Arvind Kejriwal, a leader or looter of dreams?

Arvind-Kejriwal-12By Shikhar Jiwrajka

The Aam Aadmi Party, in Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership would fight the upcoming general elections, says Yogendra Yadav. Leadership…. What? The leader you brag about couldn’t survive a mere 50 days of his tenure as a chief minister, and you call him a leader? A leader is a person who is of, by, and for the people.

Roaming the streets of Delhi to know about people’s verdict, that should we form a government or not, seemed a nice move only until YOU decided that you’ll take support from Congress. Is this a leadership quality, when you run your entire anti- corruption crusade against the Congress party and eventually end up joining hands with them? Is this leadership when you tell that you should be given evidence to order a probe on Sheila Dikshit, when you’re asked about filing a FIR her. What happened to 370 page proof? You mean to say that there was only a scam of 92 crore?

The entire anti-graft campaign against the Sheila Dikshit government and the BJP, you end up filing a FIR against Mukesh Ambani? Is this what a leader does, running away from promises?

We did this; we did that in such a short span of time. What promises you fulfilled? The hollow promises you made on streets about free water and 50% electricity rates. Was it a tactful move by subsidizing it till a limit and paying for the full if you exceed that limit? Weren’t you aware beforehand that you just wouldn’t be able to fulfil those promises or were you blatantly lying?

Delhi will have a special women task force? Aha, the promise seemed quite impressive, until like other promises it turned out to be farce. Being silent over the Danish women gang rape case and to make matters worse creating the entire hullabaloo over the Khidki Extension case, just to shield your spammer law minister?

Delhi police humari nahi sunti, hum toh dharna denge!! So didn’t you created another drama and criticised the then present government over the lack of control over police. What changed? Being fully aware of the Republic Day celebrations, you first tell people to not to join the protest and the very next day we see another nth number of U-turn by you, asking the people of Delhi to join?

49 days of your government and so much drama? A government has to walk the talk. Instead of fulfilling your pre-poll promises and making sure that there is a change which the aam aadmi voted you to power, you chose to run away. Simply running away from responsibilities and blaming the opposition is another act of fallacy. If you couldn’t handle the heart of India- Dilli for even 50 days being the chief minister, then does it even make sense to think what will your party do nationally?

Screaming and governance are a different ball game. Hope the short and dramatically ended stint of yours would have taught you that.

You quit over Jan Lokpal? Wasn’t the Lokpal Bill already passed in the Parliament? Weren’t you aware of it that there could be amendments to it or the greed to Prime Minister’s chair got the best of you? Or was it inadequacy to fulfil your promises and hide your lies and failures?

Bacho ki kasam hai… Remember? Well, it’s good that it’s over. But sadly, this nuisance is going to spread everywhere now. What the Aam Aadmi Party drama has done is, it has left the people disheartened. Their hope and faith in a revolution have all went in vain.

So, the question which stands is, Was it Lokpal or Lok Sabha? We know that already, but why deceit?

  • An Indian

    Wow!!…This level of utterly pathetic and biased editorial…..Tells a ton about your journalistic attitude…no wonder no body reads your site!!….One just wonders how biased your other articles on this site could be…..If you continue like this soon you should be obsolete as a news portal.

    • Yaduraj Singh Bais

      Pathetic…biased so on and so forth, only words unsupported by any substantial argument. What a miserable state of criticism! Very poor show my friend.

  • Nani Rao

    You are so right. Beside proving his incapacity to govern. He has also shown his arrogance . Shouting slogans is not governance. It is only creating nuisance value.

    • Net Freedom

      we need change.. conventional or traditional politics cannot bring in the change and the change has to be disruptive .. somewhere we will reach a balance .. Arvind Kejriwal is the hope, a deterrence, a speed breaker to stop the system from rotting further .. governance will follow automatically .. no one or no party is perfect.. the intentions matter .. we want the rule of the law to prevail.. it may not look normal but that is exactly what is needed look at this as a movement with a open mind and without any prejudice .. AK may come and go and is not important but the idea is very important at this stage..

      • susanta kumar Nayak

        Ghanta hope , bhagod Kejri and there blind supporters

        • Gaurav Aggarwal


          • nap

            bakoda KUjiliwala, kujiliwala supporter are all blind suppoters, dont vote this accused

        • pankaj

          ghar ke bahar zadu bhi mara kya tune ,samajseva pata hai kya

  • Net Freedom

    .. another low level poorly written biased article and another website owned by the political class.. oneindia and this one all sound the same .. cheap

  • Kathy Kaur

    This article is written by BJP supporter. LOL

    • Yaduraj Singh Bais

      Anything against AK the messiah of self righteousness is bluntly a conspiracy. When are you going to wakeup ma’am?

  • Rayatlogic

    The Aam Aadmi Party, in Arvind Kejriwal’s leadership would fight the upcoming general elections. Arvind Kejriwal not ran away it was BJP and congress who forced him pulldown the Govt. He is ray of hope for the indian citizen and will victorious in election.

    • nap

      this stupid kujiliwala know well Jan lokpal bill is totally waste, he used this bill for centre power hungry, this stupid try to sol indian soil to pakistan, he will do anything for power

  • nap

    delhi next cm is kiran bedi, kujiliwala will lose deposit at more places

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