An open letter to External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid


Dear Mr Khurshid,

You studied at St Stephens College and Oxford University, you are our face to the world, as External Affairs Minister and you were regarded as one of our better politicians in the scam ridden and tainted UPA government.

Now we all know that those credentials went for quite the toss, when you got entangled in your own little alleged scam that involved handicapped people. Your party batted for you rather strongly, but we all know how you used harsh words and threatened Arvind Kejriwal.

Now, you go and call another politician, napunsak (impotent). Really? Is that what you were taught in College and at University? Has the Congress party reduced itself, to hitting its political opponents below the belt? I would hope not. Besides it is your own party leader, Rahul Gandhi, who in Assam said, “When politicians speak with hatred, it is going to harm you” and yet you go around spouting such hatred?

And as far as we know, currently, it’s the supposedly impotent Mr Narendra Modi who is giving your party its most potent nightmare. The BJP is the front-runner in the 2014 elections, and if public sentiment is any meter, your party is going to be left an impotent force in the Indian political landscape for at-least a while if not for long.

Besides Mr Khurshid, we have seen how potent you and your ministry have been in dealing with the Italian government over the prosecution of the two Marines who killed Indian fisherman in our seas, or how potent your ministry has been with dealing with the Pakistani’s, who killed our soldiers and have yet to return the body parts of at-least one of our Jawans. We could start going back into history to judge your potent force, but I’d rather not.

Whatever your political persuasion, please try and improve the discourse of politics in our country, not lower it. Or else, we’ll have to use the same word you used to describe Mr Kejriwal, Guttersnipe, for you. But then as that old Hindi saying goes, woh humein shobha nahi deta.

A rather concerned Indian citizen

  • rao

    salman khurshid is a stigma on face of educated class of muslims who has lost his balance and behaving like a guttersnipe who stinks and pollute atmosphere. this useless muslim has done nothing in lifetime except slavery to sonia and rahul.very shameless politician who is spineless and corrupt

  • Sameer

    Well Said Rao: But you may remember another educated class of people such as Ms. Maya Kodnani, Mr. Amit Shah and your so called likely to be Prime Minister of Indian Republic, Mr. Narendra Modi. Which class, will you put them into, directly involved in the mass murdering of minorities? Mr. Bangaru Laxman, President BJP, was caught taking bribe of rupees one lakh, do you dare to point out BJP’s double standard stupid policies over the cases of Bhullar, LTTE and Afzal Guru.

    • focus

      no proof that Namo and Amit Shah were involved in riots. You are indulging in slander just like your hero!

    • sham

      if this is the case @Sameer – then what will you call the govt when lakhs and lakhs of Sikhs were massacred – hence you want to prove only muslims are humans and not others……………….

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