Who gets the support of bollywood baddies in Lok Sabha Elections 2014?

Bollywood villains Gulshan Grover and Shakaal talk about which political parties they are supporting. While Gulshan gives strong reasons as to why he loves Rahul Gandhi, Shakaal is more in favour of Mallika Sherawat and Rakhi Sawant.

  • Guest

    Sunny Deol!

  • Bablu Chaurasia

    Sunny Leone, Kashmira Shah, Shanti Dynamite, Sambhavna Seth any B Grade Actress draped in a SAREE

  • Naveed Zakaria

    lol :-) ) HAHAHA (y)

  • Vickram

    hahahahaha…tooo good…u guys should make more videos like this! seriously! when’s the next one coming out?

  • Vickram

    could we have some other bollywood characters too? make a series on this guys…India seriously has a lack of quality comedy videos as of now..

  • Suresh

    Nice one!

  • Melvin

    Could you guys do something on Hollywood? Like Hollywood actors maybe..

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