One-on-One with Astrologer Numerologist Prem Jyotish

Prem Jyotish

Weekly Horoscope for August 18-August 24:


Your worries concerning your children will be removed

Your hard work will be duly rewarded

You will be able to work with a free mind

Drive carefully and don’t get into an accident

You may lose money in some deal


Good start of the week

You might hear some good news

Love relations will prove to be successful

You may be worried for your children’s education

Working conditions may get bad by the end of the week


There might be a minor health issue

Drive carefully as there are chances of your getting into an accident

You might lose some money in a deal

Keep a check on your expenses

Do not lend money to anyone


Students will get due reward for their hard work

Health will improve

Everyone will be very cooperative

Be patient and do not rush with any decision


You might be confused about certain things at work

Do not trust anyone as they might use you for their own benefit

Someone in the family may fall sick

You might want to work independently and might want to start a new business


Most of your tensions will be removed

It’s an ideal rime for students to think about their studies and education

You will be more active socially

Money inflow will be good

Any test or exam given in the past shall have favorable results


Fluctuations at work might upset you

You may receive a new job offer

You may get opportunities to enhance your career

Don’t interfere or speak wrong about anyone


Someone who you always trusted may backstab you

Your projects might be held up

You will spend more time with family and in leisure activities

Your efficiency will increase its level


Your commitment towards work will help you succeed

Your budget might get disturbed due to domestic expenses

You will get additional responsibilities at work

Your business will get better organized


Your flexible attitude will help you further

An important decision might be taken soon

Money inflow will be good

Some good news might be brought to you


Higher studies will interest you

Be careful about your health

Try to maintain good relationship with people who matter

You will feel charged with new energy


Drive your vehicle carefully

Do all your work with great caution

You will take care of your family needs even while you will be very busy at work

You will continue to progress but it will be a little slow.



Prem Jyotish is world renowned Astrologer Numerologist. He has been helping people for last 12 years to improve life with the science of Vedic Astrology & Numerology. His prediction is scientific & accurate. His wisdom in Vedic Astrology & Numerology is enhancing the positive aspect in people’s life.