One-on-One with Astrologer Numerologist Prem Jyotish

Prem Jyotish

Weekly Horoscope for August 26-September 2:


A little hard work and dedication will help you solve any problem

Study your work before starting to do it

Ideal time for trade and business

Held up money will be duly realized


You will be successful in whatever you do

Your self-confidence will grow

With hard work and dedication you will achieve your target

Family and children will take most of your time

Money inflow will be better


You might meet some unwanted who may try to influence you, Be careful

You will get desired results in whatever you do

Avoid any unnecessary tension

Concentrate on your work and don’t indulge in any wrong activity


You will start a new project

Some tensions might trouble you

Some hurdles might be caused at work

With dedicated efforts, you will be able to reach your goal


You will experience a distinct change in your mood

Different opportunities to make more money might come up

You will have support from your family and at work as well

Avoid being lonely and take care of your health as well


You will find yourself stronger than before

Certain hard circumstances might show up but you will work your way through it

You may decide on buying a property

Your budget might get imbalanced


Certain property issues might get more complicated

By the end of the week, all efforts will get you’re the desired results

Your work will expand and get you a new source of income

Some auspicious ceremony might take place


Students will get good results with their hard work

You will work well and also save money

Your routine might be disturbed due to someone new in your life

Certain problems at work might arise


You may finalize your pending jobs

Money inflow is expected to rise

You may enter into some new agreements

You might get upset by the end of the week due to some family issues


You will devotedly work this week

Be careful in signing documents

Legal decisions may not favor you

Your health will get better

You shall remain guarded throughout the week


Keep your temper in check

Routine work will keep you busy

Think responsibly before finalizing any deal

But will receive a good news by the end of the week


Money inflow will be good

Friends and colleagues will be very cooperative

Financial activities will take up most of your time

Students will get good results



Prem Jyotish is world renowned Astrologer Numerologist. He has been helping people for last 12 years to improve life with the science of Vedic Astrology & Numerology. His prediction is scientific & accurate. His wisdom in Vedic Astrology & Numerology is enhancing the positive aspect in people’s life.