Fear and nervousness in BJP despite of the Narendra Modi ‘Wave’?

Modi is leaving no stone unturned to triumph the temple town riding high on his much hyped wave while constantly maintaining that necessary distance with his expected electorates and this is where his fear and nervousness is coming out. Despite of all his managerial skills, his mighty and well skilled team working round the clock to maintain the momentum of his propagated ‘Tsunami’, why this man of the moment is looking anxious?

The only reason is ‘AK’, the name he has used for Arvind Kejriwal. On one hand, Modi is using all sort of tactics be it religion, caste or whatever it takes to evoke the emotions of voters in his favour but at the same time he is maintaining a high profile with no direct contact with the people on ground. He lands on a heliport, comes in a motorcade surrounded with tight security, addresses a rally from the mighty stage and diminishes back into the sky. Those who cannot attend his rallies or miss the road shows can only see him on television which is providing him ample coverage for whatever he does.

On the other hand, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal with his team of 5000 volunteers has opted for a different kind of strategy to counter the big wig Modi along with others in the fray. He has been camping in Varanasi accompanied by the other prominent faces of AAP and is trying to cover as much ground as possible, meeting with the people directly, talking to them , taking questions and trying to convince them with a personal touch. He has chosen to visit villages and far off places of the constituency rather than focussing only on the urban class.

No matter how much confidence BJP leaders along with their prime ministerial candidate show in front of their very dear team of television, the fact remains that Modi is facing the toughest fight of his life with the person they always choose to discount.

If its not a reality he would not have tried to smartly shift his electoral strategy from issues & possibilities to caste & community. Whatever clarification he along with his squad of well spoken & less informed spokes-persons try to give, their recent actions and theatrical adaptations depict their nervousness and frustration for sure.

Be it resources, man power or mass gathering, BJP has excelled compared to AAP on every front but the only point where Kejriwal is leading well ahead of Modi is accessibility. Arvind is available in Varanasi round the clock while Modi is not. People can meet Kejriwal directly, talk to him, ask questions but if they wish the same for Modi, its like daydreaming for them.

When BJP was doing the campaigning in the initial phase, it was doing well but now they are overdoing it all which may work in descending for them proving self destructive for their own party.

Amit Shah’s provocative statements have already raised the eyebrows of the people in Purvanchal region making it ample clear that majority of the Muslim vote will not go to the saffron brigade. It might affect their support among the lower castes as well.

‘Polarization’ which has been the most used word this election season by all the leaders (for making allegations on their opponents), political pundits, and the so called intellectuals is at its peak level. Credits to this may be given to a number of so called icons of secularism in Indian polity.

BJP is eyeing a particular lot of Modi wave driven electorates while Kejriwal is garnering the dream that Muslims being anti Modi will certainly vote for him as the other options are not that much viable.

With all the efforts directed towards the desperate race of victory and defeat, the people have been left behind somewhere. But who is concerned about the people? “Lets divide, distribute, get your own share and move ahead”. This is not the quote of any of them but at the end, this is the only conclusion people are left with.

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    What a pathetic assessment of the ground situation. I also belong to varanasi and know that people have already decided to vote for Modi. What does accessibility means. Is it that a person should be available round the clock and work like a superman. People like modi if came to power can do wonders for varanasi what people like AK and Ajay Rai can only dream about. People want job and development not anarchy. Only media has given undue advantage to AK-49 otherwise what hardwork they have done. They got the vote of the people in Delhi as they were angry against political party as a whole. These very people had decided that they will vote for Modi at the centre. I want to ask one question, what is the commitment of Mr. AK towards Varanasi. Will he leave varanasi after getting defeat or work for the development of varanasi despite getting not elected. What about his commitment towards Delhi, will he return there or work for the development of varanasi. He is talking about BJP playing religious politics and what about Urdu language mentioned on his cap, Stopping his speeches during Azaan time, and visit to Bismillah khans graveyard and many other occasion when he himself told that communalism is bigger issue than corruption, his ticket distribution to Maoists. We already have seen that Ms. Mamta Bannerjee coming in West Bengal on same plank and creating very big mess over there. They can’t do any good to this society and are trying just getting votes by raising popular agenda and free distribution of states resources and begging to the centre for fund like all states of India does. What is his view on foreign policy? what is his view on Terrorism ? People of India are very finicky sometimes they give disproportionate credit to someone who has never been tested. At least gain some experience and show the public what you can do. Mr. AK you better realize that you are playing with the emotions of people and as you have done in Delhi if you again do the repeat telecast of the same elsewhere then people will not forget and will slap you at every road, street and locality. I am fully convinced that you don’t have administrative skills to run the government, you can be a good crusader but can’t be an efficient administrator which the country needs. There are various good leaders in this country without any clear vision who just want that people should vote them and they distribute the scarce resources of this country for free to remain popular and get their vote without developing the overall system and in turn create a force of beggars who will depend on state for livelihood and sustaining their family rather than making them self dependent. I think Modi’s commitment is far greater than any other leader as he has proved the same in Gujarat and is also popular.

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