One-on-One with Astrologer Numerologist Prem Jyotish: Sept. 17-22

Prem Jyotish

Weekly Horoscope for Sept. 17- Sept. 22:


You will become more social and calm

Your attitude will help you will become more social and calm

Your attitude will help you be more efficient and effective at work

Over all a pleasant week that will help you boost your confidence.


You will have responsibilities to take care of

Property and land related problems will take up a lot of time

It is time you align your priorities so that you are able to devote time to

everything important

Your creative pursuits will emerge an will yield to excellent results


Parents and distant relatives will hold your attention

Avoid any disputes or any arguments

You need to control your temper

All important documents and data should be carefully handled


Your hard work will prove to be fruitful at work and at home

Try and cooperate with everyone at home as well

New contacts should be made to help you in your business

Investments will prove to be fruitful


Success of every kind will come to you

Your determination and courage will bring you wonders

Your relationships will become stronger

There might be some rivalry at work but you will be able to handle it


Some difficulties and problems might increase

You will not be able to disregard your duties

Students will succeed in their exams

Financial matters will be solved profitably


Any disrupted projects will be brought back on the right track

Your professional life might take a new turn while giving you profits

Remember to not miss anything important

You will be worried about your career and will quietly work to improve your



Good period to devote your time to work and studies

A period for relaxation

Overall a good week with mixed results

Pay attention to your family especially kids


Friends will be quite cooperative

Income shall rise

Be careful about money dealings and don’t trust everyone

So work with sincerity for success


Domestic problems may arise

Health might deteriorate

You will feel some relief from the work pressure

Long journeys may prove favorable

Money inflow will be good


Rise in income

You will gain in property disputes

Some worries might be cause by the end of the week

Do not interfere in any one else’s business

Health will also improve


Spouse will be very considerate and cooperative

Money inflow will be thick and fast

Expenses might increase

People might try to exploit you emotionally and economically



Prem Jyotish is world renowned Astrologer Numerologist. He has been helping people for last 12 years to improve life with the science of Vedic Astrology & Numerology. His prediction is scientific & accurate. His wisdom in Vedic Astrology & Numerology is enhancing the positive aspect in people’s life.