Congress abusing Narendra Modi in the face of looming poll debacle: BJP

Hyderabad, Apr 27: Congress and its allies were using abusive language against BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi as they had been demoralised by the prospect of defeat, the saffron party said here today.

Speaking to reporters, BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “Out of fear of defeat and due to depression of (looming) defeat…Congress and some of its allies are trying to divert attention from the real issues of good governance, development and prosperity and are using very abusive language against Modi.”

“A fashion parade” was going on in which Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, BSP supremo Mayawati and TRS chief K Chandrasekhar Rao were using abusive language against Modi, Naqvi said.

“They should understand that Congress is destroying decorum and dignity. Congress has got demoralised even before election results are out. It is the political downfall as well and moral decline of that party.

“The major issue of the 2014 elections is GDP – Good governance, Development and Prosperity. It is not the GDP of Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi. It is the GDP of Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party,” he said.

“Congress president Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, all are behaving as if they were in opposition in the last ten years and we were in power.”

NDA will win more than 350 seats, he claimed.

Reacting to a query on yoga guru Ramdev’s controversial remarks that Rahul Gandhi visited Dalit homes for “honeymoon and picnic”, Naqvi said, “We do not agree with his statement. After Ramdev expressed apology, this issue is closed.”

  • Hanif

    Brotherhood,fearlessness,affection and peace are more important than the slogan of development of India. India will emerge as a strong country only if it is united. Yesterday there was a article mentioning how the minorities are segregating themselves from the rest of peoples in Juapura near Ahamadabad. Is this development. No we are all Indians first and we should not be misguided on the basis of our faiths which is right of their own Just by promoting one or more Muslims only in their name who have no sympathy and affection towards their brothers will not bring confident among the minorities. Whoever comes to power should not show any discrimination on the basis of their faith which is their birth right

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