Manmohan Singh’s half-brother Daljeet Singh Kohli joins BJP

Amritsar, Apr 25: Daljeet Singh Kohli, the half- brother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, today joined BJP at a public rally in the presence of Narendra Modi and Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal here today.

Welcoming him into the party-fold, Modi said he will further strengthen the party.

“Today, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s brother Daljeet Singh has joined BJP. This will further strengthen us. We are not a party which talks of membership but one which forms relations,” Modi said.

Kohli, a local businessman, was welcomed by Badal and BJP’s candidate from Amritsar Arun Jaitley.

PMO sources said Manmohan Singh’s family was “shocked” at the development. “His intentions are not known but he is free to pursue his political career,” they said, adding the Prime Minister and Kohli have not been keeping in touch since long.

The sources said Manmohan Singh is the only son and has six sisters. Daljit Singh is the half-brother of the Prime Minister. Manmohan Singh’s mother died at an early age.

  • Irfaan Ahmadi

    Every one knows they were close and its nic of him not to join when MMS is not going to remain PM again. So he saved MMS from some embarrassment. If MMS is half the sardar than atleast do on thing in 10 year so we can remember by starting a case investigation against Congress crooks who massacred innocent in 1984… May be it be very close allies of Madamji and family…

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