP leaders had furnished the bail bond and were released.

Shazia Ilmi who quit the Aam Aadmi Party recently had also criticised Arvind Kejriwal for the jail-bail imbroglio and had said Kejriwal should actually be spending time with cadres, candidates, volunteers, critics etc.

  • rptangwan

    Faith in kejari is misplaced because he is not a go-getter by nature, e.g. apart from many other issues:-
    1) what CORRECTIVE/PUNITIVE ACTIONS did KEJARIWAL take against corruption in the income tax dept where he was for many years i.e. how many corrupt persons did he punish or submit reports against ? ( …..All talk, … action ? )
    2) what PREVENTIVE INITIATIVES did he take in his office (let alone in the dept) like rationalizing / simplifying office proceedures/ dealings to try to minimize scope for corruption ? ( . …..All bombast, …….no action ?)
    3) where have 250 page documents against corrupt politician(s), which he used to wave frantically, gone? (all…. barvado, ……no action)
    ……….So much for the crusade against corruption
    4) why did he backtrack from his 1st & last janta darbar so lightningly fast… climbing onto rooftop and calling all future janta darbars off (can’t judge feasibility of his ideas, …lack of foresight? …a boaster..)
    5) why did he run away from delhi (really insulted delhites… a kick in the teeth… ?) without seeking people’s opinion though making such a big tamasha of consulting people (probably stage-managed otherwise the crowd would have been as chaotic as “janta darbar” ) before forming the govt ?? (not capable to run the admin and fullfill promisses made. . ” perpetual bhagoda”.. )
    6) what about asking for minority votes from bhukhari, taufique raza?? …so much for secularism….
    7) what about S.Ilmi exhorting minority community to become communal?? (Action.? none. justifying all actions of his supporters, condemning others.— self-righteous ?)
    8) Policies of aap on economy, defence, foreign relations, energy, etc. are as clear as mud, (no savy..?.)
    9) why are aap founding members leaving the party in droves ? (.disenchantment.) ?

    This man is not an ABLE and DECISIVE adminsstrator for sure and is a fake . He is a self-confessed ANARCHIST” Do we need one ? He is a faint-hearted narcissist. He is (was) ready to join bjp given the assurance not to hike gas prices (shown on tv)
    Does he know his own mind ????.He consistently / persistently runs away from everything he should confront but aspires to become pm of india with the reputation of a confirmed “…bhagoda” ….???..


    • shashanka

      You seem to forget that you are comparing someone who entered politics one year ago, with professional netas who have done nothing but supply garam hawa for the past few decades while stashing money abroad. He had the courage to jump into the deep end of the pool after a 15 day fast, which brought him to death’s door. He saw that no one in the establishment cared what happened to the country, to the junta or to him.

      For people like you this is just a pastime – keep writing nonsensical comments in the media and see your name in print. Let Kejriwal and AAP do their work. They are new to this and will learn fast – I for one know that he and AAP will be back on centre-stage soon and will do all they can to keep the country on the right path.

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