Exit poll results Lok Sabha elections 2014


The exit polls for the 16th Lok Sabha elections are out and BJP-led NDA is set to form the next government headed by Narendra Modi. The ruling Congress-led UPA has been reduced to double digit in some of the exit polls while others predict it crossing 100. While BJP has gained in every other part of the country, Tamil Nadu exit polls must come as a shocker to the saffron party as it has failed to even open its account there.

The big gains for the BJP come from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

2014 Lok Sabha election Exit Polls





























There’s a famous saying that ‘the route to Delhi (forming a government) passes through Uttar Pradesh’. Any political party claiming to form the government has to win big in the Hindu heartland state and BJP has left no stone unturned to have as many seats. The state is famously termed as the ‘kingmaker’. For Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll analysis click here.

With the BJP’s ‘Modi Wave’ campaign this time, the saffron party has taken everyone by surprise in Gujarat. The Arvind Kejriwal’s two-day dramatic visit to Gujarat didn’t dent the BJP vote bank and they’re estimated to bag a whopping 24 seats from the state. Read more

In Delhi BJP makes a comeback at the expense of Congress and AAP. Read more

(For Exit Poll 2014 Results click here)


ABP News-Nielsen Opinion Poll: Lok Sabha 2014

The Opinion Poll has found that NDA is set to win 236 seats in the 543-seat parliament while the incumbent UPA-II government is projected to win mere 92 seats. According to the projection, BJP alone will get 217 (won 116 seats in 2009) seats out of a total 543 Lok Sabha seats. The Congress is projected to get only 73 (won 206 seats in 2009) seats–133 less than 2009 seat position in the Lower House. The poll forecast that the BJP would win the lion’s share of the vote in many of the big states that typically decide the fate of the polls.

Alliance / Party

2009 Actual

February 2014 Survey estimate













Times NOW-C Voter national poll projection

Bharatiya Janata Party will emerge as the front-runner in the upcoming general election, according to the Times NOW-C Voter national poll projection.The latest pre-poll survey predicts a big surge for BJP from the last election, taking the seat count for the National Democratic Alliance that it leads to 227, just 55 short of a simple majority. That compares with 159 Lok Sabha seats for NDA in 2009. The findings are in line with those of recent opinion polls.

Alliance / Party

2009 Actual

February 2014 Survey estimate










Projected vote share for Lok Sabha elections in Maharashtra:

According to CNN-IBN-Lokniti-CSDS election tracker the saffron combine of BJP-Shiv Sena and RPI (Athavale) combine seems to have a clear lead over the ruling Congress-NCP alliance.  According to survey conducted in the third week of February, the BJP-SS-RPI (A) is expected to get 42 per cent votes. The Congress-NCP alliance is likely to get 36 per cent votes.

Alliance / Party

2009 Actual

February 2014 Survey estimate



















For detailed CNN-IBN-Lokniti-CSDS survey report click here:

CNN-IBN-Lokniti-CSDS – Delhi

Both the AAP and BJP are expected to get 2-4 seats each in Delhi. The Congress is expected to get 0-2 seats. The Congress seems to have slightly recovered from the devastating loss in Assembly elections in the last three months. The Aam Aadmi Party and the BJP are likely to have a neck and neck fight in the 7 Lok Sabha seats of Delhi in the coming elections.

Alliance / Party

February 2014 Survey estimate







ABP News – Nielsen Opinion Poll – Uttar Pradesh

The latest ABP News – Nielsen opinion poll has projected a further strengthening of Bhartiya Janta Paty’s hold in Uttar Pradesh. With barely a few months in existence, AAP has manged to command 5% of the vote share in UP, with 1 seat, the poll has predicted. In the January poll, AAP was projected to win 2 seats with 6% vote share.

Alliance / Party

2009 Actual

February 2014 Survey estimate


















For detailed survey report click here

  • satish


  • Lansa

    BJP will get more than 290 loksabha seats. Since the Modi proved his ability in gujarath and whole world knows that. Every Indian is looking for development and life security.
    Congress is danger for the nation no security country got worst in all the sectors.
    Even Muslims are looking for Modi.

    • Gp Sharma

      yes u r right ,it goes upto 300


        Gadha, it will be 542

        • Gp Sharma

          gadha hoga tera baap bahinchod do u know about my self


            Dear, in fact, I have reacted in your mail to know and to expose the culture of Modi’s blind supporter like you. I never quoted your either parents as Gadha or gadhi, because in our culture, we respect all elders. I also never quoted any offensive comment like you did. Now, you judge, why I have remarked you as Gadha.

          • Biman

            Vera… sobai saman noi re. Desh kivabe chalate hoy janis, Gadha kothakar.

          • Ramesh

            I agree chinmoy. We should respect such wise elders like sonia gandhi. She is the best teacher for corruption


            You may not know me, but few of my friends knows your background. They were telling the process you follow to take commission/ bribe. Few snaps are also available with them.

          • Goutam

            Adhikari Babu, Chinta bhabnata aktu baran.

          • Rocky4

            i want to see all congress ministers to go behind bars for 2G, 3g, cwg, jijaji etc scam and hang terrorist kurshid for his betryal.
            But who will put nitin gadkari, sushma swaraj, vasundhara raje, narendra modi, anurag thakur, babubhai bokari, yedurrappa, amit shah behind bars for the scmas they have done.
            specially, the biggest scammsters modi involved in cooperative bank scam and land scam is going to be the next porime minister.
            may god save this country.

          • Anand Tiwari

            Every body in country knowns about the congress does ,how does it involve in devisive policies such as they go to imam bhukhari for asking muslims to support congress , they are in collabration with Muslim league in kerala , they tell Batla house encounter was fake even when a inspector of delhi police lost his life , but even then they are secular , we hate this congressian secularism .

          • Albert Colaco

            Rajnath Singh called upon Shia and Sunni religious leaders when he went to file his nomination. What hypocrisy.

          • Cobara

            So What? BJP is not anti-muslims but not anti-hindus as well like congress and It was congress started this kind of politics so If Sonia Gandhi can then why BJP can not what is like hypocrisy in that?

          • Anand Tiwari


            Rajnath had gone to meet the shia and sunni leaders ,not asking them to issue a fatwa to vote for BJP as it was in case of Sonia Gandhi.
            Secondly BJP had never done collaboration with such separatist and anti nationals .

          • Guru

            So you want BJP leaders to meet only Hindu leaders and then cry that they are communal? Who is the hypocrite here? Your opinion doesn’t matter anyway as NDA is getting more than 300 seats inspite of hostility form creatures like you.

          • Narendra Himesh Chodi

            For all who has voted for bjp will get a himesh bhai reshamiya ka thullu in gift tommorow.
            HR’s torcher moive EXPOSe is releasing so go n watch it for free n commit sucide.

          • pravendra kumar

            Dear Albert To meet Shia and Sunni is a different thing than to ask any religious guru to influence entire community and ask to vote against any party, hope that you will understand this in right spirit of democracy.

          • Suneet Yadav

            abbey albert tu apni daal roti kha !!!

          • king001

            Dear …. This is a communal statement not suits India. … pls read history and present. If we will pass such statement it will take us to civil war. We need to understand our unity let’s talk about growth and excellrate our unity as power to rest of world. Jai hi d

          • Anand Tiwari

            To, King001,
            First of all what suits to india or what not ,please dont teach us .

            Secondly As far as history is concerned lets have a discussion on history and present situation in india ,lets see who knows the ground reality .

            If Telling truth can bring civil war and raising the voice of oppressed hindus in india can bring the civil war ,then i think it is high time and should to be start now .

            Secondly fuck off the unity ,in name of unity these pseudo secular want to pamper the muslims(not all minorities) and opress the hindus ,denies there rights .
            what muslims done in india can hindus even think of for that in bangla desh ot pakistan .
            The way demograohy of india is changing very soon it will be another pakistan.

          • shamsher

            pls visit http://www.faithfreedom.org and see the true picture of islam i challenge the entire ummha of 1.5b muslims cant rebutt dr alisina claim founder of faithfreedom.org he is an ex muslim

          • Manoj k jha

            Beta tiwari fuck urself …….ter jaise gandu loga ne is desh ko barbad krdiya…..warna india aaj super power hota America ka chamchak nahi

          • Anand Tiwari

            You fuck your self madarchod , what the hell your congress done to make super power to india in there complete rule of 60 years.
            Madarchod desh ki population independence ke bad 400% increase ho gayi kyoki congress ke madarchod neta logo ne vote bank or Muslim appeasement ke liye pariwar niyojan strictly lagu nahi kiya . Isiliye ajadi ke samay ke 8% Muslim ab 14% ho gaye hain.
            Yadi yahi abadi abhi 60-70 crore hoti to apne aap india developed country ke standard tak pahunch jata .
            Par tere jaise chutiye logical or rational thinking nahi kar sakte ,congress kewal ghandhi family ki chamcha giri kar sakate hain.

          • pravendra


          • suvendu

            Mr chinmoy I think you r also a blind supporter of Sonia Gandhi you know about history of.our country about Indian freedom Pakistan was created because 5 care Muslim want its and Congress offer then what about the demand of 80 core Hindu. I think India have to divide into two part one part for Muslim and the people like you and other for us . And I think you will be very much happy with Muslim

          • madarchod modi

            Ohh fuck see these people hate us ohhh should I say fear us, this time we r not having bangles in our hands….. Abki baar kat dalange

          • alonso

            I think Dis persons mother was fucked by modi in 2002…..lolz….

          • Teri ma ka bhosda

            Agar nahi pehni he to pehen lo kyuki tumhare andar darr to usi ka hai aur jaha tak rahi katne ki baat to tumhari to waise bhi kati hoti hai baki bachi he jo wo bhi kaat di jayegi jitni baar bhonkoge utni baar kaat dalenge madarchod ki aulaad

          • Guru

            Himmat hai to anpa real name aur pata dekar post kar. Tu 16 May ke baad kya karega? Dalwayega?

          • Ramdev Baba

            By whom narendra modis wife was getting fucked till now.Since modi was busy abusing congress chodi.

          • Sudhir

            10 years congress looted and filled there pockets, now its bjps turn.
            :chor chor mausere bhai

          • pravendra

            who ever u are you should not make such a dirty remarks at least not at social site

          • Abki bar modi sarkar

            khud ka lund sambhal madarchod jo kata hua h…tab dusre ko katna

          • dibyendu banerjee

            tomar anekgulo comment porlam go.
            anek galagali diyecho dekhlam.
            achha khub to bengal culture bolcho?
            1 ta jinis boloto,
            je “urdu” languge ke tarnor janyo “bangladesh” srishti
            holo, ta paranor WB r dada(CP)s r didi(TMC) eto uthshaya keno?
            keno last 3 yr 5000 madrasa tairi holo?
            instead of school.

            r dear dada, Dr Najrul Islam r ekta interview niche 24 ghnta.
            parle dekho.
            r galigalaj kam karo.

          • aam janta

            Madrsha hoche to tor baper ki go…..?? madrsha eshe ek din dekh sekhane ki sekhano hoy toder confusion dur hoye jabe.

          • kishor

            fool go and respect her , she is a Italian & second largest richest person in the world,

          • Ram Pandey

            She has done very hard work since last 10 years , arranging all Ghotalas and collecting money, then asking Sibal to transfer them by Havala. MMS was just a chairman. But job was done by Sonia ji, hence she deserve to loot 6 Billion US dollars. It was not possible by any one to robb such a huge money in small time, 10 years without having any responsibility on her head. This is called SMART.

          • Ajay

            This is the reward of her SACRIFICE OF PM

          • SafePropertiesManagement Servi

            yes, most successful barmaid in the world. Last I heard was that she was Madhav Rao Scidndia’s mistress and Rajeev Gandhi took over the left overs. I am not sure who the father is for these kids Rahul and Priyanka.

          • rahul

            chutiya sala ,i think u don,t know about sonia,first you should read her history

          • Rahul ka Baap

            Chutiya to tu lagta hai aur Sonia kya teri soteli ma hai jo tujhe usko barey me batane ka itna interest hai

          • KB

            There is no need to respect chors like sonia n family. Lets first learn atleast not to abuse Modi, rather giving respect later. Any of you ever thought why all these politicians are after Modi? Is it becos Modi is bad? no, it is becos, they are chors, if Modi comes they wd b exposed, and above all, if Modi comes, they wont be able to come back to power at all!!!

          • KB

            Well said Ramesh! I really wonder what will happen to this Priyanka, when Modi comes to power! All along she was no where in the scene, suddenly she comes n abuses Modi! Well said Modi, like mother like daughter!!!

          • satishkumar111

            What are you talking about. The best Indian in whole world is Modi and he has always back stabbed his elders and cheated with them. Why do you expect anything less from his chelas. Whatever you say Modi will become PM. He has so much money to spend no one can beat him. He sold Gujarat land to Adani for 1 rupee. Rented it back from Adani for 151 Rupees. And this is just one example.There are 1000 other simillar cases. This is Selling for nothing and rending back for huge money has made 3 – 4 industrialist super rich and now they are invested back in Modi so that this time they can loot India. But the truth is no one can stop they. They are going to loot India.

          • Rahul Sharma

            Have you filed RTI to get all these information or you are following AK

          • Vincent Chacko

            Are you a total idiot man? Sold land for 1 rs.. Tere baap ne kabhi 1 rs me land dekhi hai.. Lol.. Aise donkey kahan paida hote hai.. We should bam places where such morons are born.. Idiot

          • idiot basher

            Your an amateur nut Vincent…He was just giving a proportion of 1:151, that can be in crores…You seem more of an Idiot.

          • manoj

            He is saying rs. 1 per metre square

          • prince

            muslims should not comment here as internet nd facebook is not allowed in islam…..jannat me nahi jana kya? wha mullo ka wait 72 virgin hoor kar rahi hongi..:D

          • Munaf Mastan

            yes you are looking like in your photo,put of your cap and ear phone pin than charge your mind with proper charger, than think properly,that we are telling that one rupees only one rupees.

          • Anand Tiwari

            VIncent ,

            What do you know about Gujarat and the Mundra ,where this land had been allocated .
            This is a barren,salty and sandy land where there was no forming at all(although rahul said that modi had given kisan land to adani).
            This was the land where nobody does even want to go .700 km from Ahmadabad .
            That too is to build a port ,special economic zone and industries there which had created infrastructure in country and given employment directly and indirectly to people in thousands .

            Now will you please tell me what rate robert vadra got land ,how and why it had been changed from agricultural to commercial in 11 days .
            How he can get more than 53 and 174 care of land in harayan and rajsthan repectively when there is sealing at 53 and 174 acre in both states respectively.
            what was the use of that land ,does any industry set thereif no why Mr Vadra has made the 300 crore rs from 1 lac in three years by selling these land in 58crore(in Haryana alone) to DLF.

            Actually people like you are exremely biased and poisioned .

          • Anirban Bhattacharya

            Very True…Anand…but Vincent didn’t started this point…it was actually stared by Shri Shri 1008 satishkumar111 & Hazi Maulana idiot basher of Nehru/Gandhi League

          • Ajay

            That has been sold by SHANKAR SINGH WAGHELA IN YR 2000. Solid proofs are there of that deal

          • Indian

            Ha Ha. Remember Congress sold Land for 20 paise. At least Modi sold it at 5 time more.

          • mahein

            just tell why indian economy get down? congress ruling it for more then 40 years? what we dont have? our scientist are working for america, U States why? worlds second largest population country having all good things from the beginning frm shivaji or before thats too and now we are one of the poorest country? why? only bcouse of great peoples like you. as per my view only corrupted ppls will support congress only in fear that truth will come out?
            any way its Time top MODI a man who start himself from zero to hero
            respect him respect abdul kalams vision 2020 he didnt like congress so he quite from his post as president

            Congress must leave india Now any congressmens are monkeys in hands of sonia & rahul dancing on their tones
            HUp Hup Hup

          • Ajay

            List of Scams by

            Coal Scam, 2G Scam, Adarsh Scam, Bofors Scam, CWG
            Scam, Employment Guarantee Scheme (EGS) Scam, Fodder Scam, Harshad Mehta Stock
            Market Scam, IPL Scam, LIC Housing Scam, Ketan Parekh Stock Market Scam, Madhu
            Koda mining scam, Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) Scam, UTI Scam, Punjab
            State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Scam, Quest for Gold
            Scam. Ration Card Scam, Satyam Scam, Devas-Antrix Scam, DLF Land, Telgi Stamp

          • Munaf Mastan

            all this scam is done by alliance party by blackmailing soniyaji, to put off support. she take step and put them behind bar,but gujarat superpower do not prefer to appoint lokpal for last 10 year, later on create his own lokpal law which is favorable to him by putting rules that without asking c.m. no complain is lodged and public ate.

          • Guru

            Gujarat will appoint an impartial Lokpal after 16 May and not a CON party stooge who will harass the state government. In fact all CON party stooges who are Governors now will be sacked and prosecuted wherever necessary. You mean to say the Coalgate, Commonwealth Games, Adarsh scams etc are all done by UPA allies only? You think Indians are fools and will believe this gibberish?

          • Ajay

            The aliance has become in this 10 yrs. before that ??????????????

          • Sudhir

            I completly agree with u Ajay, the y all should go behind bars, but also want u to make a not of few more scams irrigation scam by nitin gadkari, read mathur commission for vasundhara rajes scam, sushma swraj involved with reddy bro. scam, anurag thakur and arun jaitley for ipl scam, , the kargil coffin scam done by BJP, when they were in power. and the utmost betraly done by are going to be prime minister narendra modi, who was involved in cooprative bank scam and land scam in gujraat.
            nne your comments on this.

          • Ajay

            Bhai Rabert Wadra ko Jante ho Kya ??? Kemka ko kisne dabaya ???

          • Monik Soni

            Backstabbers are those who doesnt value lives of our proud soldiers..
            Backstabbers are those who thinks rape ,corruption and terrorism are minor crimes..
            Backstabbers are those who cant guarantee security of women..

          • sanjeev

            Bhaiya satish….. Kisne kahan kya becha… Kisne kahan kya kharida us se tumhe kya matlab bhai. Tum aur mai ek aam aadmi hai aur hame chahiye good security, bijali, pani, sadak aur good education. Jo gujrat me milta hai. Aur uske pichhe jo hath hai wo modi hai… Aur modi ke pichhe jo hath hai wo wahan ke business man ka bhara hua tax hai. Aap jis bhi state ke ho mujhe nahi pata…. Lekin itna kah sakta hun aap kr state me jitna tax jama hota hai utna tax to gujrat me reliance wale bharte hai…. Think twice. Agar business man ko jamin free mr bhi do.. To bhi ham fayde me rahte hai…. Lakho acre jamin banjar rakhne se achha hota hai ki us par kam ho….

          • Nimesh

            i totaly agree with you

          • Ram Pandey

            Before speaking words of Pappu, you must know, land which was allocated to Adani, was waste land filled with sea backwater,
            Modi could persuade Adani to spend money and develop that land and build a port for benefit of Gujarat. Knowing half truth can be dangerous for us, but can be a boon for Secular stupids.

          • prince

            Land given to ADANI was by congress C.M not Shri Modi ji….jo pappu(owl vinci-rahul gandhi) bol deta hai wo ye sab congressi bewakoof idiots ratt lete hain fir wahi bakk te hain publicly, apna dimag to hai e nhi in fools k paas …kya kare in sabko uthakar pakistan or bay of bengal me fenk dena chaiye ….stupid congressis….jai modi jai hindu jai hindustan.

          • Advaniji

            Satishbeta, you are correct, your dad N Modi is really a great person, since he finally accpted your mom Jasodabenji after long gap. Congratulation and be happy with your both parents. Gussa mat hona, midhai jarur khilana.

          • v kumar

            i dont know who has made aforesaid comment but one thing is sure
            that he is mentaly punctured guy.

          • Munaf Mastan

            mr, modi is very moody, one tea seller become so reach.because he do not have any family expenses.he should not spend time with family.we learn from him.and live without the tension of biwi and bachche only ghandiji.

          • Guru

            At least he is not a womaniser unlike most of the ‘secular’ leaders. Don’t talk about Snoopgate as the CON party is afraid of an impartial investigation and has already admitted that there is no case.

          • modikabap

            shai hai dost

          • Indian

            chinmoy kitnay mai imaan becha?? Desh se upar to nahi hai paisa. Jaago abhi Bhi, MODI best bet hai

          • sam888

            So Mr.Chimni Moy ,,,u seem to be an AAP supporter as in these turbulent times I don’t think even a diehard fan of congress would like to admit that he will support congress…he wud be ashamed for sure ,,,
            The latest survey of AAP’s Jhootendra gadav says AAP is sure to cross the 100 seat mark !
            You being an open eyed or aware supporter, of whichever party can you please also agree to this projection as even God CANT stop this ..KEJRI is the next GOD …I am sure you will agree that this Prophecy is correct …as per me AAP will get 1086 seats…
            543 …clean sweep …and 1 + 1 free from Pakistan ..so 1086!

            Jai Ho FARZI baba ki ,,,
            Jo jald his bhagwan banne ja rahe hain …aur unki aatma ka Milan jald hi paramatma se hone ja raha hai !


            sam888, sorry to say that people like you are too emotional and always tend to bend what paid media or wave says. You people always realise and understand such false wave only at later stage, when things gone out of control. Infact, when I came to know that you also became a party of Anna-Kejriwal movement, I thought that I should alert you. Thanks God that finally you partialy understand the false wave and I am sure that we shall win with the support of you people. Jai Hind Jai INC. .

          • titu

            Hey, please don’t try to be different (out of the box) it seems that you knows who is paying whome, and you knows what effect going to happen (very bad) if modi won, this is typical CPM Mentality, please get out of it and try to be more indian then just Bengali.

          • Jagan

            Abey tu kitni pali badalta hai? tere jaise log insaan ki shakal me bhediya ki tareh hai…abhi tere INC ke ek leader jo saharanpur se hai IMRAN MASOOD kya speech diya usne wo bi public me? kya secular hai ye CONGRESS? jab dekho tab muslim muslim karta rehta hai…arey is desh me aur dharm ka log bhi rehta he uski taraf bhi dekh liya kare kabhi kabhi…upar violence failane ki baat karta he ye CONGRESS wala log sab ki ” boti boti alag kar dega ” CONGRESS ne desh ka janta ka bharosa kho diya he ab wo kabhi nahi jeetega…JAI HIND

          • Mohammed Nassem

            Jai Hin, Jai Modi , Abki Bar MOdi Sarkar

          • VAIBHAV

            Mr adhikar aaj media paid ho gaya jab aap aur kejriwal ki tareef karta tha tab kejri ne kitne paise diye the.

          • satyajit


          • svendu

            I think you people like you are very much imosional I think you must read the history of Congress which form by British Dr Hume to secure their kingdom in India.

          • Guru

            The so called Anna-Kejriwal movement was supported by RSS which endured its success. You will obviously deny that but AAP had already become irrelevant.

          • sandeep

            aagar AAP sarkar bana vi leti hei out of the blue , 49 days mein kejriwal desh chod ke bhag jayega

          • venkateswarlu kommi

            small correction brother, May be Jhootendra might have said 10,AAP is not confident of even crossing two digit mark

          • Guru

            It will be a big ‘ZERO’ with its candidates coming 3rd or 4th everywhere. All of them will lose their deposit too. If the A team is going to get about 50 seats, what better can the B Team expect?

          • venkateswarlu kommi

            i am saying AAP will not even get 10 seats and i am confident about this number .Plz do not have over confidence about AAP and expecting 50 MP seats – even AAP is not dreaming of more then 10 seats

          • prince

            sry but blind supporters r like u buddy, who cant even see the developed gujarat ….not even congress corruptions of a tonne, the anti national, anti hindu congress manifesto nd plans to ruin indian culture….what ws communal violence bill do u knw wt it cud have dione if it wud have been passed by congress govt.? a total disaster for hindus………dnt u knw priyanka gandhi is a drunkard? dnt u knw sonia gandhi the 4th richest politicians of the world? dnt u knw robert vadra? u call a 45yr old rahul a young leader , dnt u knw ur rahul gandhi n his frns raped sukanya devi of m.p? u r gonna teach us culture now? is any reknowned saint of bharat supports congress? Y?? gandhi title nd saree n kurta z used by these italian traitors jus to fool emotional indian people & to get votes nd stay in power , nothing else …did u get .mr intelligent…..jai hind.

          • vivekair

            wah… bus elders ki respect, baaki ko gaali.

            Kattar soch nahi, yuva josh
            Har haath shakti, har haath tarakkee, har honth gaali

          • ty

            fir bhi tera baap tao gadha hi hai


            Shale chutya, lllegal child of modi, where you do not have any identification and do not know who is your mother or father, do not talk too much. Gadhe, tera to baap -i nahi hai?

          • Jawahar Gandhi

            The whole Saffron Brigade is stupid biased brainless Gadhas

          • Rajat Gupta

            modi tera bap…

          • Monik Soni

            Yeh safffron hi hamari pehchaan…jab desh doobega to tere ko soniya ya rahul bachaane nahi aayega.

          • Nimesh

            tere bap ke bareme nahi pucha kisine

          • eshwar

            Ya right. Rahul, sonia, priyanka, and robert vadra are rocket scientists!

          • Guru

            Frustration and the fear of getting your loot exposed talking?

          • Indian


          • Secular

            आप …… समर्थन हिटलर मोदी आदमी है जो कर रहे हैं

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu

            “do u know about my self” …hahahahahahaha
            kya english hai
            r u 5th grade fail tea vendor?

          • Gp Sharma

            Yes, and I need not explain more about you as you have already told everybody who you are? “babajika thullu” hahahahahaha chutiye


            Dear, have YOU been trained by your Modi how to abuse others by using word “Chutya”? How you people shall rule India by deputing such ill-behaved people?

          • Truely Indian

            Mr. Chinmoy don’t try to be so innocent. I have read your all comments in which you have often used such ill words. And why did you not put the same question on those who are either supporting congress or are opposing BJP and recited these ill words many times? Your congress people are wolves in disguise of men. The most partial and communal. Don’t try to fool the people now. We, all know who you are. The new government under the supervision of Mr. Modi will not rule but will provide a good governance.

          • metagalli

            be a mature man…I think ur family is from INC background,, but the truth is INC sucks… they should not get more then 25 this time…

          • Harsh

            Abe chutiya to tu padaish lagta hai… isme koi confusion nahi hai.. aur na hi kisi ko sikhane ki jarurat lagta hai..


            Harsh bete, to pakka chutya hai, lekin issme tera dosh nehi, tereko ban na para, because of absence of your guardian. Any way Bete congratulation, puch kui? Tera bhrast bap modi finally accpted your mom Jasoda ji as your legal mom. Hum jante hai, tu osab-din bhul nehi payega, may be your modi baap was compelled to say that he was alone and never married, but do not make him angry to avoid repeatance of such tragedy and incident. Be happy for some time.

          • sikandera azam

            chinmoy logo kee ma baap ke baare me bol raha hai apne ma baap ka pata hai ya sari congres ke naajayeez aulaad hai

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu

            ur eng is super Mr paid RSS support
            r u a tea vendor , dhoti wala chai wala…..feku

          • Gp Sharma

            Mr. BabaJika Thullu, I think you must not comment anyone until you are perfect. I think there is nobody perfect except god.
            I must say, either you do not have even a little knowledge of English or your nurture has been very disgusting.
            Let’s see…what you said;
            a) ur eng is super…(It is wrong)
            ‘Super’ is an adjective and can be used before an adjective or a noun not after.
            b) Mr paid RSS support
            ‘Support’ is either a noun or a verb but not an adjective that you have used post RSS rather you should have used ‘Supporter’ instead of support.
            The tea vendor you are talking about has been CM of the state Gujarat for 12 years and is contesting for the PM of India. But, who are you? Answer; BabaJika Thullu. Most of the dhotiwalas in congress party are corrupt. May be, Pappu is your financier.

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu

            Teach this eng to ur Master Mochi who used words like “peoples” -his eng is pathetic like urs

            Also U have low IQ
            stop searching Google and write something substantial

          • Gp Sharma

            What I had written was very substantial in the answer of your arrogant remark.I have taught you a good lesson on that and I need not visit google after each and every sentence like you do. You are a newly born baby so just keep sucking the nipple to grow up first…

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu

            you reflect same behavior as ur Master -
            Fundamentalist and Arrogant
            Keep dreaming Mr Sharma and ur dream of mochi as PM will go with you in ur Grave

            RIP -ur existence and dreams

          • gggggggg

            You are saying like you were born after sperm donation by ‘ENGLISH’ man……:)

          • Dhingra

            Dho daala…Keep it up

          • Harsh

            Abe english sikhane aya hai yaha ya apna opinions dene aya hai…mentally sick tere jaise log gulami ke aadi hain… pahle angrejo ke gulam the ab Gandhi family ke… Moron. …

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            Tu kiske Ghulam hai ..Mochi ka
            U r mentally Bankrupt who chant modi…
            RSS agent


            How an educated and gentle person can use the word “chutia”?

          • Gp Sharma

            Same as people like you used the word ‘Bhosri ke’

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu

            hahahah…..kya eng hai
            do u know about myself”

            hahahaha…5th grade fail tea vendor

          • har har modi

            Where u r sonia was there she was a bar dancer in italy just check it

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            Still most powerful women in Asia.

            Modi is only powerful in Gujarat

          • Loodi

            What a joke lol

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            Its Truth , and its Bitter
            Better live wit it

          • Loodi

            Yeah, too funny to live with

          • Guru

            Wait till 16 May 2014


            Bete, I am sure that to tera har har ko ekdin jarur dar dar bologe. Meanwhile I would like congrats you since your dad N Modi has shown his greatness and finally accpted your mom Jasodabenji after long gap. Congratulation and be happy with your both parents. Gussa mat hona, midhai jarur khilana aur kuchdin ke liye tera baap modi-ko jutha nehi bolna..

          • Pankaj Kumar

            Abe not…plz dont insult tea vendor they are better

          • Mohammed Nassem

            Just Because he failed dosent mean he cant become a great leader. The great indian chinggiz khan also failed but went ti conquer the world

          • Monik Soni

            We want great leader not great killers

          • Monik Soni

            Sonia was bar dancer and Rahul is 12 th pass ..and robert vadera was begger …

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            kejriwal is IIT alumini & IRS officer

          • Monik Soni

            So what !!! Our Pm is an economist…so whereo our country isss …down to grave !! degree holder doesnt guarentee progress

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            you seems to be paid .
            anyways ..happy trolling

          • Monik Soni

            Truth is very very bitter…
            Kejrival is a baby sitter

          • Chiranjib

            itz very true, if degree makes our country dignity high…..plz b call – all d study genius

          • niranjan

            Those are half-truths. Full fact is that he never graduated from IIT. He was about to be rusticated for cheating so he quit by himself. He left IRS also because of pending trouble from fake degree. Spend 50Rs on RTI forms & postage, and verify for yourself.

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            lol..ur comments are biased.and making zero sense

          • indian

            Engrez ki chathi awtar…… Na hindi ati h tereko na to english…… Teri madam itni powerful hae agr to fata kyu pari hae tum Congress choro ki? Ja beta Italy ka path na kahi aur pardha jake

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            Ur language is cheap like ur Master Mochi
            Third class, illiterate, women beaters …get a life!!!

          • indian

            Oh, route of anger is always fr buddy……u better shift with ur bnch of flatterers nowhere but Italy.
            And better take some English coaching classes before u enters to chat room next time. Silly funny Congressi

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            wat else one can expect from women beaters and snoopers

          • indian

            Again same stuff u poor wop go and collect something new….. Y on earth this yokel blind Congressi is barking, o Jesus pardon them.

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            Not making any sense Bro!!
            Except it ! you guys are women beaters, snoopers and kill minorities
            you are Taliban of India

          • indian

            Ha ha ha just look at you meathead….. How fr of defeat changes one’s language. Pathetic

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            why u getting burnt?
            arent you guys women beaters and snoopers??
            Comm onn!! Accept it . ….
            poor chap!! i pity you

          • indian

            Hail the congress lover….do u have an Indian passport…and do u even know hindi,oir national language….mother india is proud of u……

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            RIP-Your Thoughts

          • indian

            Get a life dude….c its clear that u r a paid member of congress’s IT cell….i dont evn need to discuss any thing with u…u basically talk shit

          • Guru

            The likes of you will support real Taliban if they fight against NaMo. Why the CON party got scared of Snoopgate probe? What about your minister killing his wife and another ‘leader’ exploiting a married woman? Yet another making a porn CD? Not pleasant to read right?

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            Jaati -Dharam ka Todo Jaal
            Kashi Ayye Kejriwal

            Munna!! Arvind Ke road show ki bheed dekh le….pant gili ho jayege

          • Guru

            May 16 2014. Kejriwal quits politics after losing his deposit against NaMo. Uski to pant bhi nahi rahegi 16 May ke baad.

          • modikabap

            modi apne bwi ko to chod nahi paye to wo kya karega
            jo ek bachha nahi payda kar paya wo desh kya chalai ga

          • Guru

            Your language speaks volumes about your ‘class’ and ‘upbringing.

          • Guru

            He is a CIA agent and an anti-national to the core. Other details are irrelevant.

          • http://karmaHiLife.blogspot.in karmaHiLife.blogspot.in

            If u are looser in ur life , this dosent means everyone is also the same!!

          • subhash

            and u did not tell about ur past my friend? if u raise one finger on some one than remember that four finger goes to your end too

          • Albert Colaco

            Hope Modi supporters are reading this. He is always ranting against Rahul Gandhi. But he should know that when he points a finger at others, four are pointing at him.

          • Guru

            Same thing is true about you.

          • venugopal

            befitting to be modi supporter.

          • nemesis

            Yes we know about you. you are a randi ki aulad.

        • lalit singh

          Dear Chinmoy, i think you are underestamte. you dont know power of Modi. some people are barking if good or bad.

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            Power of Modi- snoop women, kill minorities , disrespect elders.
            Power of Modi- tea vendor, 5th fail, abuse women
            Power of Modi- left his wife, comment on ppl`s wife(50 cr)
            Power of Modi-I m bigger then lord(har har modi)
            Power of Modi- Hire RSS goons in bulk
            Power of Modi : My foot

            Ab bol lalit singh- kya ukhar lega tera modi ……

          • lalit singh

            Power of Pappu(Congress)- Lot of scams, no security for women and rapes, disrespect elders

            Power of Pappu- Not thoughtful but depends on his mama

            Power of Pappu- When India is suffering from calamities he celebrates his birthday in Europe

            Power of Pappu- Seldom visits the house of people(Lok Sabha)

            Power of Pappu- His administrative skills are untested

            Power of Pappu- He appears raw and inexperienced in his public speeches

            Power of Pappu- He has mostly remained non-communicative in the last 10 years

            Power of Pappu- He does not know the value and importance of labor as he is just a Shehjada born with a silver spoon in mouth

            Power of Pappu- His poor performance on public issues

            Power of Pappu- Failed to control increased prices and inflation
            Ab sun gumnam andhere tere pappu ne jo ukharna tha wo ukhar chuka lekin ab India ka koi bal bhi baka nahi kar sakta kyuki Modi ji hai India ko bachane ke liye……..

          • mahein

            power of pappu- bharat me Rs. 5/- me pet bhar khana milta hai
            power of pappu_ garibi ek mansik soch hai
            power of pappu _ hum ekta lana chahate hai bolkar cast wise reservation ko support karte raho,

            friends please change out of box reservation must be on need base not on cast base isase ekta kaise hogi? if you feel all indian are same they why all govt offices asking for cast cirtificate
            is there anyone can say i am indain not hindu, not muslim? why that congressmens barking as muslim , musli

          • boozbin

            power of rahul gaandi:- drug adict,
            power of rahul gaandi:- expled from university
            power of rahul gaandi:- black money in swiss bank
            power of Rahul gaandi:- all real indian foot.

        • Secular

          600 ???

          • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

            Power of Modi- snoop women, kill minorities , disrespect elders.
            Power of Modi- tea vendor, 5th fail, abuse women
            Power of Modi- left his wife, comment on ppl`s wife(50 cr)
            Power of Modi-I m bigger then lord(har har modi)
            Power of Modi- Hire RSS goons in bulk
            Power of Modi : My foot

        • metagalli

          Chinmoy is INC’s Left hand…And what is the task of left hand normally… :) I think everyone understood now…ruling party are looting us from 60 years..so careless govt I have ever seen. i heard that they are having soo much money in Swiss…indian economy is gone bad, devoluptment is not good, corruption, health, education (our univercity stands after 250 rank across world), Small industries are dead now,agriculture is not growing, GDP is going down day by day, unemployment, Pak abd Chinise are entering to India nd killing our solders, price hike, internal security issue, mioist issue, women security issue, and both mom and son with the PM is silent, whats going on guys????? I want to give 60 month to Namo..lets see what best he can do for us? no other choise…

        • Saurav

          certified chutya hai tu.

      • Secular

        how hitler modi ?????

        • Ramesh

          how drug addict rahual????


      After getting lot of things in your daily life which is much more than what you deserved, still, you prefer a person like Modi, who cant maintain his own wife, how he can manage a great family of Indian? Jago bandhu, jago, do not be too buddhu.

      • sagar

        blind bafoon, can you tell me about rahul gandhi ???

        Jago buddhu, jago, do not be too buddhu.

      • Swaraj

        One who preaches others to be rational on the very other second promotes sycophancy and rhetoric…. Wake up Chinmoy …

      • Ramesh

        Mr. Sagar and Mr. Swaraj do not be upset. The dog always barks when it is scared. Mr. Chinmoy will start kissing modis butt when the BJP come to power. All congress supporters are the same


          I am a bengali, I am a devotee of Swami Vibekanada, and respect all RELIGION, all leaders, who were or are directly or indirectly contributed for our independance, for our continual development. Swamiji was the person, who had extensively travelled entire world to establish “united India and the core parameters and ethics of hinduism”, but not at the cost of other religion. Come to my house, I shall take you to Belur to know about hinduism. Emotionally and against incumbancy, you may support Modi, but ask yourself, who was the founder of your present BJP and why you do not support that person (Advani), why you people had not given one more chance to BJP in 2004, even when the govt was under leadership of Vajpayeeji, the answer is simple, you were fed up with BJP and currently you want change against incumbancy. Do it, but do not kiss Modi, somebody is available for you at your home.Best wishes to you.

          • hippo

            chinmoy dont be a hippo crate. Dont behave like mamata di. USE YOUR OWN BRAINS


            Keha cheese hai aap? Once, apka Modi had praised Mamatadidi, anticipating that she will extend support to Modi, and when came to know that Didi is not in that mood, you people started blaming didi, excellent theory? Why you people prefer short term gain?

          • Hero

            Arey bhaiyo ye Chinmoy to admi hi total farzi he kabhi AAP to kabhi UPA to ab lo Mamta didi karne laga. pata nahi ab kal mulayam aur parso lalu aur fir karunanidhi na karne lage


            Dear Hero, I am not hero, but would like to make your Modi “Zero”.Shall you please support me to stop your narabaji “HAR HAR MODI”?

          • Hero

            And you can never be. Modi is not mine but ours and Stopping a great man like him is not in your hands.

        • ajaykumar

          frnds, we have given chance to congress for last two terms, and have seen the pathetic condition of our motherland, lets give BJP a chance , i am sure under the leadership of Modi ji, india Inc will definitely c a brighter, healither, low corrupted, progressive india

      • Tanmay

        Mr Adhikari,

        Your comments are baseless, what to do with some one single or married. Single like Atal or Abdul kalam has performed ahead. Its not related to these discussion. Don’t behave like unprofessional Mamatabanarji .
        well the point is who will win, its difficult to predict as now a days the political scenario are changing so fast . definitely people India never do the same mistake to choose the Congress demons . but regionals parties will take a big role this time. May be BJP win 200+ but need more union to get magic figure. But clear NO CHANCE TO CONGRESS ….


          You may think the comment as baseless, however it matters as we common people can not depend on such person like Modi, who expelled his wife without any basic cause of divorce and the current news is that this poor lady is getting regular threat from Modi’s follower for keeping mum. Further, on emotion and against incumbancy, you may temporary like Modi in place of INC leaders, but I am sure you will definitely repeat the incident happened in 2004, as the person can not be dependable, not having knowledge in Indian History, always distort actual happenings to place his idea and he prefers short term gain over long term, which is not good for your childrens, brothers or their sons. Hence, kindly re-think about your support to Modi, definetly not on sudden emotion. Best wishes.

          • jeetu

            Liar everybody knows about your chellagiri

          • Common-man-bana-gabbar

            Arey ee Chinmoy jara bata to re kitna paisa liya he tune congress ke choro ka prachar karne ke liye? Arey mango pepole yani aam admi yani common men ki kamar to in congress walo ne pehle hi tod dali he re aur tu bhi paise khakar aa gaya re aur yahi aam admi ka power ko tu underestimate kar raha he re? arey common men ki to hati hui he re bata kitna paisa khaya he re? arey laga to re nisana iski khupadiya pe abhi doodh ka doodh aur pani ka pani ho jayega


            What do you think that all common people will digest your or your’s Modi’s false claim? Agar paisa ka bat hai, to janke rakh, ek chor, baki log ko chor samajhte hai? Look your inner part and ask what you are and what you were?

          • Common-man-bana-gabbar

            Thik kaha Chinmoy jaise tu khud chor he aur isiliye tu doosron ko bhi chor samajhta he

          • Tanmay

            Bhai I am not a political person but as a common citizen of India, I am sensitive to my own responsibility. I don’t Like congress and Big No to that Party . I will never support to same. I will not repeat my valuable Vote to such an unethical Party. Whoever the candidate may be …
            Again about Modi, I am not much enthusiast about him. But there is no option and your aajtak kind of drama will not work to change my decision . Madi married , divorced etc story will not work on any sensitive citizen of India. What to do with that??? We need a stable govt who can think about Nation not like Congress. And the corrupted Congress dragged the development of our nation to hell. All leaders are arrogant . we can not bear such an egotistical leaders. How they speak , like they are the boss… hate those pople special in Congress…. You will see the result…. May be regional party may get good result if there is no option / good candidate in BJP but no one will chose Congress….
            Who ever else But my Big NO to Congress…

          • Spring will come

            Don’t vote for regional parties this time and opportunists like AAP otherwise again you will have to repent when they will give their support to congress lead UPA again and for next 5 years this country will be doomed. Vote for BJP this time only BJP whoever the candidate is but vote for BJP only. Best Wishes

      • Ramesh

        Yeh I get a lot of things in my life. I get a three hour power cut between the times of 3-6 pm. Electricity rates go up, hours of electricity go down. Road tolls go up, condition of roads go down. Inflation goes up, manmohan Singh gets a new house. I don’t blame myself or anyone in India for voting for Modi. We will talk again at the polling stations if you show up!

    • sandeep


    • Vijay Salgotra

      BJP is a party of chor and gundas

      • Brajendra

        Nobody is chor or gunda..people like us give them (all Politicians) the chance to become like that

    • Jawahar Gandhi

      Modi is a religious fanatic extremist with RSS n VHP flowing in his veins instead of blood. He will take India back by another 50 years just as the religious extremists are doing in Pakistan. Under Modi, India will surpass Pakistan in religious extremism.

      India started economic liberation in 1980s when Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister, yet it is lagging behind China which started their liberal economics quite lately but since China does not entertain sectarianism, religious fanaticism it has progressed by leaps and bounds.


      • Raghu

        Dear Mr. Jawahar. Your name it self says that you are from Gandhi family so you only think about your favorites. What growth you found in UPA 10 years ruling can you explain. People like you always thinks BJP will fallow hindutwa and will not think about development, Please recall growth rate in NDA period and compare with present UPA period. you will understand who can bring back india back in growth track. You people are having cheap mentality and blind supporters of Congress so you don’t require growth only want Rahul to be PM. God save India from you people Jai Hind

        • Truely Indian

          right Mr. Raghu lets save our India from these suckers

        • Secular
          • hippo

            hope this secular guy knows about the scam of congress

        • Vilas

          Jawahar mustbe talking about growth in US $ rate Rs 40 to 64 and Euro Rs 60 to Rs 85
          I must say Irony


          If it was so, then why common people had austed BJP from power, even when Respected Vajpayeeji was PM?

          • Bharat Jago

            Because some liars like you had misled the innocent citizens of the country


            Chati farke dekho, aapka agadh keha hai. What is your depth of knowledge, education, background. Did you not get extra things than what you desreved. How do you think that all Indians are buddhu like you. Majority of Indians are now fully aware of day to day political activities and know what they should do. No problem for your comment, atleast dream for dream PM upto 16th May, after that do not again blame majority Indians for their verdict, otherwise, you will be expelled from our Common men’s society. Decide karke rakho what you should do?

          • Bharat Jago

            Exactly, all Indians have not sold their souls to Congress thus they are wise enough now by the experience to understand the conspiracies of you people. Ab tum jaise kiraye ke tattuon ki aur baat nahi suni jayegi. And don’t try to abuse my brothers and sisters of India and rebel against unity of India lest you will yourself be responsible for your exile

          • hippo

            do you know the reason of bjp loss was they were not distributing free food and water to pepole. because the were empowring the pepole of India. But the free buggers dont want to work they need every thing free.

            Has congress done anything for real common pepole who pay taxes.

          • sunny

            you are too right mate ..i agree with you 100% and one more reason bjp lost bcz government employees wanted corrupt party like congress to be in power so that they can freely take bribes


            I am sure that you were failed to obtain Govt service and presently doing some private job and follow the philisophy Grapes are sour?

          • Sunny

            So u accepted now that Govt. employees accept bribes that’s why they want Congress. Thanks for showing your real face

      • Brajendra

        so u mean to say that u visit Pakistan frequently….what u know about Pakistan…as far as the economic development is concerned INC rules India for more 60 years what they did only scam.. nothing else. if u r a responsible citizen u will never praise a politician instead of that u will do the duty of a responsible citizen…

      • Ramesh

        Our growth rate was 9% when the NDA left power. Now it is 4.7%. I will let the numbers talk.

      • Murtaza Alli Baggateru

        Pappu Ki Pooja Karo ! Pitza ka maza Lo ! Development Ko Bhul Jao ! Get ready for yet another scam tornado ! ! !

      • hippo

        Mr Gandhi as you are saying india is booming Under Congress brigade. What a nice vision you have. dont ashame your name as Congress leader are doing. For your information manmohan singh was finance minister in year 1990. after his financial policies rupees started falling like shit.

      • s joshi

        Agar RSS fanatic hota to har masjid me suar hota Adhikanh Muslim VHP & RSS ki daya se hi jivit hai.

    • Secular

      below 200 sure

      • Ramesh

        Who is this “secular” idiot who keeps replying to every post? He has probably never lived in India and faced the misery that we have suffered under this scam filled UPA government. He thinks he is secular by supporting muslims. This guy must be some pre-independence blind congress supporter. Go hark about the congress somewhere else please!

        • manu

          dear..ramesh …i was think to post something like this..thanks u did..as the idiot to check the petrol price..when mr.vajpayee govt ..was there how much is was and now how much…


          Agar sabi idiot hai other than you, then please let us know the name of your school, so that we also can admit into your school to aquire knowledge like you. People have right to say but not at the cost of hurting others. You may or may not like anybody, that is your right, but you can not use slang word for those, who do not follow your theory. Do not behave like Modi, who is not having any vision, except blaming others.Have healthy discussion. Otherwise, you people will be marked as 3 idiot. Modi, Rajnath and you.

          • hippo

            Modi is not blaming anyone Mr. chinmoy Its the other who are blaming him. They dont have anyother point against modi thats why they are sticking to only one point which is secularism.

            Do you know Bjp has only two to three communal voilence in there regime but congress has many.

    • Secular

      means NDA (Nonsense demolish association)

    • Secular

      read it please http://www.bjpscams.com/

    • k v benny

      At present, even though the Congress is more currupt than BJP (Both are same wine in different bottles), we can sleep in our house peacefully because it doesn’t invite communal violence in india. If Modi becomes PM, the communal violence errupts and INDIA will become like Libiya, Egypt etc, where daily bombing or terror attacks and you can’t sleep do work peacefully. There will be more terror attacks from HINDU EXTRIMISTS and MUSLIM EXTRIMISTS on opponents localities. Finally, India may again get splitted in to small parts since the fight does’nt settle down. Even as the chief minister of the state, modi can behave like Hitlar, who finishes the opponents and even can influence judiciary or executive. Hence, if he become the PM, the scene will be very worse. Hence a person, really want to get India divided or disintegrate will only vote for MODI. Jai hind , well wisher or india

      • Brajendra

        people like u will only talk about divide..instead of talking like that do some duty of responsible citizen.

      • hippo

        benny do you know why naxalites are raising there heads? its because of the sucking government policies. which is forcing indian citizens to raise arms. if congress continues to be in power you will soon see a civil war in our country so dont bother about communal violence


      If it is so then why you people had expelled BJP from power immediately after completion of 5 years. Would you like to repeat the same again?

      • Ramesh

        If so why is the congress getting less seats than even debutant party AAP. You can talk as much as you want now chinmoy but the numbers will show you what the people really want. A gov’t without selfish idiots like you! The BJP will come to power and there is nothing you can do about it!

    • Jai Ho

      V-Factor must work the V3; Varanasi to Vadodara to Victory :)

    • rr

      well said ,Mental slavery to arab culture and their gog pakistan is the secular ideology of congress and its B team.BJP is the real secular party.

      • Sweetu

        Absolutely they never play either hindu or muslim cards but talk about development it is congress afraid of them keep on blaming BJP with false charges of communalism when they themselves are communal and play divisive politics uttering muslim muslim all the time

    • Albert Colaco

      Really? He proved his inability in Gujarat as he could not stop the riots and butchery post-Godhra with over a thousand people killed by fascist goons.

    • jay prakash sah

      I am dam sure that coming prime minister will be “namo” as congress has been cheating indian for more than 70 years and no indian would want to be cheated again and will vote to bjp. jai ho bjp.

    • bfhd

      it is true, number is going up to 330+.

    • modi ka bap

      sapne mat dekho

  • maniche

    modi is the perfect man to rule the nation…and on 16 may world will witness it…Namo Namo!!


      Modi is perfect man to rule you innocent people, God bless you my poor son.

      • Ramesh

        How much did the congress pay you and vijay salgotra to post comments like this? 100 ruppess? 1000 rupees? Mabye even a nice house on the countryside?

        • Tanmay

          Yes Ramesh , Congress produces only Chamchaz . its their culture. See the most respected president list in India. Current and previous both are same chamcha of Gandhi family . if you compare secular APJ as a president we feel proud. Seems Adhikari trained to be a Chaplush Chamcha of some local Congress leader. Be a Human , live a life with dignity… you can do many thing with out being a Chancha and comprehend the true meaning of freedom.
          I feel pity for these Chamcha …. May their Sonia give some way to live life in Dignity …


          Surely you are getting re-imbusrhment from Modi (not BJP), as Chor things others also chor.

      • hippo

        My son its not in gods hand its in our hand to save us from misery. We need an effective leader and i cant see anyone better than modi

    • Vijay Salgotra

      Narendra Modi’s turf flops on education, health
      , corruption and development….

    • Vijay

      Saley.. Modi Qhooni hai Chor hai Gandu Hai , Wo kaise baneyga PM, Ye elections ka result Kisi Ko PM Nahi Banne Deyga,, Chunaou Phir se Hungey Aur Phir Congress UPA govt banayegi ..

      • Khalid

        Kamina sala Rahul ka to sara khandan Qhooni hai aur uski party kutton ki fauj hai sala tumko history jyada dikhta he to tum history me maro jakar khudkushi kar lo aur bhi purana me chala jao 1947,1962,1965,1971,1975,1984,1989-90,1999,2002,2013 jahan tumhara marzi kare usme jakar mar jao lekin aaj hum logo ko mehngai kha rahi he UPA ne aisa halat kar diya he ki bachho ka padhai ka nahi soch sakta he. Tu sala le jao apna UPA ka sterile fauj ko Modi ab purana baat nai kar raha he wo development ka baat karta he to isliye usko is baar humara hindustan ka janta jita kar PM banayega

      • sarvij

        Vijay.. kameenon jaise baatein mat kar.

  • Amit

    Really NAMO will get more than 285 seats.

  • Ashok

    Narendra Modi is the right choice for PM.BJP will get absolute majority.

    • manvendra

      It is mandatoindian bright futurery to set namo for

    • DK

      gujarat me to sab industrialist ko de dia hey agar delhi me aa gaya to kya hoga uski marketing style acchi hey baki sab khokhla hey


    Exit poll: 2004: NDA is retrurning back in power with absolute majority. Result: YOU KNOW
    Exit poll 2009: NDA is winning. Result: YOU KNOW
    Exit poll 2014: NDA wil win. Result: YOU DO NOT KNOW. AAP is on the job.
    Actual poll 2014: Outcome- Nil balance in BJP’s bank account, Paid medias are soughting for their payment.

    • rahul

      Chinmoy; adhikari is making innosent trys to save congress dubti nayya, so poor fellow, raul aur soniya ka Itly visa aa gaya hai 16 may ko, jate waqt hamara bye bye jarur batana.

      • Ram

        Not only Both top leaders but also national son in law and and his wife. They got open ticket to Italy only they will finalize the date once election results will be declared. Some prominent leaders like Diggi raja, MMs,and other chemchas future will be decided by people of India.


    My dear BJP fans, do not underestimate power of common man.Hence wait for 16th May and better not to dream for 542, 300, 273

    • Vijay Salgotra

      Absolutely right Brother.

    • k v benny

      Ya, mr. chinmoy is correct. I hope hat will happen

    • Ramesh

      Mr. Chinmoy atleast BJP fans dream of 542, 300 , 273. I will be surprised if congress supporters like yourseld even dream of 10 seats, 50 seats, max 65 seats.

  • Vishal

    I like the reply by “Truely Indian”.

    Mr.Adhikari, please sit back n think what actually happened when “AAP” got a good support in Delhi, u will realize its Congress back to power in Delhi.

    As far Mr.Modi, please understand him in broader prospective, its not about a man or party its about the country who needs strong leadership. Please look forward…… for the SAKE OF COUNTRY

    • sankar


      • Vijay Salgotra

        ghanta mera…. MODI Chutia hai

    • Truely Indian

      thanks you Vishal…Let’s work altogether to save out country


    My dear Guest, thanks for accepting that Modi was married. Can you ask your Modi why he mark him as bachelor and why Ex-Mrs Modi, THE POOR WOMEN, is too worried on Modi’s terror? Do you know, why I asked you that you people do not know the power of common man, you look your paragraph and will get your answer, you have blamed common man as GREEDY &AND SELFISH, like your Modi, who used to commit mistake frequently and ask for mercy. Remember, you people do not have any right to say anything for India as you do not have any contribution for our independance, rather, you RSS people killed our Gandhiji, but still we do mercy you people, because, we think that you people will be corrected soon and will think something better for India.

    • congress or BJP no to AAP

      I will vote either to congress or to BJP . As Kiran Bedi said i dont want to waste my vote by casting to AAP whose leader is Ranchod Das. shela Dikshit or Dr harsha Vardhan is better than Craziwalla (Kejriwala). I am against AAP ie Advance April fool

    • sankar

      mr chinmoy, once i was also blind supporter of team anna where mr kejriwal one of the most important person for jan lokpal bill. now i have some doubt. do clear my doubt, please. why annaji refuses anna. please explain logically. don’t make any drama.

      • sankar

        please read as why annaji refuses mr kejriwal instead of why annaji refuses ann.

    • Truely Indian

      Dear Chinmoy Adhikari, again you have shown a pitiable sense of humor by misunderstanding my point lol and tried enough to divert it into other way. The term Greedy and Selfish used in my point was in a very common sense to a common man as how he has desires for the materials for the sake of his own family which is limited to 4 or 6 or a few people but here Mr. Modi is not limited to that for he has made all India his family and is thinking now about the whole nation and as far as your repeated remarks about the honorable lady Jashodaben are concerned Please, read it published in a website: Mrs Modi said she reads everything that she can get on her husband and is confident about him becoming the Prime Minister of India moreover she said that we parted on good terms and there were never any fights.

      Now we all can see your right face as you have uttered hatred against Indians, Hinduism and RSS and you are reacting like “Embarrassed cat scratches a pillar.” By your senseless talking I guess whether you have lost your sens of humor or have no knowledge about our history or you are a non-Indian fellow. Perhaps you might have not heard about Vinayak Damodar Savarkar or Swami Vivekanad and so you are talking this all nonsense. You are talking like you were present there when all the history took place and so you are claiming to be a freedom fighter and we Indians and out forefathers are only spectators huh? Listen We Indians respect and love our nation’s father Gandhi ji more than you are merely showing in words. I am not a member of RSS but for your kind information lets have a look on what wikipedia says about it “However, investigators could find no evidence that the RSS bureaucracy had formally sponsored or even knew of Godse’s plot. RSS volunteers participated in various political and social movements including the Indian independence movement.”

      we Indians are very thankful to you for your mercy Mr. Chinmoy Adhikari…May god show you the right path. god bless you


        Dual character?
        My dear guest, before playing in defense, you re-look your writings.
        Again you have marked common people as selfish & greedy. I do not know whether you really know the family background of Modi or not, but I think, I should describe the same for rectifying your blind knowledge. Your Sriman Modi has separated his wife long back because of unknown reason and it was happened long back when he was in RSS. Hence, he has not separated his wife for any good motive or for the sake of our Nation. Further, you should know that this poor lady, Miss Jasodaben is now very much worried on the progress of Modi, as she is getting continuous threat from Modi’s goondas. She is a clerk and stays in a hut, whereas your Modi is living in a palace.
        As far as contribution towards our Independence is concern, you should know that your RSS never contributed anything, rather their Godse, killed Mahatma. Being a Bengali, I have enough knowledge on Indian Independence, and I would like to request you to kindly read our History again, for becoming a sensible defensive player. Do you know that your BJP is the byproduct of Late Dr. SP Mukherjee’s Jansangha, which is also a byproduct of RSS. Hence, please do not mis-utilise the name of Swami Vivekananda for the benefit of your party. His motto was to brought out our Hinduism in the entire world, but not at the cost of other religion. You are warmly invited at my house, from where, you can visit our Belur. Although, you have right to caste your vote to your favorite party/ person, , still, I would like to tell you why Modi will be disastrous for India:
        a) He do not have knowledge in Indian History, lack of knowledge in Indian Geography, Economics and even he was not knowing the date of death of BJP’s founder SP Mukherjee or where the great person had expired. He used to mis-utilize our Patriots for the sake of his PM post. Initially he started to win political game by blaming Gandhiji, then Neheruji (using name of Iron man ), then CONGRESS MUKT BHARAT, thereafter Soniaji and Rahul and when came to know that COMMON people are not digesting such silly things for long, he has started quoting that Sonia & Rahul are NAKLI GANDHI.
        b) Before becoming CM , he was trained in RSS camp, was educated for communal riot, was upgraded by RSS from tea seller to CM, hence, he will surely be disastrous for the community other than Hindu, if elected,
        c) He is first time roaming out of Gujrat, do not have affinity to rest Indians other than Gujrat, do not have previous expereience to Run a great country like India, hence the existing resources may get destroyed,
        d) He used to prefer short term gain over long term, hence, young generation will be deprived for any future gain
        e) He do not have any vision for upgrading the current status of our Country, as we had never heard anything in his recent rally except criticism to Gandhis.
        f) BJP do not have any ethics, never exposed any philosophy for Bright India (rather they have quoted that they will change the life of common people without telling how?).During their 5 years tenure, relationship with foreign countries was drastically deteriorated. Kargil war was created for their benefit, which finally created price hike and people were compelled to oust BJP from power. Now you and all people should re-think for you choice in 2014

    • GUEST


      • Secular

        read …Scams of the BJP- Led NDA GovernmentDefense ScamTehelkaCoffin ScamKiller MIGsMisuse of Kargil cessIrregularities in purchases made for operation Vijay (Kargil War)National ScamsUTI and Cyberspace Infosys Ltd. ScamPetrol Pump and Gas Agency Allotment ScamJudeo ScamHUDCO Scam involving Former Union Minister Anant KumarPlot Allotment ScamMedical Procurement ScamVSNL Disinvestment SacmJain Hawala CaseChattisgarh ScamsRaman Singh Named In Chhattisgarh Bank ScamKachra ScamCoal ScamPaddy ScamIndia investigates Chhattisgarh ‘womb removal insurance scam’Anarchy, scams under BJP rule in Chhattisgarh : CongressGoa ScamsMining ScamA Shocking India Gem Scam in Goa, BewareCBI probe sought into Goa SEZ scamGoa industrial development corporation faces serious allegations of land scam, goa365 digs deeper to find outAadhaar card scam exposed in GoaMadhya Pradesh ScamsDETAILED REPORT ON PMT SCAM 2013 IN MADHYA PRADESHCorruption in Madhya PradeshCongress alleges Rs.1.46 trillion scams in Shivraj Singh Chouhan-led MP govtDigvijay Singh demands probe in MP salt scamRs.714 crore scam rocks Madhya Pradesh govtMadhya Pradesh Health Minister Ajay Vishnoi quits after Income Tax raid on brother’s premises – 500 crore 2008Rs 30,000 cr coal scam loss caused by MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh ChouhanYouth Congress demands CBI probe in Madhya Pradesh recruitment scamMadhya Pradesh : Uma Bharti’s name surfaces in Vyapam scamMadhya Pradesh’s Rs. 9 crore NREGA scamScholarship disbursal fraud unearthed in Madhya PradeshCongress alleges Rs.1 billion scam in Madhya PradeshGujarat Scams17 ‘scams’ that Narendra Modi doesn’t want Lok Ayukta to probeModi’s “Gujarat Model” of Numerous Land ScamsGujarat : Land scam worth Rs.2 lakh crore exposed at Kandla PortScams worth Rs 1 lakh crore in Gujarat since 2002 : ZadafiaBig Scam With Small CarHazare : Gujarat is a ‘land of scams,’ more liquor than milk flows in the StateOperation Kalank : When Modi met Caesar’s wifeAdani Group Land Allotment ScamTata Motors Plant ControversyGujarat Gas Deal ScamModi’s Gujarat – Land of ScamsModi doesn’t want probes in various scams : Prashant BhushanIllegal mining case : BJP counter to Congress attack on Gujarat minister indicted in mining scamBJP MP Dinu Bogha Solanki from Gujarat arrested for RTI activist’s murderBJP overselling the Gujarat ModelSnooping ScamPunjab ScamsPunjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) recruitment scam – 8 croresPetrol Pump Allotment ScandalHousing Scam in PunjabPTU ScamRajasthan ScamsLand scam case against VasundharaMoney laundering case against Vasundhara Raje’s son


      Dear Chinmoy. Your all arguments are worst. The Reality is that Modi will be our next prime minister and even you and everybody in India know that. And please wait and let him show his power to make a new india without corruption and make more developments in India.

    • Ramesh

      Get your facts straight mr. Chinmoy. Gandhiji lead us to independence not your stupid congress. I am happy gandhji died otherwise he would be shamed by what you have made our country. I am scared to send my daughter to school by walk because she may raped our the corner. And now your telling me that you are having mercy on us. Go rant somewhere else about your baseless ideology. The people of India dont have time for people like you.



    • Truely Indian

      Dear Chinmoy Adhikari, as you have advocated that only you or your party AAP has rights to debate and recite the names of our freedom fighters and not anybody else but how did you claim so? Do you want to fool Indians? Well, AAP was definitely not formed at the time of Independence struggle…so on whose behalf you are claiming this?…hmm now I come to know that you belong to congress right? So this is your right face? AAP is working as an agent of congress huh? But congress has been failed and now we have only hope to save our nation in the form of Mr. Modi. Thanks for opening our eyes dear. India is gonna vote for Modi…

      • yogesh Gawade

        NDA win 263/543

  • mohan

    bjp will get only 203 seats and modi would never be pm.

    • mohin

      you are right I think Sushmaji may be PM

  • mohan

    Arvind Kejriwal is an anti virus of Indian Politics. We should install it in india’s parliament. Voters of AAP is either Honest or NOTA. If u have a little bit honesty then vote for aap.

    • Vijay Salgotra

      Absolutely right Mohan….

    • manvendra

      Arvind antivirus not suitable contry level it can work only for one nagar palika with jhaadu.

    • k v benny

      Only a HIndu terrorist only will tell like this. As per my opinion BJP should be banned sin ce it is not secular and hence it is against secular constitution of INDIA.

      • Optimist

        And only a muslim terrorist will talk like you. BJP never talks about separation but is talking of development of all and taking all Indians together And all the other parties talks about separation and keep on chanting muslim muslim ok Even Mr. Kejariwal has a disgusting view of dividing India and giving our part Kashmir to Pakistan. BJP is secular but your all other parties are communal and that is the reason you are afraid of BJP you duffer terrorists. may curse befall on you

      • hippo

        what do you mean by secularism. Secularism means every religion has equal rights and equal opportunities to grow. And if you think india is a secular country then why there is differentiation between religion. like minorities & Caste

    • Tanmay

      The programmer of this antivirus is supporting Crazy Virus. why Anna not supported AK???

  • Lansa

    Kejriwal is a failure Politician in the nation. Why he resign never know???? Just is acting crazy? First he did a very big mistake by taking congress support? Second he cheated the Delhi people by resigning ? Things never happen over night he should have convince the house to Approve Jan Lokpal that is politics he thought it is very simple thing to rule a state. I would say you first prove your self in Delhi and than put finger in others.

    But this was not happen you become a Buffoon in India if you continue this.

    • k v benny

      Mr. Modi is a 10+ person , who cannot be compared with an IIT qualified (With distinction) and IRS (Equal to IAS) – Joint commissioner of Income tax , Mr. Kejriwal. No one in political field in india today got that much brain as compared to AK. Can any one can defeat him in any discussion no.. chance. So, at this crucial juncture we need a very capable person like mr. A.K. Why he resigned is since all of you (Cong and BJP) are not allowing him to rule. Keeping a magnifing glass and sitting at his door step to find the silly mistakes. You see the real facts of Gujarat, the scene is horrible there. No proper education, no medical facilities, farmers are unhappy. Modi control the police, judiciary, Meida etc and also doing full fledge scooping on anybody telling against him in Gujarat. If he finds the person he may kill him or put him under bar. Is this democracy in Gujarat ?.Also complete corruption in Gujarat. More You BJP people are having a big stick in your eyes, but try to point out a small dust from another person?. You are all supporters of the suffaron brigade which will make india a Libya or syria type. Always there will be bombing or religious terror attacks. No one can do job, no business will here. Only violence. Now he is CM, he can’t do much things outside Gujarat. But once become PM he will be the real Hitlar in INDIA. Prey god this should not happen long live UNITED INDIA

      • Ramesh

        IIT qualified mr kejriwal could not last one month in delhi. Chi-wala Modi has ruled Gujrat for so many terms. Tell me what his so-called IIT credentials has helped him with?

      • Tanmay

        Cool Down Bro … your dialog are like climax of a drama . if Congress could not make India to Ethiopia how you thinking Modi can do it Syria. India will remain India only. I was also optimistic on AK but now I understood these Qualification, education etc can not say about capability. How he behaved in these day I am sure he is not atall an alternative . we don’t have better choice .. and Modi is only way. Other wise the day dreaming Joker Pappu will be PM

      • hippo

        Education is not everything its the will power which is required to do anything there are many people who are doing better than an iim graduate or people holding higher degrees

    • sunny

      ‘crazy’wal has already become a buffoon

  • jabir

    i just appeal to all my Indian brother and sister .josh main nahin hos main vote dalna
    sachhchai se duniya chalti he .

    • Jawahar Gandhi

      ‘Hosh’ means realising that the Saffron Brigade under Modi will start the process of doom for Bharat Mata

    • Truely Indian

      Achhi nasihat he hope aap bhi ise follow karo

  • Lucky

    Modi will never be prime minster.

  • Lucky

    Modi Pm Home Minster Amit Shah Finance Minster Nitin Gadrari . LOOT LOO LOOT LOO. hahaha

    • Truely Indian

      hahahahahahaha I think u want Suresh Kalmadi as Finance Minister and Chidambaram/Pawan Bansal as Home Minister ha ha ha ha ha luteron ki fauj

  • Lucky

    Hindustani Kab Jagoo Gayee . 200 saal baad .


    “Truely Indian” has nicely educated the poor fellows of anti Modi ji. I just want to add some more examples who didn’t care for their family rather broadly care for the nation. Few of such examples are Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita, Mother Terisa, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and many mores.Lets all of us should jointly try to proceed India No.! under the leadership of respected Modiji. However we strongly condemned the remarks of Mr. G.P.Sharma against Mr. Adhikari.

    • Truely Indian

      Yes, Mr. Goswami you are absolutely right…Thank You for your support

  • Vijay Salgotra

    Here is the list of scam, performed by BJP and their partners just 9 years ago:

    1. Tehelka.com, a website run by investigative journalism enthusiast showed BJP’s then president Bangaru Laxman taking bundles of cash as bribe

    2. UTI – United Trust of India, now doing business as Axis Bank, lost its money putting investors to the verge of loosing their money. Though the funds was managed well in UTI64, scam hit during NDA regime which created the loss. Few thousand crore money involved. The US-64 scheme had 2 crore investors, the bulk of whom were small savers, retired people, widows and pensioners. In 1998, the UTI crashed, and the BJP-led NDA government scrambled to organise Rs. 3,500 crore bail-outs to UTI. The capital of UTI fell by 33% from 75,000 crores to 50,000 crores, making this a 25,000 crores scam. Additionally public faith in financial institutions was completely eroded. In a global recession such a mistake would be catastrophic, it would retard and hamper the country’s chances of recovery turning it into a full blown crisis.

    3. BJP leader Sushma Swaraj and her close friendship with Reddy brothers, who are considered to be mining mafia in Andhra – Karnataka states is a known fact. She was considered as God mother for Reddy brothers.

    4. Soon after assuming office in 1999, the NDA government embarked on a full-scale privatisation programme, offering controlling stake in government-owned companies to “strategic partners”. Starting in January 2000, in less than two and a half years, the government sold controlling stake in nine companies, apart from 19 hotels at various locations belonging to the India Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC). The government earned Rs.5,544 crores from the strategic sale of the nine enterprises. Every single instance was controversial and initiated protests from the unions. The unions not only feared for workers’ jobs but alleged that the units were being sold for a song.

    5. BALCO SCAM: – Complete erosion of public money in the name of ‘disinvestment’. – The aluminium giant where missiles such as ‘Agni’ and ‘Prithvi’ were shaped, was sold to Sterlite company for a paltry sum of Rs.551 crore at a time when the assets alone were worth Rs.5,000-6,000 crore.

    6. Gujarat Cooperative Bank Scam 2003: – In Gujarat, the Narendra Modi Government had to pay out Rs. 870 Crore to small investors after the Gujarat Bank Scam of 2003 which led to the closure of 9 cooperative banks and 17 other being declared sick. – The administrator of the crisis-ridden Panchamahal District Co-operative Bank even registered a complaint against Gujarat Minister of State Prabhatsinh Chauhan and 28 others, alleging their involvement in the embezzlement of Rs 124 crore (Rs 1.24 billion) from the bank

    7. Centaur Hotel Scam: – In June 2002, the 288-room Centaur Hotel near Mumbai’s domestic airport was sold by the Hotel Corporation of India to Batra Hospitality, for Rs 83 crore. – *Within four months*, Batra Hospitality sold off the hotel property to the Sahara group *for Rs 115 crore, raking in a 35% profit*. – This leads to the inescapable conclusion that the bidding process of the hotel was blatantly rigged in favour of A. L. Batra, an industrialist with close ties to the RSS. – Validating the above theory, the Comptroller and Auditor General, in its report-2004, expressed *serious doubts on the methods used by the NDA government for computing the valuation of the underlying assets* in the matter of disinvestment of Centaur Hotel. CAG stated that the Government had *suffered a loss of rupees 145.69 crores in revenue in the sale of Centaur Hotel.

    8. Cybertron Technopolis Scam: • Another scam of Atal Behari Vajpayee Government relates to laying the foundation stone of a Software Technology Park, named as ‘Cybertron Technopolis’ by Atal Bihari Vajpayee. *The park was promoted by the same Johri brothers who were benefited by the UTI scam*. • The RSS man who facilitated this was Pradeep Narayan Mathur, who is a trustee of Vishwa Samvad Kendra in Lucknow and a senior member of VHP. *The Rajnath Singh government in UP collaborated in the venture by becoming a partner of the proposed IT park*. • Since the company had the blessings of the Prime Minister, the innocent public invested heavily in the company. • Evidence of the suspicious and ill-thought out nature of the venture: currently the promoter, Arvind Johri is under investigation by the CBI.

    Finally who is the winner in doing Scams?

    • Truely Indian

      List of Corruption under UPA Govt.
      1. Insurance Scam
      2. Telecom scam (Sukh Ram)
      3. HDW Submarine
      4. Bitumen scam
      5. Tansi land deal
      6. Securities Scam
      7. JMM Bribery Scandal
      8. St Kitts case
      9. Urea scam
      10. CRB Scam
      11. Anantnag transport scam
      12. 1971 Nagarwala scandal
      13. Fooder scam
      14. Churhat lottery scam
      15. Bofors Scandal (1990)
      16. Animal Husbandry Case
      17. Bombay Stock Exchange
      18. Hawala scandal (1993)
      19. Bangalore-Mysore Corridor
      20. Sukh Ram (1996)
      21. Fodder Scam in Bihar (1996)
      22. Kerala SNC Lavalin power
      23. Home Trade
      24. Ketan Parekh Scandal,
      25. Barak Missile Deal Scandal,
      26. Tehelka Scandal (2001)
      27. UTI Scam
      28. Taj corridor case (2002–2003)
      29. Telgi scandal (2003)
      30. DSQ Software
      31. IPO Scam- karvy
      32. Oil-for-food programme
      scam (Natwar) (05)
      33. Human Trafficking Scam
      (Babubhai Katara)
      34. Cash-for-votes scandal
      35. Satyam scandal
      36. 2G Spectrum- 2008
      37. Madhu Koda, laundering
      money Rs. 4000 Cr
      38. NREGA Scam
      39. CWG
      40. Adarsh

      41. Coal scam
      Now decide who is the winner?

      • santosh

        ALL COUNTRYMEN RESIDING BETWEEN HIMALAYA (HI) AND INDIAN OCEAN i.e. like moon shaped ,called INDU in Sanskrit = HI+INDU =hindu ,,JAGO hindu is not a caste,it is sanscriti/region.. thanks.

      • Patriot

        The Nehru family had looted this country for the longest period after independence. Nehru was a traitor and a man with a British mind inside his Indian body. The Congresswalas are worshippers of his family and supporters of minorities. Only BJP under Modi can save India and Hindus from the clutches of Muslimlovers like Congresswalas.

    • Truely Indian

      I can show you more if you seek like as
      commonwealth scam- suresh kalmadi (2010)

  • Jawahar Gandhi

    My dear Fellow Countrymen

    Modi is a sureshot oneway ticket to India’s doom. He is an anti-progress religious fanatic.


    • Bala

      Can you justify you point by showing some logic???

  • Truely Indian

    And what would you like to say about genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in 1989-1990? It was the whole ethnic cleansing. Around four to five lakh Kashmiri Pandits were displaced and thousands of kashmiri pandits were murdered on the name of zehad. Every year since that day, Kashmiri Pandits commemorate January 19 as Kashmiri Pandit Holocaust/Exodus Day, hoping to go back to their homes one day. The government of India have failed squarely to protect the Hindus against Islamic terrorism. And during Mujaffarnagar riots the police was instructed to become a silent spectators when a mob of muslims attacked with arms over a group of hindus returning from the peaceful mahasabha.The same congress government is responsible for the riots against sikhs in 1984.
    Second thing is when the Honorable Court has given Mr. Modi a clean chit on the charge you were talking about so there is no need to blame him anymore and insult our judiciary and thus constitution of India. People like you should not talk about justice since you see only one side of the coin. Shame on you to speak like that when you do not have faith in our judicial system.

  • lb

    BJP will get more than 290 loksabha seats. Since the Modi proved his ability in gujarath and whole world knows that. Every Indian is looking for development and life security.
    Congress is danger for the nation no security country got worst in all the sectors.
    Even Muslims are looking for Modi.

  • shakeel attar

    only congress will lead up-to 210 seat. Maharashtra NCp-con get above 50 seat.

  • Truely Indian

    Funny Answer to hide his inabilities

  • Bala

    Dumbest answer…

  • shan

    Congress Give Answer:
    can 20 years old boy visit police station?
    Will Police entertain him?
    can u give justice to defarmation case?
    if yes how many do u solved.
    can poor porson become doctor or engineer?
    as Fee is much more.
    So congress u go let other come.

  • Secular
  • P.Banerjee

    Modi is a player with data and history. How can he or his party believe that most indians are fool enough to accept his versions? The realities are coming out at a disturbing rate from wikileaks and other places. Just remember all the faith BJP and their allies had any leak from any goddamned source a few months back.
    Truth and data is for all time.


    It is obvious that BJP fans will put their best effort to fire Kejri or others, who are against Modi, to divert the false claim. There is a similarity between Chndrababu Naidu & Modi. Once that joker Naidu had claimed his Hydrabad has been molded by Gold AND Sri Naidu was finally finished by common people, because of his false claim. Modiji should learn this lesson and should avoid underestimating power of common man. Hence, via paid exist poll by involving 10 K people out of actual voter of 70 crore, dreaming for PM is Ok upto a certain time, but it cant sustain for long, look the followings:
    Exit poll: 2004:NDA is returning back in power with absolute majority.: We can recollect the actual result
    Exit poll 2009: NDA is winning. We know the result.
    Exit poll 2014: NDA wil win. We do not know the result, but the actual will be like: bankruptcy in BJP’s bank account, Paid Medias are soughting for their payment.


    Why not Modi & why UPAIII:
    We, are now in such a country which is Super-power specially in Naval Defense & Space and few other sectors.There are lot of developments done by present Govt. The list of following 9 important achievement during last 9 & ½ years tenure of UPA, it says that the present Govt should continue further::
    a) that we never thought of usage of mobile, AC, PC, costly houses, cars, fastest travelling, traveling by flight, etc, which we middle man have now,
    b) The benefit of RTI,
    c) 100 days work guarantee.
    d) Rajib Gandhi Gramin LPG Yojana. Implementation of full proof Indira Abas Yojna
    e) Right for Food (FSB) and APKA PAISA APKA HATME are likely to be introduced for obtaining direct benefit without any middleman interference
    f) The Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation and Resettlement Bill 2013 , and the Real Estate (Development and Regulation ) Bill 2013.
    g)Womem protection scheme
    h) Lokpal bill &
    i) Increased per capita income.
    1. Why not BJP? Modi is representing BJP. BJP once came to power by playing Hindu card, BJP knows how to gather massive crowd by attacking our emotion, Fake promise on Ram Mandir is live example
    2. BJP is trying to bring down the reputation of INC via our so called paid “media”, Middle class people are now aggressively attacking INC because of regular price hike of daily commodities Now Modi is trying to encash the emotion of few Indians who are suffering from recent hike of essential commodities,& we forgot that this was also in 2003, & power was shifted from BJP to UPA, Now, we came to know, who is involved in the conspiracy of recent price hike of essential commodities (another great Modi ? )
    3. We Indians are now aware about Modi’s knowledge on history, geography, economics. There are atleast 6 major mistake, I have observed, during his last 3-4 rally. Modi dont know the DOD of Shyama Prasad Mukherjee or where this renowned person expired.
    4. Thru paid media, he has massively highlighted Gujrat model. But,we failed to understand how he will make the balance India developed like “Gujrat”, when we have diversified culture. Probably, he do not have the answer and that’s why, he is diverting the core issue for which few Indians require change management.
    5. Modi is playing naughty politics, by personal criticism, attacking his opponents by violating model of conduct, as done by his ancestors in 1999-2004. Look the history of Gujrat, there is a continual improvement of Gujrat since independence. But Modi is trying to take full credit for the development. Is it not an insult to Gujratis or our previous CMs of Gujrat, by the sacrifice of whom, Gujrat is highlighted.
    6. Thru personal critisism, giving false information, using slang, making few Indians emotional, etc, Modi may be successful for a while, , but sustainability is question mark, 2004 may kindly be referred. We all know the result of the drama created by Sushmaji or Umaji on Soniaji in 2004. Modiji may kindly be advised for the consequences.
    7. Modi is not trained on “ how to be a good speaker” more will be detailed next time.….

    • Truely Indian

      Dear Chinmoy Adhikari aapko sharam nahi ati he itni safai se jhoot bolte ho aap aur common man ko aap fool samajhte ho? Dear countrymen I’ll prove that what he has spoken is a white lie but first let me clear that he seems to be a man of no dignity as sometimes he speaks that AAP should come in power and the other he speaks that the same UPA govt. should continue and tries to make you fool by showing false data…Mr. Kejriwal himself says that UPA govt. is corrupt and his so called supporter is admiring the UPA govt..why? Actually, Mr. Kejriwal and UPA is the name of same corrupt thinking. They are just trying to stop Mr. Modi because all Indians know how corrupt is UPA govt. and they will not vote for UPA and that is why UPA has played this game to place AAP in front of people so that after the elections AAP may stand with UPA to continue this corrupt govt. and make India emply of resources and wealth.

      • Truely Indian

        please read empty in place of emply*


        My dear so called Truely Indian, are you living out of India? Are you really not aware of above 9 achievements of UPA Govt? Very sorry to know that you become fool due to your too much affection on Modi, Tomorrow, you may ask who was Gandhiji or Netaji? You may replace Netaji Subhas by your so called RSS -ka chamcha Kishore Mod as Netajii. Har cheese me Modi Modi mat karo, thorase alag bhi soucho, nehito bibi-ko chorke bhagte rahoge Modi-ka taraf.
        Sorry, I do not want to hurt you in this way, but it was only due to over rection against your “white lie” word. Mind it, White lie is good for anybody, thats why such lie is demarked as white. Get detailed analysis from dictionery.

        • Truely Indian

          ha ha ha Mr. Chinmoy Adhikari you never answer my questions but only try to divert the topic by adopting cheap means and language like you said “RSS ka chamcha” and you are making personal comments now “bibi-ko chorke bhagte rahoge”…but I would like to assure you that I am a common man and I have affections with my family and so I’ll never leave. (History says that only the great people who think about the welfare of human being can dare to take this tough step of living without family by dedicating their lives for the sake of welfare of society.) Please keep that comment for yourself because if UPA comes in power again then you will have to repent kyuki mehngaai itni itni bad jayegi ki kahi aapki biwi khud aapko chor ke na bhag jaye isliye please reality ko dekhiye or NDA ka support kariye isi me sabki bhalai he…

        • Truely Indian

          The 9 so called achievements you are talking about in fact had been started by the NDA govt when Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee was the prime minister of India for 6 years and you now want to give all the credit to UPA govt. which ruled 10 years thereafter and could do nothing valuable but just the scams scams and scams I have provided the long list of scams done by UPA govt. please read that before admiring the UPA and please don’t change color like a chameleon sometimes with AAP and sometimes with UPA…India want Mr Modi this time…

        • Ramesh

          My dear chinmoy have you forgotten about inflation. I growth rate has been cut in half. Roads all suck. Poor are getting poorer. Rich are getting rich. Mabye you are part of the rich but I am an average citizen of India. The UPA government has had over 7 corruption scams in their 10 years in government. Please dont tell me they have achieved anything. Also please answer my comments if you have the guts because you have seemed to have ignored the other ones.

    • Truely Indian

      Hume good speaker nahi good creator chahiye Mr. Chinmoy Adhikari and that is only Mr. Modi ji I have been to Gujarat and then only I came to know the real meaning of development.

    • Truely Indian

      You have just spoken hatred against Mr. Narendra Modi and nothing valuable in that and those achievements you are talking were started by NDA govt. in its time of rule and there are many extra achievements of NDA govt. while. There are a lots of scams done by UPA govt. and India will ask hisab of that Now have a look on the achievements of NDA govt. in 6 six years compared to 10 years of UPA govt. thereafter:

      1.BJP govt of Vajpayee, setup Rs.1 crore award for DRDO scientists and technicians. Congress neglected them for 50 years

      2.NDA regime (just 6 years!) constructed 50% of national highways laid in last 30 years

      3.NDA’s Golden Quadrilateral Project, connecting Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai, completed 80% under NDA. 20% still going on by UPA in 10 yrs

      4.In first 46yrs, 260km of roads were added annually. In NDA rule, 4470km added/yr. This dropped to 1400km/yr in UPA watch http://centreright.in/2013/05/equating-bjp-with-congress-is-disingenuous/#.UZ5YxtgYHnQ

      5.Atal ji planned linking 37 rivers to get rid of the curse of droughts & floods.UPA came to power & pushed aside the plan citing cost reasons

      7.NDA Government approved new airports in Bengaluru & Hyderabad. NDA also approved the modernisation of Delhi and Mumbai airports.

      8.The first line of the Delhi Metro was inaugurated by Atal Behari Vajpayee, the then Prime Minister of India on December 24, 2002

      9.India decided to send a spacecraft to orbit the moon and map its surface in detail. It’s the country’s first probe to venture beyond Earth orbit. “I am happy to announce that by 2008 India will send a mission to the moon,” Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee said on 15 August in his annual Independence Day anniversary address. And its name, Chandrayan Pratham (the first journey to the moon), signals the country’s intention to launch additional missions.

      10.On December 25th 2000, Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister initiated the Antyodaya Anna yojana. Antyodaya Anna Yojana considers recognition of 1 crore families from the BPL families that will be given food granules at the tariff of thirty five Rs for each Kg for each family every month. The food granules will be given by the Indian Government at the rate of Rs. two for every one Kg for wheat & Rs. three for every one Kg of rice. The Indian Government proposes that in sight of miserable poverty of this cluster of recipients, the State Government can guarantee that last retail cost is kept at Rs. two for one Kg for wheat & Rs. three for one Kg. for rice.

      11.NDA started India’s first urban slum housing project – Valmiki Ambedkar Aawas Yojna: Lakhs of houses & society toilets for slum residents

      12.On July 15, 2003, Vajpayee launched the Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana (PMSSY) by laying the foundation for the Orissa branch of the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Bhubaneswar

      13.Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan or Education for All Movement, is an Indian Government programme aimed at the universalization of elementary education “in a time bound manner”, as mandated by the 86th amendment to the Constitution of India making free and compulsory education to children of ages 6–14 (estimated to be 205 million in number in 2001) a fundamental right. The programme was pioneered by Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

      14.The Constitution (Eighty-sixth Amendment) Act, 2002 inserted Article 21-A in the Constitution of India to provide free and compulsory education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years as a Fundamental Right.(RIGHT TO EDUCATION)

      15.The NDA government during its six years of rule was able to create much more jobs than the UPA did in eight years, indicating that the UPA regime did not create sufficient jobs.While 60 million jobs were created during NDA regime, a mere 2.7 million were created during UPA’s rule

      16.Average inflation during NDA was 3.5%, compared to 9.5% during UPA

      17.Foreign Exchange Reserves ; 400% at the time of 6 years NDA govt. while its was 140% for the first 5 years of UPA govt. and 16.7% for the second 5 years of UPA govt.

      18.Setting up a separate Ministry of Agro & Rural Industries ; In 2001, a new Ministry was setup with the objectives of facilitating coordinated and focused policy formulation and effective implementation of programmes, projects, schemes, etc., for improving supply chain management, enhancing skills, upgrading technology, expanding markets and capacity building of the entrepreneurs/artisans and their groups/collectives.

      19.ABV is also credited with telecom deregulation – Phone STD rates dropped from Rs.24 to Rs.5 & Incoming on mobile dropped from Rs.16 to 0

      20.The Freedom of Information Bill 2000 introduced in the Lok Sabha on 25th July 2000. Information is Power, and as the Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee stated, the Government wants to share power with the humblest; it wants to empower the weakest. It is precisely because of this reason that the Right to Information has to be ensured for all. (which UPA is claiming to be its RTI)

      Dear Indians I appeal please watch everything and vote of NDA this time for a good and corruption free and non liar government. JAI HIND

  • k v benny

    See mr. budda did’nt massacre people like mr. modi did it in 2002 riots, How wrong your perception of Mr. modi, u may go to gujarat and see the real picture as it is not coming outside. It is very horrible. I hope in this election modi may fail in Gujarat also.

    • Truely Indian

      My dear friend please read the verdict given by the honorable court before accusing Mr. Modi now I have been to Gujarat last year and I could see the development there and India does not run on your hope. Now, you answer me about the genocide of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir valley and who remained are still waiting for the justice Whose govt. was that time? in 1984 Sikh riots whose govt. was that time? It was congress but you can not see them right? Why only one community was arrested and imprisoned in Mujaffarnagar riots?

  • Prashant Das




  • Ramesh

    Forget the dumb comments of congress supporters. Show your patriotism by standing in that 5-hour line and putting in your vote for the BJP and for Modiji. You will definitely see me there putting my vote for a corruption free, economic reform minded leader like Modi ji. Please don’t forget to go vote for the BJP if you are a truly care about your nation!

    • Suneel

      I am with you and BJP (Y)

  • JAI HO

    V-Factor ka kamal the V3; Varanasi to Vadodara to Victory :)

  • Jai Ho

    V-Factor must work the V3; Varanasi to Vadodara to Victory :)

  • Jai Ho

    V-Factor must work the V3; Varanasi to Vadodara to Victory :)

  • Jai Ho

    V-Factor must work the V3; Varanasi to Vadodara to Victory :)

  • NRI rio fernandis

    Yes we r till in a goverment where 2 mere disclosed scam happened 11 lakh crore nd 1.72 lakh crore… No answers were given by the authority. Hope to change the govt to see a change in the clarity. Yes this time i support narendra modi hope he wins majority so not to see another goverment election…..Congress hatao desh bachao…. Issbaar modi sarkar….. Nice slogan by bjp people..
    Bst of lck.

  • Pream

    gujrat 231000 cr karz mie hai bhaiyon jago :(

    • Niyati

      Tere upar congress ka kitna karza he?


    Modi ka bacche now started narabaji “HAR HAR MODI” ? What happen to our so called Hinduparty fans? Mahadev ka sthan Modi ko diya jara hai? Inspite of your commitment / election manifesto, on re-construction of Ram Mandir in 1999, you people failed to do it. Look God is watching your such fake promise and your current gandha narabaji and you people will get the result very soon, i.e. on 16th May.

    • Parichay

      Abey chutiye Chinmoy tu to Mahatma Gandhi ke barey me janta he na unko to sara hindustan BAAPU kehke bulata tha aur shayad tu bhi kehta hoga aur hum sab kehte he to iska matlab ye to nahi ki wo teri ma ke pati the? wo to bas ek darza he jo respect ke roop me humne unko diya he yani pita ke saman respect ok aur hindu samaj ke barey me jaise tu bata raha tha ki tu Swami Vivekanand ko janta he to unhone kaha bhi tha ki Hindu samajh bahut hi udar he sadiyo se hindu sanskriti ne kai akraman jhele lekin fir bhi unka adar kiya aur hindu jab kisi ka adar karta he to usko bhagwan ka roop bhi deta he hai na? jaise ghar aya hua mehman kya hota ha? Dev (Atithi devo bhav) to isiliye agar jo log ye baat Modi ji ke liye bol rahe hein to kuch galat nahi he kyuki unhone itni respect di hai Modi ji ko lekin isme kahi bhi aisa nahi he ki bhagwan ka apman hua ho. Lekin tu to bika hua he jane kitno ke hatho to teri soch mar gai he abhi ja aur thoda sa achhe se padhai kar aur samajh history aur hindu sanskriti ko aur jahan tak result ki baat he to tu 16th May ka wait kar aur kosta reh aur hum eeshwar se prarthna karenge aur ashirwad lenge kyuki hum sachhe he aur hum jante he ki god is with us. to tumhare jaise log kuch nahi bigad sakte abhi chal nikal le aur padhai kar


        I am sure your respected father was not chutya, but how you born as chutya from a gentle behaviour and good working father?. Gandu, tu apna nam kiu nehi batate? Chupke gali kitna din dete rahoge? Agar himmat hai to tera parichaya de aur aake dekh, tera keha hal banatu hu. You bustard, when do not have digestion capacity, so do not put your comment. Listen, gali deke, apna himmat dekhake India rule nahi kar paoge. Dukh ka bat hai, tereko India-se pahlehi bhagana chahyeta..

        • Parichay

          Arey Arey kitna kheej raha he tu Chinmoy gussa aa raha he na? Well, mera father to nahi tha chutiya lekin tera pata nahi agar aisa hua to fir to jarur koi na koi panga hua hoga kyuki maine to simple sa ek example diya tha ki Gandhi ji ko hum log aur tu baapu bulata he to iska matlab ye to nahi ki wo teri ma ke pati the ye to bas ek respect he. Lekin tu jaise tilmila raha he to mujhe shaq hone laga he ab to. Aur jahan tak teri gaalion or dhamki ki baat he to apni aukaat me reh be kyuki main waise bilkul nahi hu ki tu mujhe ek gaal par marega to main dusra gaal dikha duga jabki tera wo hath hi tod duga samjha madarchod. Tu kya tere baap me bhi itni himmat nahi ki ek Indian ko India se bhaga sake kutte bhosriwale bangladeshi. Tere ko jarur tere desh bangladesh bhaga diya jayega lekin aur agar tu bolta he na to sunne ki bhi adat daal le warna bolna band kar de chutiye. Mera naam Parichay Singh hai aur main Mayur Vihar Delhi me rehta hu abhi bata diya na abhi jaise tu bol raha tha na ki aisa haal banayega chal agar himmat he to dikha kya karega tu hijre chakke kamine thuuuuu


        Bhosrike, tereko independance keha tera Modi diye? You bloody become too emotional on Modi fever and started talking against your mother, father, sister, wife and sons, Ruskel, tu tera partni khoega Modi-ka chakkarme.
        (Sorry for using such naughty comments, since I also failed to keep my patience after reading your slangs, which we people never preferred to use. Please exceuse me and you also use healthy comment, not by blaming others, you have right to say anything, which is also given by this INC Govt, but not at the cost of hurti ng others. You may prefer Modi, that does not mean that all people are fool like you and will support Modi)

        • Parichay

          Dekha akhir tu bhi hai to un congress walo ka hi chamcha na gali to dega hi tu kyuki tum congress walo ke to blood me he gali dena. Pehle danda maar do aur fir sorry bol do. Pehle roti, pani, makan, kapde cheen lo aur fir jakar aansu baha do magarmachh wale. Aur jo tu Rights ki baat kar raha he na to agar manavadhikar ayog na hota to tum log to humare bolne par bhi pratibandh laga dete ab tak. Lekin pehle ki congress me kuch achhe neta the jinhone hume ye adhikar diye the lekin aaj ki congress to sab corrupt hein sab bas apne ghar me bhar le rahe he loot liya India ko aur tu bhi unme se ek hai. Abhi tu meri patni ki chinta mat kar apni patni ko bacha kyuki mere sath to desh hai lekin teri congress apni naak ke niche delhi me jab mahilaon ki suraksha nahi kar sakti to fir desh me kaise karegi aur agar UPA bani to bhagwan na kare ki tu kabhi apni biwi ko Delhi lekar jaye aur kuch ho jaye to fir chillana mat rotna mat. (Nirbhaya Dekh rahi he tum jaiso ko bhi)


    BJP ka bacche, what happened to all of you, why you people are silent on ill-behaviour of Modi, How much money you people have got for such campaigning? Why Advaniji, Jaswant , MM Joshiji and other senior leaders will be tortured by 1 OR 2 LEADER of BJP. Can you forget, who was founder of present BJP, can you forget, how BJP came in power from 1 seat in loksabha? Further why Lord Shiva (God) will be replaced by Modi? How you so called Hindu people are tolerating such silly games of Modi. Think again for your emotional support to Modi.

    • Pawan

      Mr. Chinmoy tum to BJP ka virodh kar raha tha fir ye achanak se itna pyar kaise jaag gaya ki who was founder of BJP? suno tumhari ye sari strategies fail he abhi bak bak karna band karo aur chup chap count down shuru kar do kyuki Modi Govt. aa rahi he tumhare jaise choro corrupt aur chapluso aur dhokebajo aur bhadkane wale logo ko saja dilane


        Dukh ka bat hai jo tumoko humlog bina saja chor diye the, antocipating that you people will be corrected soon. People could not anticipate the ill-.behaviour of you Modi people. Avi bhi time hai, remove your namak haram behaviour.

        • Pawan

          Is desh me tumhare jaise gaddaron ke liye hi honorable court bana he warna tum log to kabka kha gaye hote desh ko bechkar. Aur rahi baat tumhare saja dene ki to tumko judge kisne banaya? Tum kon hote ho chorne wale? Judiciary hai is desh me aur tum certainly chief judge to ho nahi? aur ill behaviour ki baat rahi to sun le tere Imran Masood ne kya kaha tha? Namak Haram ho tum. Jab tak is desh me Nyaypalika hai tum jaise kutton aur deshdrohiyon ki nahi chalegi

        • jadu

          Tera Kapil Sibbal kehta hai ki uska beta terrorists ka case ladega shame shame


    Look the behaviour of some chamcha of Modi. I do not mind if they want to cast their vote to Modi, because all have right to cast.But that does not mean that other will follow the same wrong path.Sapna dekhna bahut asan hai, but what will happen, when you people will come to know the fate of Modi? Considering the current poll survey, if BJP-NDA get 220, from where BJP will get remaining 52? Nitish, Mamata, Biju? All these 3 unique leaders will support BJP, if Modi withdraw his nomination to Advaniji. Then my Modi chamcha will be where?

  • SK

    BJP gets 325

  • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu


    • Gp Sharma

      If you spit into the sky, it falls into your eye.

      • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ BabaJika Thullu

        RIP – ur english . its comedy

        • Gp Sharma

          You and your English both are nonsense

      • No Party only real vote

        Every body knows about corruption in India about crime in India. If you don’t know about corruption and crime in India then first go Google and search corruption and crime you all will definitely cry. Aap ek bar ye ehsas karke dekhiye ki kya gujarta hogan jab pure ke pure pariwar ko kaat diya jata hai. jab aapka bana bunaya karobar ujad diya ja, kya hota hai jab aapko padh likhne ke bad bhi naukri ke jagah suicide karni pad jai… Aur ye sab kuch India me roj hota hai lekin iska jimmedar wo hota hai jo mukhiya hota hai aur peechle 60 salo se mukhiya kaun hai ye aap sab jante hain magar aab ye bhi samajhne ki jarurat nahi hai ki aab kya karna hai . Lekin ye ish desh ka durbhagya hai ki sab kuch jante hue bhi ish desh me Atal Bihari jaisa neta har jata hai

        • Gp Sharma

          Right Man! vote for BJP this time kafi kuch achha hoga jarur I know

  • Kumar Sharad

    Farziwal is a media hype created by Congis to counter Modi. Congis know Owl baba’s capability hence they are promoting Farziwal. However the governance displayed by AAP at Delhi, Khujli’s u-turns, Media fixing exposure and other controversies, AAP doesn’t stands a chance even in state elections.

  • modiaunty

    har har modi, ghar ghar modi….

  • A Indian unhappy with INC

    congress will be defeated by BJP,
    congress is the most communal party in the history of Indian.
    it has played the secular card all these years which will not work for them in 2014.
    Indian voters cannot be cheated now.
    down down congress

  • Rangnath

    BJP will get more than 300 seats We are expecting more and more from modiji

  • goutam.dantapally

    narendra modi(BJP) party will get more than 220 loksabha seats in 2014 elections. BJP party will form govt in 2014.

  • samir

    we want stable government i think modi can give allah save india

  • rr

    BJP will be voted for 300 plus.All others are bullshit politics

  • rr

    Mental slavery to arab culture and their dog pakistan is the secular ideology of congress and its B team.BJP is the real secular party.

  • mukesh hindu….

    Har Har MODI….

    Hindu samrat….

    Jisse chatna h usse chaato
    Fir 16 may k baad muh chupana mat
    Face krna logo se tum….

    Yaha to Vijay hi Vijay h

    MoDI Modi Modi

  • Monty Agrawal

    ME CHATTISGARH SE PURE SURVE KO JAKA KIYA HA:- MANA AAM- PUBLIC SE DIRECT JAKA SURVEY ME DEKHA KI CHATTISGARH KE RESULT KI 24%-Congress. 74% Bjp ki hai. 4%-aap & other party ka public result. asa pure public cong.se parashan hai. kuki enka nata ko voting ke bad dekhta nahi hai.or bhastachar se log bahut jada pareshan hai .men udesh public ke man me thanliye hai ki use congress ko jabarjast harana hai. or sabak sikhana hai. or bjp ke 45% ki pasand pm modi ji hai jo ki baki kuch bhi nahi dekna chahta hai. unke dil me kawal modi ji -modi ji hai. Bahut lokpriya modi hi ki hai. our vidhan sabha me congress ki leader ki wajha buri tara 4 state me hari thi. to bhikoi sabak nahi ley. aga public ke dil se congress ka man se safaiya ho gaya hai asa rawaeya me congree chattisgarh se saafe ho jayegi .or congress ki har unke kuch nata ka chalta hoi hai phir bhi nahi interfaer kiya or public ko use party me bahut jada gunda raj lagta asa me congress buri tarah hare gi. or aga ana wala same bhi adam safe ho jayegi……….
    …From:- PUBLIC SERVANT & PRESS REPORTER C.G. Jai Bharat…….

  • swaran Singh

    BJP , Shivsena , Akali’s & TDP will alone get the numbers. Na Mo is the hope.
    India is waiting for Namo for the last 67 years. Jai Hind.

  • purna chandra sahu

    Let Modi should give a chance for changing a traditional context.

  • jhandSARKAR

    BJP ki har baar ki tarah chaddi last minute mein utregi

  • Nilesh Dsilva

    media chor how loan did your channel take from mukesh ambani???????????

  • Jacob Ks


  • Jacob Ks


    • Mohammed Saad

      haha, joke of the day

  • vijaya

    poll outcome will be contrary to predictions

  • sumit

    Modi will create history this time and will win up to 70 seats in UP alone

  • farukh

    Jeshe bhi aane do Corruption Rahega, Sabhi ko Paisa aur Power chahiye, soniya ho ya rahul, Narendra Modi ho ya Arvind Kejriwal ya phir Koyi baba ya Maa.

  • mansukh

    Inadin leader is modi lion.more than 280 seat in loksabha.gujarat lion is a great.

  • Monik Soni

    Lootero ke din ab bhar gaye ….lagaayege log inhe fatkaar ….abki baar Modi sarkar !!



  • Rajiv

    May 16 will tell everybody there was no Modi wave

  • jasmeet

    abki baar modi sarkar … there is a modi wave in this country

  • Akthar Ahmed

    In my opinion Bjp Will get 150 Seats Congress 100 Seats Third Fort 134 Others

  • http://nothapenning.blogspot.in/ nothapenning.blogspot.in

    BJP and RSS Bullies- THIS IS A FACT
    remember…their cadre beating youths on V-DAY

    We dont want moral police in my country
    i dont want RSS Cadre to snoop me outside my college and at bars….

    • Monik Soni

      Bullies are called those who cant protect women..
      Bullies are those who consider rape as a minor crimes
      Bullies are those who likes viewing pornography in parliament….
      Bullies are those who doesnt take a single step against pakistan when our innocent soldiers were killed by decapitation
      Bullies are those who run out of goverment instead of completing peoples promises which were given.


  • jai ho

    Above Exit Phool is complete corrupted/rigged, Blackmoney influnced Exit phools

    There are strongest PM candidates in or outside non cong./bjp parties.

    (which comprises more than 250+ votes) NDA 165+35= 190 Cong 80

    Strongest in Administration : Myawati, Naveen Patanaik

    Strongest in Clean Govt : Kejriwal, Nitish

    Strongest in Socio Economy : Manik Sarkar

    Strongest in Public Motivation : Jaya Lalita

    Strongest in developing Youngster(pol) : MSY

    Others unknown faces

    AAP 20 (Delhi 5, Mumbai 2, Bihar 2, Bangalore 2, Gujurat 1, UP 5)

    3rd front

    SP 25

    JDU/JDS 25

    Left 35

    YSR 15

    others front

    BSP 35

    BJD 15

    AIDMK 30

    NCP 20

    outside support from other regional parties 25-40

  • priya

    This time its Modi only

  • raj

    Do worry …. congress will win

  • Karthik V.S

    bjp will get 180 seats maximum……that too i think they cant achieve……rajasthan,madhyapradesh,gujarat are the states which bjp sweeps completely……they get a bit from bihar…..they claim 40-50 seats in UP which is the biggest joke of 2014…….they willnot get any seats from kerala……just a couple of seats from tamilnadu……maximun 8 seats from karnataka and max 6 from seemandra,telangana they willbe 0.Orissa they willbe 0.West Bengal they willbe 0.Jharkand,Punjab,Haryana,Uttarakhand,Himachal Pradesh together they will get only upto 25 seats……..BJP GETS 180 MAXIMUM AND NDA MAY GET TO 200-210……STILL MAJORIY OF INDIANS THINK SECULARISM NEEDS TO BE IN POWER RATHER THAN COMMUNALISM…….

  • Bidyut

    Why are you all shouting MODI, MODI I don’t like or support congress, BJP and any others Party.. My opinion is that MODI never = respected AVP. Let him try one and hundred .

  • samuel anilkumar

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsfgqb8972g ( who ever suppports BJP see this video…) what happened in Gujarat..Then tell if you want to support narendra modi.

  • Bossap

    This time AAP will surprise everybody bu winning 100+ seats.

  • Ashirwad Patil

    High inflation, weak border security, aggression by neighbors due to weak leadership, high level of corruption, Sonia becoming richest day by day, Inability to control increasing population rate, remote control on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh asking peoples to have a strong leadership. Even a sane Muslim would are looking for a strong leader like Mr. Modi.

  • sanju

    hey guys why are u all fighting about all these. Just wait and watch what is going to happen on 16th May. Then we will conclude that what we stand for



  • Arvind

    There is no difference between BJP and Congress. whoever come in rule ultimately India will be the target of loot.

  • kvsn

    let us wait & after results modi will send all congress dustbins to jail

  • kapil patel

    307 BJP

  • Agony Of India

    who is nira radia, does any one remember her, i will make you easy to
    remember her, she is a corporate-media-broker who helped in setting
    deals for the corproates, Government of India has about 348 hours of
    edited transcript with them which involved top leaders of all the
    parties, irrespective of congress, bjp or any other regional party, top
    IAS and IPS officers of India who are serving and some of them retired,
    and the so called fourth estate of India Top journalists, Rajdeep
    Sardesai, Barkha dut, prabhu chawla, veer sanghi, etc., etc., all the
    top media houses of india and they have the transcripts of top business
    men right from ratan tata so called shudd desi dood ka dhula business
    man, mukesh ambani, gautam adani, all of them are there so always
    remeber media house ka aur business man ka koi desh nahi hota na hi unme
    desh bhakti hoti hai, this is the fate of india no politician can
    change it only a revolution that every corrupt should be hanged in the
    middle of a x road then we can expect a change….. so don’t argue or support anyone wait and watch who will do what, and who has done what…….

  • Somsubhara Chatterjee




  • Ujwal Latkar

    There is always, a question mark hangs over the reliability of television anchors,
    columnists and poll pundits. The rewarded media always find some hypothesis to
    set up victory of their purchaser – High turnout theory is one of them.

    The opinion polls got it wrong in 2004 and 2009: Will 2014 be different?

    Opinion polls in India, a question mark hangs over their reliability. The election prediction in India is a notoriously unreliable exercise. It suffers from the political biases of the polling agencies and news outlets that produce the polls.

    A History of Inaccuracy In the last two Lok Sabha elections almost all pollsters got it horribly wrong. In the 2004 elections, nearly all pre-election polls suggested a robust victory for the BJP and its allies. The polling agencies and media outlets were left red-faced when the results showed a Congress Party upset.

    In the 2009 elections, most polls predicted the winning alliance correctly, but were off the mark on seat projections. “Polls were saying that the UPA would reach 180 to 185, nobody expected it to cross 200, and the final tally of the UPA was 262 seats.

    The history was repeated in Delhi Assembly elections, pre-election polls suggested AAP will reach to 2 to 4 seats only.

    Indians are tired and frustrated with corrupt BJP and Congress.

    BE SURE…..Everyone from PAID Media, BJP and Congress will have shock on 16th.

  • Pravesh

    Bhai log election wo log lad rahe hai aur aapas me lad hum rahe hai, Party kisi ki bhi aaye desh ka uddhhar nahi hone wala aur jo ye kehta hai ki BJP ke aane se desh me tarrakki karega to wo log past bhi dekh le ek baar ye pehli baar nahi hai ki BJP firs time election nahi lad rahi hai iske pehle bhi ladi thi aur jeeti thi par kya kiya unhone isliye desh ki janta ne unhe ulte mooh gira diya, is baar shayad wo haal congress kaho par desh kabhi nahi sudharne wala ye BJP aur Congress wale ye tay kar ke aaye hai ki kabhi hume lootne ka mouka do to kabhi tum luto. is Baar BJP wale election jeetne ke baad lutenge q ki unka 10 yrs ka fast tut jayega wo 10 yes se bhukhe hai dekh lena. Jai hind Jai bharat.

  • anita

    sab bewfuf log bar bar ,malum hone ke bad bhi ki ye dono party janta ko bewkuf banati hai kyo log enke zase me ate hai samz nahi ata?Esak a matalb yahi hai ki jyadatar log corrupt ho juke jinhe sirf BJP congress hi bhati hai joki puri taraf corrupt logose bhari hui hai Bahut kam achhe log bache hai jo sabhi bato ko samzate hai kis taraf enka pesha ho chuka hai logo ko bewfuf banana Ab to bas es desh crorepati logo ki sankhya din dini rat chouguni hongi kyo jo mal lagaya hai election me use kai guna to wasul karna hi hai Aur uska to marna hi hai leki kya kare samaz nahi pata kya kare jakar kamal ya panje par chhap markar ata hai phir 5 sal tak gali deta hai yahi to fayda hai garibi anpadh rakhane ka logo ko

  • SafePropertiesManagement Servi

    I heard Robert Vadera was doing both Priyanka and barmaid too. Combo deal I guess.

  • rahul or arvind ka baap modi

    chinmay teri gand fat gayi ab …modi aarahe hain ot tum jaiso ki dash dash ek kar denge bhaaaagooooo kamino desh chod ke ab…kyuki abki bar modi sarkar

  • vivekair

    BJP 300+

  • Dharmendra Singh

    BJP 286
    CONG. 92
    SP 9
    BSP. 16
    AAP. 3
    RLD. 2
    OTHER. 134

  • Fidah khan


  • Shemej Vm

    Most surveys are predicting that BJP may emerge as the single largest party after 2014 Loksabha election. And interestingly, all surveys indicate that, BJP may perform unexpectedly well in the states Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra.

    Of course, I have noted Seema’s article appeared in http://www.thecitizen.in. The article is interesting and important too. A detailed response to this is given here – http://moronsview.blogspot.in/2011/05/2014-loksabha-election-resuts-congress.html

    I have a feeling that BJP may get slightly lower number of seats in Uttar pradesh and Bihar, than what is predicted. In these states Anti Modi votes may get consolidated behind other opponents. (the Surveys can only predict the current mood. It can not accurately predict the results if there is transferring of votes to defeat leading candidates in individual constituencies.
    People dont vote in favour of a party. But they vote against a party. When people look other parties, they know there are good parties at local level. But they dont want to vote to a regional party which may not be able to influence govt at center. In short, people want to sense that his/her vote is actually making some influence somewhere. BJP emerged as the main opposition of Congress only because of this tactical transferring of votes to the main opponent party at National level. But that very process has created other frictions at regional level. Now there are small groups– caste groups and religious groups— who NOW WANTS TO DEFEAT the already emerged leader party. The second level of re-alignment takes place as a response to the first level of re-alignment.

    This last moment re-alignment wont happen till the last few days. this can not be judged by election surveys. Let us wait and see.

  • Rahul Singh

    Kya yaar lets wait for 16th may, later we all will celebrate freedom from slavery. I mean congess free india. Its not a question of how many seats BJP will win as every one is doing his homework and assembeled together to stop modi. But we are confident to win the majority.

  • vinayak suragond

    BJP will get around 250 seats only due to Modi factor

  • venkateswarlu kommi

    why r u showing AAP photo here?
    AAP may hardly get 10 seats or even less.


    Easy WIN for BJP, Modi Congrats

  • boss


    Next goverment will ruled by the support of communist.

  • gogiapasha

    this is not modi’s ability he is illiterate .this is because peoples are against congress .

  • Mahesh Narwade

    I agree chinmoy. We should respect such wise elders like sonia gandhi. She is the best teacher for corruption

  • thakur gaurav



    BJP will get more than 300 +

  • Arpudharaj

    Indians only should rule India. Indian Iron lady and Italian DD her heirs are just comedians in her drama. Indian are not fools. Its enough that Congresswalas cheated the peoples and ruined this country to their extreme extent. Each and every Indians understood the congresswalas atrocities and how much they were spoiled our motherland. The order of the day will prove on 16th May that Modi will be the savior of the India. Now the India will go on Mod’s good administration and noble path.


    BJP will get more than 290 loksabha seats. Since the Modi proved his ability in gujarath and whole world knows that. Every Indian is looking for development and life security.Congress is danger for the nation no security country got worst in all the sectors.Even Muslims are looking for Modi.We should respect such wise elders like sonia gandhi. She is the best teacher for corruption

  • kk

    BJP Won Nr. 230. and con. nr 65

  • Sureshgvr

    NDA is heading for a Triple Century.

  • A B Mehta

    Modiji is a clear winner. Now why are we abusing? Abusing period is over. Now let us be prepared for strong and some times painful actions from Modiji. I am sure he is not becoming PM of this great country to keep on calling names. He has to deliver and deliver he must. Congress was sure to loose as their leaders were fighting among each other and Gandhi family was pulled in just to keep them together. This can not go on for ever. Legal actions have to be hastened to punish the guilty of ALL scams. Most of the faults, apart from poor leadership, rests with the Babus at the centre and states. They have now a strong leader who has kept them under thumb in Gujarat. Judicial system and police reforms must be the first priority.

  • Aneesh

    Check out my predictions at aneeshl.wordpress.com

  • hiranmoy

    chinmoy, we can’t say others such a language on a discussion table

  • hiranmoy

    we want no body should beheaded by any means, if it happened some corrective step should be taken to make our existence clear to the world,

  • hiranmoy

    The family should give up now, After transfer of Power we the Indian are must know the Original history, As per right to information we must know the where about our Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

  • kshirod

    modi is our next PM

  • Karamvir

    Matlb had ae tum logo ki,hindu,muslim,caste,
    Inke upar congress apna vote bank bnati hai aur jis admi se apni constituency ne sadak ni bani vo kya desh chalayega,me ni kehta modi is the best but better than rahul,we have to choose some one and so let it be modi this time,unko 10 saal diye hai 5 bjp ko de ke dekho and yr normal log yha pe itne aggresive nai hai,bas party workers yan jinka fund gya hua hai kisi party ke sath vo aggressive hai,chill maaro and ye hindu musl sikh isaai na kiya kro because ye aapki rudivaadi soch btati hai and it is not a good mentality if u want to see a progressive nation,laddo mat,desh ko bchane ke liye koi solution nikalo…god bless all indians

  • Sathya Kumar D

    Its an political Tsunami of MODI, all veteran politician are feared to see their forecasting of future, this will bring a end. All party have given MODI a negative certificate, hope everyone will be in line to prove themselves, what they have earned in politics from day one.

  • http://biggboss-8.com/ Bigg Boss 8

    Bigg Boss 8—- http://bit.ly/1nb4hOE

    Bigg Boss 8 Contestants http://bit.ly/1gybtNh

    Salman Khan to host Bigg Boss Season 8 http://bit.ly/1so4pIj

  • unni menon

    BJP has been attacked by pseudo secularist to woo minorities. It is the his torical inevitability that the downtrodden willcome up one day. hell with the so-called secularism — Unni Menon

  • unni menon

    Hindus in India are the most persecuted in the whole world history. — For 53 generations. The invaders from Bin Kasim to The British Has done the most cruel and inhuman attack on them . There is no adjectives to explain it. But we are taught by our congress government to call these butchers and demonbs GREAT. shame with our Hist6ory . shame with the Congress Govt ruled 50 years

  • Padmajan S

    Every Indian is looking for development NOT REPEAT NOT CORRUPTION. tanx.

  • pradeep sharma

    all the exit poll will go wrong.

  • Sandy

    Hi friends I had read some comments regarding hindu and Muslims conflict, I have a message to Muslim friends, we won’t hate all Muslims, we hate only those Muslims who supporting Pakistan,

  • Murli

    We always trust these parties.We have seen congress,let see BJP as well..Then after again some party born…then we say again the same…is there any HOPE!!!!

  • Chakravarthy

    will definitely become the pm… He is the real man with courage to
    take india to new heights… Not like that congress idiots who only care
    about filling their pockets… Aren’t there any muslims living in
    Gujarat??? How many cases of muslims getting killed in gujarat have you
    heard in recent times???? There was a time when the muslims can’t enter
    into hindu areas and hindus cannot enter the muslim area… Modi is the
    only one who brought an end to that… Modi is much respected among the
    Gujarati muslims… Congress is just creating hatred for him among
    muslims for their political benefit… They are not done with looting
    our country…

  • Priyankar

    I am curious about the number of NOTA votes……

  • nasir

    IN NDA government terrorist in parliament,I/C 814 highjack,aksardham attack & many more terroriest attack in india pl tally also lpg & petrol price in 2002 ready to pay.


    Only one person was a good person in congress, but he was only rubber stamp.
    Most of the persons are good in BJP who want to make one person on top to do solid work not be as rubber stamp.

  • Swapnil Undale

    Research Methodology used in conducting Exit poll surveys play an important role in determining the accuracy of results. To know more follow –

  • Suneet Yadav

    NDA will Get 325 Seats

  • Sikar Live

    namo will be winne of this 2014 Lok Sabha election results


    I like the Minorities to accept the verdict and forget the crocodile tear support given by INC last 60 years and kept them as vote banks, and even though in 2014 they have not voted for BJP and MODI, to live for development and prosperity and participate in the national agenda and Ram Rajya where all are equal and life will be like heaven, and good education for children, work for all, business to flourish, and no to riots and there is a good chance to forget the past and live fresh, I dont know how far this will be understood and how much they will be capable of accepting the truth

  • Nunu

    Gadha GP kuch to bol…chup kyun hai??

  • Nunu

    RSVP-Rahul, Sonia, Vadra, Priyanka ka paribar to gaya

  • rohit

    abki bar modi sarkar

  • JaggaJigga

    Go to Pakistan where every day temple churches are torched. Go Go Go.

  • Siddharth Sidh

    Lo bhai jaha pe public apne leaders k liya ek dusre ki maa behan gin de waha p neta kaise na ghotale kare… Chahe Modi ho ya Soniya, BJP ho ya Congress, both parties know how to play wid mind of Indian Aam Aadmi… So dear frineds first respect each other and den ask the questions… Its not about Modi or Soniya, its about Us… Ask questions from dem not wid each other… Let dem protect damselfly. May be BJP win May be next tym Congress, so what will make the difference if our attitude will be same… Congress done some scams, BJP too will follow the same… Jago India Jagoo….

  • anilsing

    Ab ki modi sar kar modi win

  • Swapnil Undale

    Exit polls took hattrick… History repeated….follow link…

  • Sonali Dash

    definitely congress is danger for our country.The fraud & cheater Govt………..After A Long Period Of Time We Get A Real Man……………….That’s Modi Sarkar

  • sanjeet roy

    abki bar modi sarkar

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    apki bar modi sarkar

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    har har modi ghar ghar modi

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    modi sarkar jindabad

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    i am be happy

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    Dear, in fact, I have reacted in your mail to know and to expose the culture of Modi’s blind supporter like you. I never quoted your either parents as Gadha or gadhi, because in our culture, we respect all elders. I also never quoted any offensive comment like you did. Now, you judge, why I have remarked you as Gadha.

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    good evening

  • Ganesh kumar Sharma

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live

    Modi Sarkar long Live



  • sinjita


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