8 Interesting moments from Narendra Modi’s interview by Arnab Goswami

The most awaited interview of the year, ‘Modi: Frankly Speaking with Arnab’ wasn’t as spicy as one would have wanted. It was more of the same interviews in which Narendra Modi preaches and the interviewer simply does his formality of asking the questions. Though there were many eye catching instances in the interview, it didn’t had much new to offer. Arnab did try to ask questions in a golmol (twisted) manner, but Modi being firm in his approach replied very well. Here’s a look at those few instances:-

Modi’s FITTING reply to Arnab. Modi 1-0 Arnab

When ridiculed Modi, over his recent remark of, “Those who observe Durga Ashtami and those who speak Bengali, they’re all Mother India’s children. Modi in his reply said, “I’m telling the same thing what the Supreme Court has said. I am saying the same thing what Mamata Banerjee said on 4th August in 2005 in Parliament. I am repeating the same thing what Indrajeet Gupta as a Home Minister said in 1996. And I am restating the same PM Sayeed as a MoS Home had said in 1995.

Sounded like Vajpayee, quite a surprise. Modi 2-0 Arnab

Modi on being asked a question on illegal infiltrations, he staunchly replied, “Votes aayenge jayenge, sarkarein aayegi jayegi, Desh sarvapratham hai.” (Votes may come and go, Governments come and go, and it is the nation that is important). This happens to be one of the famous dialogues of Atal Bihari Vajpayee during his golden days.

Arnab likes to take the charge. Modi 2-1 Arnab

When asked a question about the involvement of RSS or VHP leader in the 2002 riots, Modi’s minuscule fumble meant something. His eyes for micro seconds looked for another way. Was it a worrying fumble or just a casual one? We live it up to you to decide.

Slams the media. Modi 3-1 Arnab

Bang! Whoosh! Duum! On a question related to the recent Priyanka Gandhi’s daughter-remark controversy, Modi hideously slammed the media. He said, “Why didn’t the media show the clip of my interview when the reality came out?” I’m stunned that why did the media brush the matter under the carpet.

When Arnab tried the RaGa thing on NaMo. Word of caution buddy! Modi 4-1 Arnab

When Arnab tried to trap Modi in the same way he did Rahul Gandhi on the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Modi strongly gave a word of caution to Arnab. “You cannot trap me. Your duty is to ask questions and mine is to answer, but what you’re doing is a wrong way!”

Smartly counter questions on Adani’s land deals. Modi 5-1 Arnab

There had been much of muck throwing on Modi relating to Adani land deals, but the most comprehensive answer was, “How can you compare the land rates of Kutch and Ahmedabad?” retorted Modi.

Arnab’s reaction-check time (Kodak Moment).

The first awe moment of the show came when Modi said, “What buddy? Atleast do some good research. I thought Arnab does a very well research.” The second was when Modi spoke a couple of sentences in English. It is not that he doesn’t understand English, but he has been rarely seen speaking English. This was quite bemusing and for a moment Arnab was awe-struck! :P

Arnab had the last laugh! Modi 6-2 Arnab

Modi gave a dead rubber interview a new life in the end when he said, “All the credit for Gujarat given to me is not right. I’ve got nothing to work on. It is my team which works, but we have timely meetings to plans forward.” The timing of the statement may backfire, as opponents won’t let go of such opportunities. There were high expectations from the interview but it didn’t turn out as it was expected to. Barring few moments as mentioned above, the interview missed the spark which the usual Arnab’s show has. There wasn’t mention of the Aam Admi Party which was a bit surprising. But overall it had nothing new to offer. It was more of a address to the nation than a straight up interview.

Anyone who is waiting for Arvind’s Frankly Speaking With Arnab? *winks*

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    Another example of RAW’s multifarious activities, that I have described in press releases, articles and letters to the press since 1987, is its spreading heroin addiction and AIDS first in India’s Northeast then elsewhere to provide the United States with a population to use as guinea pigs for AIDS vaccine development, after the CIA was assigned the task of roping in a population for this purpose. I have described how both Rajiv Gandhi (after being blackmailed with threats of exposure of the Bofors and HDW kickbacks by Swedish and German media at the CIA‘s instigation) and Vajpayee cooperated in this. But terrorism, etc., are the least of its activities; I mentioned those only because the existence of terrorism is publicly known. Its sabotage of India’s research and development activities, of which the sabotage of the Arjun tank is just one example, is among the deadliest of its activities.

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    • chandramauli

      Classic example when day dreamer have an excess of internet….can make very good fiction series though based on “concrete” evidence in this essay…I guess I haven’t offended your vision..grow up…

    • amit

      ohhh my gosh…………….amazing fiction.
      Go get into some mental hospital.

  • drkgm

    Modi scored.

    • browneyes

      I realized something when watching him. He reminds me of Amitabh Bachchan. There is also something about his face that resembles him.

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  • Anita

    I would give Modi a 10 on 10, arnab tried his old tricks, trying to put words,went on with the same questions again and again. And Mr. Anand Sharmas questions, please what does he know ,looks like a crook, has done all crooked things.hasn’t done anything for nation. And Pakistan overreacts, what did Modi say ,to make our country strong, so that all countries will respect us .Whats wrong in that? If we sit like Mr. Manmohan Singh, very soon Indians will be slaves. We do not want a P.M. Who sits with a zipped mouth.

  • mauveblue

    arnab didnt ask of the ak 49 jibe…ok …he also never asked abt BJP intolerance on curruption ie taking / keeping leaders like gadkari or even BSY and SRIRAMULU…that waas the BIGGEST gafe of arnab

    • wisedesi

      AK49, that was one of the funniest thing I have heard. Only time Modi spoke anything about whole election about AK. Nothing wrong being sarcastic. Look at What modi being called, maut ka saudagar, dog, hevan, hitlar , shaitan, zhar ki keti, dangebaaz, neech , frog, namard….. Now you tell me which you would rather use?

  • Pradeep

    now Times now has to post one more pic where a Parnab( Little Dear) trying to be safe from a tiger(Modi)

    • browneyes

      If a politician (any politician at all) is being a tiger with a journalist, we have to be on guard right away. Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you create the structures for politicians to completely control your life, there will eventually be a criminal in charge who definitely will control your life. It doesn’t matter how much your or I trust Modi. Eventually, visualize someone like Robert Vadra in that role. Do you want to create institutional power in that role? I really like Modi, by the way, because I feel like he understands this. He has repeated many times that he wants a policy-driven state and not a personality-driven state. There is little doubt that his IQ is definitely a lot higher than Kejri or Rahul. He may actually be the most intelligent prime minister in Indian history. I am pretty sure a test would confirm it, if such a test were possible.

  • Arun Mishra

    Modi is tough with Media in Interviews, he is never casual, he is always serious and sincere. This gives him advantage and he always score best – 10/10

    • browneyes

      Yes, I really like this. He talks like a CEO or someone who is actually getting stuff done and does not like listening to fluff. One time I remember he cautioned and demanded hard facts from a journalist who was throwing random stuff at him and said, “aap Modi se baat kar rahen hain.” It did not seem arrogant at all. It sounded like something he says to his officials all the time when they are trying to feed him bu lh sh kt.This kind of stuff immediately separates the doers (Modi, Chandrababu Naidu) from the talkers (Rahul, Kejri, Mamta).

  • browneyes

    I won’t give Modi a 10 on 10. I liked his forceful style but I really like the way Arnab stood his ground. Modi reminds me a lot of Mrs Gandhi. I remember how awed everyone was by her and how much people loved her. And she did have many amazing qualities. She won a war for us, she did the Pokhran test and so on. However, she also created conditions for the Kashmir and Punjab problems and she destroyed our economy, which has weakened us terribly. A strong media would have kept her in check. We have to not trust anyone, basically. I have voted for Modi. Rahul is just a blank, a child playing a grown-up game. I had voted for Kejriwal during the Delhi elections and before that was definitely supportive of the Anna Hazare movement. However, Kejri was hugely disappointing, choosing to be a drama-baaz rather than actually governing, so now I think he is a big fake.

    I have many hopes from Modi. Our history, however, is that our great leaders have a way of falling in love with themselves and then doing less-than-intelligent things. We loved Nehru. He gave us the Aksai Chin and divided Kashmir issues. We loved Mrs Gandhi, she gave us all those problems. We loved Rajiv Gandhi (remember, we gave him an unprecedented mandate in terms of number of seats). He gave us IPKF and Bofors, and paved the road to Mandal. We even loved MMS and he has now given us 5 wasted years. I am SURE we are going to find problems with Modi (or anyone else). We need to be vigilant and keep him in check and focused on the economy and on making us strong and secure. We will really need people like Arnab.

    • Clyton

      Yoou are a true patriot. Your vote is not for granted and you analyse before you choose. Need more people in India like you. I am positive about AAP. I think they need experience to administer, they should have remained in the opposition in Delhi but situations were extraordinary then. I too believe Arnab stood his ground and asked relevant uncomfortable questions.

      • browneyes

        Thank you very kindly Clyton!

      • Mauza Ram

        Arnab, Barkha, Sardesai ..etc (union of snakes) are Gobar Journalist and epitomize the word PRESSTITUTE. (Please find time and read http://www.mediacrooks.com )

        As for AK/AAP … AK/AAP हमारे देश के भीतर पल रहा देश का सबसे बड़ा शत्रु है #AK49 अमेरिका प्रायोजित (CIA), पाकिस्तान पोषित (ISI) और कांग्रेस समर्थित (SONIA) सांप है | (Please find time and read http://www.whoisaap.com/aap-connections-network-anti-india-forces/#.U1HZXVWSySp)

  • Mojo

    Nostalgic, that’s what it was! The grammar and humour in this article kinda reminded me of the good ol’ Chacha Chaudhary comics I used to read as a child :D . Now… before you right-wing turds start assuming otherwise, that was negative criticism.

  • suihg

    People crying here for arnab not asking modi about ak-49 and shehzada. These are the people who live their lives in such petty drama. Modi stated again and again, it is not a confrontational election and issues and policies should take priority. He made these intentions clear by choosing not to speak about them who have been engaging in such malicious ‘chaiwala’ jabs. He himself stated that if so many people had not jumped on the ‘insult Modi’ bandwagon then he wouldn’t be known by so many people so let these people keep on doing what they are. Arnab has become just like every other journalist twisting words and using things out of context and then being bullish about his journalism skills. But Modi rightly put him in his place from time to time. He demonstrated what a great leader he is and rightly so was Vajpayee like in his answers as shown here. He has a clarity of thought of a visionary and firmness of a leader. NAMO for India!

  • hina

    Modiji very smart, arnab was trying to put his words into modiji s mouth but arnab don’t no that this is modiji

  • Mauza Ram

    Now time for Arnab to answer some questions – considering your conduct in the past — can you define the term PRESSTITUTE? (it fits you so well) ………….. how much did you sell your soul for to fake Gandhi family? —- Why are so you fascinated with Priyanka Vadara? (TimesNow has covered this dumb housewife nonstop for 10+ days) ……… When will you begin to be objective and not be hyper opinionated? When can you appear for Interview with Mediacrooks

  • Vivek Kuchimanchi

    MODI is the only future we have . Media should be ashamed. He yawned, he lloked away , is it a casual look or he is looking at a lady , he farted. Modi is a man , he can fart. It is fine. Use your intellect in asking or scrutinizing on the right issues. issues that benefit the nation. not for your whims and fancies or just because you were not prepared or to keep the audiences occupied. Times now is shit. India has lost its faith on times now.Viv

  • Vivek Kuchimanchi

    Atleast i watch the interview in a hope that our PM is doing right saying right. the above points are shitty. Interview did not have that arnad’s twist to it . FUCK arnab’s twist. I watch it to see what right questions are asked and how modi answers them. Not a single question on what are your ideas for india and its future. how will you help the farmers in saving the crops. How will you help the floods. what different that you will do that other govt’s did not or failed etc… Media are you not socially responsible. Is media only to elevate your career , get more rates as a best anchor , interviewer of the century . Indian media is at its worst.

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