Narendra Modi: 16 things to know about the would be Prime Minister of 16th Lok Sabha Elections

narendra modi

Narendra Modi – Gujarat Chief Minister who became the face of Bharatiya Janata Party during the 16th Lok Sabha Elections is more than just a party leader. Modi has evolved as a brand and however his opponents may deny of the ‘Modi Wave’ deep down in their hearts they fully agree with the fact that it is not just Modi wave but a tsunami that is beating down the popularity charts. Narendra Modi – an able leader, a party face and supremo of Bharatiya Janata Party has always remained an object of interest among the people for his great personality and idealistic yet contemporary thoughts. We take a look at 16 things about Narendra Modi – a leader that eclipsed every other face in the politics during this 16th Lok Sabha Elections.

1. Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on 17th September, 1950 to Damodardas Mulchand Modi and his wife, Heeraben. He was third of six children. He was born in a family of grocers. As a child Narednra Modi helped his father at his tea-stall.

Narendra Modi 123

2. Narendra Modi always kept quite on the topic of his marriage. The BJP prime-ministerial candidate finally after remaining silent in the previous four campaigns acknowledged Jashodaben Chimanlal as his wife during filing the nomination form for the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. Narendra Modi had a child marriage with Jashodaben at the age of 13 according to the tradition of his family. But Modi never accepted this marriage as he was inclined towards RSS and decided to lead a bachelor life. And so did Jashodaben who also decided to live her life as single.

3. Narendra Modi was very patriotic since an early age of 15. He volunteered to serve the soldiers during Indo-Pak war of 1965. Narendra Modi had keen interest in lives of ascetics. He was highly interested in their lifestyle and he ran away from home and lived along with Sadhus and finally reached Himalayas where it is assumed he lived for two years.

Narendra Modi 12

4. Narendra Modi is said to have learnt the true meaning of hardship and determination during the time he spent the time selling teas along with his brother at State Transport Office in Ahmedabad.

5. Narendra Modi became the longest-serving Chief Minister in Gujarat’s history. Modi was in power for 2,063 days continuously when he resumed CM post in 2007. He took oath to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time in 2001. Currently he is serving his fourth consecutive term as Gujarat CM.

6. Narendra Modi during the phase of his sanyasi had just two pair of clothes but the likely Prime Mnister has been very particular about the way he looks in the public. He is very particular about wearing wrinkle-free and ironed dresses. He has favourite cloth store Jade Blue of Ahmedabad which he prefers for his dresses. Modi makes sure he looks in top shape when in public. This makes him different from the politicians and helps in building the brand Modi.

Narendra Modi 231

7. Narendra Modi might not have been provided with a visa in 2005 to US but the irony is Modi has done a three month course in public relations and image management in US. No wonder Modi knows how to strike chord with his audience. He has been charismatic throughout his rallies and has generated the much required boost Bharatiya Janata Party needed this Lok Sabha Elections 2014.

8. Narendra Modi has a brilliant sense of humour. The opposition may find it questionable but nobody can deny there is a tinge of witty one-liners which has the audience in splits. He is outspoken and be it during the rallies or giving interviews, Narendra Modi has been the man of this political season.

9. Narendra Modi fasts all nine days during Navratra every year. He has only one fruit a day during this time. Modi has built a Rs 70 crore-plus Shaktipeeth parikrama on the Gabbar hillock.

Narendra Modi 14

10. Narendra Modi may come across as conservative personality but is an enthusiast when it comes to technology. He does not miss to check news about himself everyday on internet. He is also very fond of latest collection of watches.

11. Narendra Modi sleeps only four hours. He is a workaholic. He reports to his office around 7 in the morning and works as late as 10 or even late in the night. He likes to keep a tab on every change and makes sure to keep all the clippings of what his opposition or critics have to say about him.

12. Narendra Modi who is well known for his particularity about the way he looks is very popular among the females. He is the second most followed Indian politician on Twitter after Shashi Tharoor.

Narendra Modi 321

13. Narendra Modi’s hobbies are photography and poetry. He loves writing and he is major contributor during his rallies speeches. Narendra Modi also held an exhibition of photographs clicked by him.

14. Narendra Modi is vegetarian and likes Gujarati snacks like Bhakhri. He is also said to be a loner and an introvert. He is said to have no best friends but just a personal staff of three persons.

15. Narendra Modi appeared on the cover Time magazine’s Asian edition. It is one of the very few politicians to grace the cover of the prestigious magazine. He also featured in Time’s 2014 Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world.

16. Narendra Modi idolizes Swami Vivekanand and Indira Gandhi.


Narendra Modi is likely to be the next Prime Minister of India as the results discloses within few hours. There is no doubt that Modi emerged as the biggest leader in the Lok Sabha Elections 2014. The cliche line of ‘ Love me or Hate me but you cannot ignore me’ fits perfectly to Narendra Modi. One of the fiercest leaders to be seen in the present age is – Narendra Modi.

Photo Credits: Narendra Modi Facebook Pages and Agencies

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    Satish Chandra

    • Rohit

      so u mean our RAW and their CIA are working together? And i know these intelligence agencies have lots of upgraded technology and resources, but isnt it too unbelievable that EVM machine can be controlled via Satellites?

  • hemenparekh

    24 hours to

    In another 24 hours , exit polls will become obsolete when
    election results start pouring in

    And as the sun rises in the sky on 16th May , usual games
    will play-out on TV channels

    * CLAIM

    In this game , the
    main players will be the leaders of BJP and its pre-poll allies

    All of these leaders will claim personal credit for BJP’s
    victory – without appearing to offend the Great NaMo !

    They will tell the TV anchors :

    There never was any doubt that we will win

    We had told you so , all along

    NaMo wave was unstoppable

    People were fed up of UPA’s failures

    This is the beginning of the end of the Dynasty Rule

    We will not be vindictive ( – except in case of RSVP ! )

    We gracefully accept the mandate given to us by people to
    bring in Good Governance

    People want Gujarat Model replicated all over India and we
    will do it

    * BLAME

    This game will be
    played by leaders of Congress and its UPA allies

    They will try to hide their faces on TV channels ( – now I
    understand why police cover up the faces of alleged culprits ! )

    But if caught unaware by those intrepid roving journalists /
    cameramen , they will mumble in inaudible voices :

    We humbly accept the verdict of the people

    We honour their wishes ( though much against our wishes ! )

    We will play the role of a responsible opposition ( – but
    make no mistakes , at every small opportunity , we promise to disrupt the
    working of the Lok Sabha , better than what BJP ever managed )

    RSVP had nothing to do with our defeat

    Our Working Committee / Parliamentary Board will examine the
    reasons why people dumped us ( – and find some scapegoats ! )

    After all , we have been playing this game for over 65 years
    and know too well that you cannot fool all the people all the time !

    You win some , you lose some

    We will emerge stronger by 2019 ”

    * AIM GAME

    This game will be
    played out by the Third Front political leaders whose only ” Aim ”
    was to remain ” Relevant ” in the Lok Sabha !

    These leaders will be saying

    As a Third ( rate ? ) Front , we have emerged stronger

    So what , if we cannot form the Government ?

    We cannot even agree on who is our Prime Ministerial
    candidate !

    But can’t you see that we are M-powered ? ( Maya / Mamta / Mulayam ) – with 3
    potential PMs ?

    As always , we will continue to provide NaMo , our ”
    Issue – based ” support ( – the
    only issues being , withdrawal of all
    scam-related cases / disproportionate assts cases / CBI investigations,

    etc , against our Behenji / Didiji / Netaji )

    And of course , grant of ” Special Status ” to
    W.Bengal / Bihar / UP / Tamil Nadu / Odisha / Seemandhra etc

    On 16th , switch on your TVs to witness the ” Grand Finale ”

    * hemen parekh
    ( 14 May 2014 / Mumbai )

  • Sree kumar kanavillil


  • milapsharma

    The next pm n modi

  • siran

    we need natonalisation the water dnt forget permanent PM by tamilnadu pepole

  • kedarnath

    he artful regards to our new PM Narender Modi garu we are expecting lot from you we lost so much from congress govt so we are requesting you to help the NATION i know sir you will do definately

  • benrand

    Modi does not idolize Indira Gandhi. He risked his life helping people targeted by Indira Gandhi’s government during the dark days of the Emergency. So he has a healthy respect for democracy and not so much for dictator Indira.

  • manik lal

    a iron man that any country needs and his positive actions bring our country at the heights which no other country can reach including worlds big brother

  • venkatesh kumar

    my god is gift mr.narender modi i have confedand for our counri tevolopment so every body support for
    narender modi

  • Ajaz Hussain

    Shjri Narender Modi,
    Hon’ble Prime Minister of India

    In whole of the Country, State Bank of India issues Credit Cards but in Kashmir Valley, Credit Cards are not issued which is clear discrimination. I most respectfully request Hon’ble Prime Minister to kindly look into the matter so that State Bank of India Credit Cards are issued in Kashmir Valley also so that there is no discrimination.

    Yours faithfully,
    Mobile No.+919797769359

  • Rakesh Hajela


  • Rakesh Hajela


  • Rakesh Hajela


  • mehak

    hi i am mehak

  • Mukesh K Gupta

    He is one of the best Prime Minister in the world & doing a great job for our country. I salute you sir.

  • Anil Biddu

    Dear Narender Modi Ji My Name Is Anil Biddu. I’m a Profational Photographer.
    And i hv a social working grup.
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    Sir Maine Ab ki baar BJP k sath chlkr aage bdne ki kosis ki thhi pr Mere durbagya se Hamari Halka Candidate Bahan Vandhana Sharma ko Sikhst hone ki Vajah Se Hm fir Vahi pe Ja gire h.
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    Maine Apne Doston Ristedaron or Chahne Waalos Se Khud ka vasta Dekr Vote for BJP ki Demand ki thi.
    Sir Mai Anil Biddu Aap Se Meating k ek Gnte ki gujarish krta hu.
    Kyonki Mai ek aam aadmi hu or lo class fmli se sambndit hu Muje Shayed ye mauka na mile.
    Pr Sir Main Brstachar or Chodr ko Roj kitne krib se dekhta hu to Mera Dil hi janta hai ki kaise us Vkt es Brstachar Roopi Salon se sde huye Bojan ko ek majbur Bukhe ki trah Niwala Niwala Apne Gle Se Utarta hu….
    Manniy Shriman Narender Damodar Daas Modi ji. Mere Gaaon me Sakdon Aise Panchayti Rojgar h Jisse Mere gaaon k hr berojgar ko Rojgar mil skta h.
    pr Afsos Kuchh Rojgaron se to Gaaon k Sarpnch ki Masik Aay Bnti h, Kuchh Rojgar bahari vyapariyon ko de diya jaate h.
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    Dear Sir Meri do Betiyan h. Or Janskhya Badotri ya Mangai k dr se maine do betiya hi rakhne ki soch kr or bachhe na paida krne ka faisla kiya h. Mai janta hu isse meri vansh bel aage nhi chl skti, magr mere desh ko mai km se km apni vajah se or dukhi nhi krna chahta.
    Mera ek nivedn h ki meri es aap biti se meadia dur hi rhe to muje khushi hogi.
    Mai Chahta hu PM Sab khud mere Gaaon me aaye or Sthiti ka jayja le.
    BJP Smrthk hone ki Vajah se Muje gaaon me hilight kr diya h, eske liye muje tane mare jaate h, kbi muje Modi ki Najayj Aulad kha jata h, to kbi Gyanchod kha jata h.
    Only For Sh. Narender Modi
    Name Anil Kumar
    Vill. Brodh
    Teh. Safidon
    PO. Safidon
    Distt. Jind
    State Haryana
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